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VMI is a turning point. The Institute produces a special breed of 
graduate. Many matriculate for numerous reasons — few gain the 
VMI diploma. Why does a man come to VMI? The reasons are varied: 
athletics are important to some, the academics attract many, the 
small size of the Institute influences a few, and a small percentage 
choose VMI as a road to a military career. Tradition plays a part in 
the decision of some — family habits are often difficult to break. 


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iii i» » Hi [»i 

Having entered VMI, he has two routes to travel; he can persevere 
for the entire four years . . . or he can leave. The military system 
turns some away, while the physical requirments weed out the weak. 
The Ratline claims many casualties. The lure of greener pastures 
capture those who enjoy a steady social life — the transgressions of 
a few attract the attention of the Honor Court. Other aspirants are 
eliminated by rigorous academic standards. 



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Those few who stay at the Institute receive more than the VMI di- 
ploma. They share in the fires that temper the bonds of friendship. 
The mystical link between VMI alumni is conceived during cadetship 
and matured after graduation. During the process of cadetship a 
special pride is developed; in the school, in the class, and in the self. 
A VMI man learns to value his honor — he lives with honor and acts 
with honor. The VMI system disciplines a cadet with a stern code and 
a spartan life . . . 



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/yy///y// /y /yyy/yy ///y . ^ y /-/ y/j\_/yyy/y /, z//yy Ay//- // A /y ///^ / /z// ///yy/y 
^y/y ' y^./////yy /yy/ /y/yy/y^/ ////y/ /yy y '////// <V^' /////y/ /.'/y/ / y.j/y////y 


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■Ay '/y y^y'-yy-y'ri '/■/■ ^/»''|>* 

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y ■ 







Blank, JE Failure to walk ratline, 30 Oct 

Borojcvlch, G Failure to algn up for roon confinemant, 30 Oct 

Cafarella, FT Creating a diaturbancc In barracks during ■■■iag evening 

OQ, 30 Oct 
Crln, DC Not all right vlslt'ng evening CQ, 30 Oct 

Dlckeraon, LW Failure to Infom self of atatua, 31 Oct 

Doerr, DR Creating a disturbance In barracks during evening CQ, 30 Oct 

Falst, JA Creating a disturbance In barracks during evening CQ, 30 Oct 

Hansond, GJ Absent FT'a, 30 Oct 

Hutchlngs, ED Disrespect to a oenbcr of the guard; i.e., telling his to 

"shut up" 31 Oct; also to a cadet captain 
Kelly, DC Not all right 4th CP, 31 Oct 

Leavltt, JZ Not all right evening CQ, 30 Oct 

Manning, WW Creatlnft a disturbance in barracks during evening CQ, 30 Oct 

MeCourt, IP Trifling with s Rat Co.; I.e., UDSuthorlaad entry Into Rat 

Co. ranks marching up fron Maaa Hall, 30 Oct 
Morris, BC Cresting a disturbance In barracks during evening CQ, 30 Oct 

Parry, DO Creating a disturbance In barracks during evening CQ, 30 Oct 

Pleasants, JB Missed intervlefw ivth taaeher, 28 Oct 

Replogle, XE TJ Failure to sign up for rooti confinasent, 30 Oct 

Ssilth, m Failure to walk Ratline, 30 Oct 

StsBMy, TM Creating a disturbance in barracks during aveaing CQ, 30 Oct 

Stavaaa, NS lap pracadura as recorder: i.e., failure to cheek All Up 

oa OCMNI slip, 31 Oct 
Stranger, JC Shower shoes lader table, shoe rack la disorder, books on tabl< 

and tcwel lap displayed, 31 Oct 

>^m^^ r 


But it makes him a better man. 

ES' t 






76 BOMB 

VMI Lexington. Virginia 


Co Editor Mick Curie 

Co Editor Grigg Mullen 

Business Manager Cirrington 

First Cliss Editor 

Liyout Editor Lee J. DeM( 


Dennis Puckctt 

Sports Editor 

|im Lof 


Activities/Photogriphy Mick Lifferty 
Dirkroom/Photoj^raphv Skceter Ashby 


The highlight of every cadet's day is looking into his mailbox, 
brushing aside the spider, and grasping a letter. Mail brightens 
up the day more than a cancelled MEI. 

For as long as we can remember, Mrs. Elizabeth Messick has 
delivered our meager reminders of civilized life into our mail- 
boxes, and still had time to stop and cheer up a glum Keydet who 
stands forlorn and forgotten. 

Alas, much to the sorrow of the Corps, Mrs. Messick will gradu- 
ate with the class of 1976 — for she must retire in September 
of 1 976. She views the severing of a long and enjoyable associa- 
tion with the Corps with as much sorrow as the Corps does. She 
voices her sentiments on her retirement: "I like it here, I hate 
to leave. I'll miss the cadets, but I'll be able to work part time 
so I'll still see my boys." 

There are cadets who, stranded at the "I" over a vacation, have 
been welcomed into the Messick home. Other cadets have been 
invited to the table for a fine Sunday dinner. The 1976 BOMB 
is hereby dedicated to Mrs. Messick, for she has proven a true 
friend to the Corps and is deserving of far greater honors than 
we can bestow on her. 

^ '^ ^- 





w. W 





* — 

<■§ ^^^^P"^^! "^B '^I^Hl 



■ '>wT. " 

. i^% 



Dexter Gilliam 


Frank Delaine 

Vice President 

Oscar Cammuse 


)n August 24, 1972 we signed our names on a roster that 
ifforded the waiting list to the future. For four years our 
lames have been listed and we have survived the chal- 
enges of life. Yes, it was life. But not a life familiar to most. 

/irginia herself was a challenge to those who didn't know 
ler. Military was the discipline that many couldn't under- 
jtand. Institute was the road to learning that ail of us 
raveled, but at different speeds. Separately, these three 
ivords, Virginia, Military, Institute, were challenges to each 
Df us. But combined these three words formed the one 
:hallenge for all of us. 

The challenge of V.M.I, was great and only by combined 
3ffort and will did we survive, and achieve our one true 
denominator; graduation. 

Byron Dodd Adams 

"Barney. Barn, Weasel" 

Lexington. Virginia 
English — Field Artillery 

ends who would ( 

, Track 4, 3, 2. 1; Ghetto, AMOST; 

The first night that I r 
last, but somehow he 
because of all the fun- 
Rat year Barney made many go 
to visit him late at night. There wet 
shaving cream and banana bread were our mam source of fun. 
Probably one of the most memorable experiences other than 
the radiator at the Heritage House would be our Christmas 
party for the Mole, and of course we did not start it. 

At the end of the Rat year, and as before, we felt that Barney 
would return, but this time he kept his word. Our second class 
year he decided that the "L " held what he wanted, so he 
returned to the room with Nasp. Stick, and myself. It took a 
ally readiusted to the VMI life again and late 

s in which you would hear him 
t". but with a line like that you 

at night there would be many d 
Stick. There have also been tim 
say. "Yes you do", and "No I do 
would just have to concede. 

This year with 
AMOST will be broken up in May. how. 
of '76 will stay for another. 

Will Crawford Adams 

"Will". "W. C". "Baldy" 
Martinsville. New Jersey 
History — Field Artillery 

Ameoba Crew 3. 2, 1: Band 4, 2, 1; Bomb Staff 3, 2; Bugles 
2, 1: Cadet Battery 3, 2, 1; 1st Sgt, 2; X.O. 1; Echo Co. 3; 
Firefighters 3,2,1; Glee Club 4,3,2.1; Librarian 2.1; Jackson 
Battery 4. 3. 2. 1; Little John II 3, 2, 1; Religious Council 3 2 
1; Treasurer 2; President 1; Private 4, 3, 2. 1; R.D.C. Record 
Holder 76'; Pep Band 4. 3; PLC's 2. 1; S 5 Staff 3. 2. 1; Salute 
Battery 4, 1 

What can one say about a place that has alternated between 
the outer limits and just this side of reality? V.M.I, has been a 
time of learning and discovery, it has been a time of fulfillment 
and despair. Will Adams came to V.M.I determined to be a 
cadet and graduate. He has had a long hard struggle. Against 
seemingly insurmountable odds he has lived up to the tradition 
of "never say die". Will has a genuine feeling and enthusiasm 
for life that few people possess. Just remember that when life 
looks It's bleakest to "Fire Luke". Will Adams ' 

You bet he will !!! 

To my BR's I offer these final words: 
May you know wisdom and instruction, 
understand words of insight, 
receive instruction in wise dealings, 
righteousness, justice and equality. 

Proverbs: 1:2-3 
Dykes: 1973 Walter Bowden 
Ed Hall 
1979 Larry Adams 
Ali Ramezani 

Stephen Robert Allen 

Civil Engineering Corps of Engineers 
Saugus. Massachusetts 

Pvt. 4. 3, 2, 1; Cadet Battery 4; Dean's List; C.E. Lab Assistant 
1: Newman Club 4; Low Profile 4. 3. 2, 1; SAME. 2, 1; 
AS. C.E. 2, 1; MacGregor's Marauders 2. 1; Webb's Ducks 2 5 
Recondo, 2.5 

"Degrees of ability may vary, but the basic principle remains 
the same: The degree of a man's independence, initiative and 
personal love for his work, determines his talent as a worker 
and his worth as a man." 

— Ayn Rand 
There is no place like home: Massachusetts 
Dyke, '73 George Tisdale 
Dykes, '79 Jim Allen, Jeff Joyce 

Charles Kilbourne Archer 

Chuckles, Demo Kid. Charlie Fu 
McLean, Virginia 
English, Armor 

Pvt 4 3 2 l;Dean'sList,'!,3,2, l;MilitariaSociety,4;Ca<Jet 
Staff writer, 3; Zoo Crew. 3, 2, 1; Sounding Brass, 2; Cadet 
Publications Board, 2; English Speaking Union. 2; Academically 
Dishnguished, 2, 1; Tanker Platoon, 2; Karate Club, I. 

Charlee arrived at the "I" gung ho, ruff tuff, hard chargin'. 
low crawlin', straight shoohn', rapid firm', highly motivated 
future Marine Corps Officer. His exuberance was soon quelled 
when he received his medical DQ. After this Chuckles became 
the official Airborne Attitude Checker, Charlie's credentials for 
this position were unprecedented, having amassed 91 
demerits his third class year. He served his second class year 
as Captain of the BSR commandos, his seniority being obtained 
from countless all nighters with Philo papers. Charlie continued 
to press up the hill ol science with noble inebriahon by leading 
numerous recons to the Paramount and Johnny's. Chuckles 
always showed his bibulous spirit by being the first there and 
first to fall. His hrst class year Charlie Fu drove Squat and 
Chesty off post with his neversay study athtude and his stereo 

Dykes: '73 Terry Tillman 

Ivan Nicholas Miroslav Ardan 

Pvt 4 3; Commanders 4, 3, 2; Brass Ensemble 4; Young 
Republicans4, 3; Sgt, 2; Firefighters 2, 1;RDC 1; IstLt. liV's 
??; Amoeba Patrol 3, 2. 1; ASCE 1. 

I became friends with Van on that hot. sticky August 
afternoon at the Rat Picnic. I was running around all upset 
because I didn't have a swim suit. He lent me his. and we've 
been great friends ever since Van is a man that VMI can 
certainly be proud of. He matriculated completely unaware of 
what would happen to him. and he has remained here to 
become a firm believer of the VMI way of life. However, it is 
unfortunate that he won't be graduating with us. for he 
switched majors very late m his Cadetship. But his 
determination to stay here another year to achieve his goal 
adds to his qualities all the more. Your future will surely shine 
down upon you. Van. Catch you later. BR! 

Dykes: Rich Rogers '73 

Rich Mcgruder '79 
Rob Phillips '79 

Douglas Frederick Ashton 

"Rug", "Hog body", "2-6", "Stan Spaulding" 

Fairfax, Virginia 

Civil Engineering, U.S. Marine Corps. 

A.S.C.E., PLC. Soccer Co Captain. Fort Knox "0" Club, 

Lexington Four (co-driver) Sole survivor Room 350. 

Although the majority of VMI cadets hail from her tine state, 
there is one individual who was determined that he would not 
be a mere statistic. "Rug" entered Jackson Arch and four years 
later emerged as one who. during that period, captured and 
fostered the love and respect of his brother rats. Doug has not 
done much other than distinguish himself with the Marines as 
one of a chosen few in barracks who possesses the ability to 
be at the top of troubled times with key advice and decisions. 
These factors, coupled with a keen sense of dedication on the 
soccer field, would be quite sufficient to eliminate any doubts 
of pride from his "Maw" and "Paw". 

But, as with any successful guy who has his parents to thank 
for all of the years of understanding and support, there stands 
the figure of a young woman, Demse. As Doug ponders his 
future there are three considerahons which will affect his 
outlook: parenthood (past). VMI (present), and marriage (to 
the Marines and Demse). Good luck Brother Rat. You have to 
make it, it's in your schedule! 

Charles Lee Aycock 


Hopewell, Va. 

English — Infantry 

Rat Football; Rugby 3 years. 

The most important thing I'll take from VMI is the memory 
of the people. It sounds cliche but it is true. The people in a 
person's life are the most important part of his education, they 

As for the VMI system, "into every n 



I thank my loved ones. It was their pride in my being her< 
helped me make it this far in a system I found dehuman 
It was worth it for the people here alone, as well a: 
academic education. 

I would not do it again. 

Patrick Hansen Barnum 

History — Air Force 
Pep Band, BSU 

Va. Beach sent its greatest Cavalier to VMI. P T soon proved 
to be the charitable B.R. which reflects his true personality As 
a supplier of relief goodies, i.e. coffee and cookies, P T soon 
won the hearts of his BR's. As it happened one day P T ran 
into the Bear and the Squat, whichever came first. It wasn't 
soon before we tried to get him married off. but he politely 
asked for a ram check. In his second class year. P.T met the 
Man from Galilee. Since that time P.T. has brought his BR's 
consolation that the world's problems don't have to overcome 
us, i.e., confinement every other week. P.T. is a winner in life 
Whether he goes into Marine Biology, selling donuts, or finding 
that special lady, we wish him a good rub on the head 


'73 - 

David Cutler Bass 

Pvt. 1st Class; Honorary Member RDC 4; Scuba Club 4 3 Sir 
Edmun_d Hillary Club 4, 3, 2. 1; OCB's 4. 3,2,1; All Pro 3;' Bcimb 
' an 2; Rugby 2. 1; President 1 03 Society 

Photo Staff 3. 2; Civ 

2, 1. 

"Reputation, reputation, reputation!" 
"Reputation is an idle and most false impositioi 
without merit and lost without deserving. You hav 
reputation at all unless you repute yourself such a I 
William Shakespeare 
Othello, Act 11 sc. Ill 


'73; John W. (Space) Kiracofe 
'79: Frank Panapoulous 
Jabery Massed 


Raymond Arthur Beazley 


Merntt Island, Florida 

History, Infantry 

Pvt. 4; Cpl- 3; Sgt. 2; LI. I; Lacrosse 4, 3. 2. 1; Ranger Platoon 
2, 1; Airborne School; Ranger School 2. 1; Fire Fighters; Armed 
Forces Club. Tac Stair Terrors: Rum Truckers; Minor in T.V. 
(Honor Student), 

Some people see Ray only by his outside appearance — 
military, lacrosse player, and rat strainer. But these are only a 
few characteristics of the guy one gets to know after living with 
him for two years. 

Ray IS sensitive and a true friend and has always been there 
to help when needed. 

There is another side of him that only one who knows him 
well That IS his humor, bad jokes and lousy puns. His "Tea 
Party" and light socket trick have established his everlasting 
fame among the Tac Stair Crew. Ray has also done his part for 
Barracks Renovation when he created the famous Beazley 
Falls" m the third stoop sinks the night of the straight pants 

We ( 

nly . 

nder his professional military 

Dykes: '73: Tom Murray 
'79: Ed Bodling 

Mohsen Abhari 

John Valentine Berberich IV 

Jake the Rat Bad Person 
Economics — Air Force 

Thanks especially to my parents and sister who wrote and 
encouraged me these past four years. To Bad Person Mark, 
Goyle. Doug, and especially Whit, thanks for all the help. 

Time has flown by since that hot August afternoon that the 
Rat cut his hair and changed his future. Losing big red, soccer, 
and many hours in 327 listening to tunes and advice. Those ole 
cosmic blues struck in 315. no girl, no study or grades, lots of 
rack and the first year of PE 400. Ah, but the bright star at 
finals, Judy. Autumn afternoon hikes, quiet and cool weekends 
at the cabin with La helped pull the boy through as a second. 
Ring Figure and much more made it great- 

ril always remember hours of PE400. running, handball, and 
generally laughing. Mark and Goyle the perverted pair, the 
fnerator. Triumphs, bad persons, part time employment at 
Tortila Flat, afternoons of rack and hours of contemplation 
. . , "Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind." 

Dykes: '73: Doug Basham 
•79: Jim Owens 
Charlie Biviano 


William Kenneth Bhatta 

"Betaman" and "Bedpan" 

Warminster. Pennsylvania 

Economics — Infantry 

Pvt 4 Cpl. 3; M/Set. 2; XO. Foxtrot Co, 1; S-5 321; Rangers 
3 2; Firefighters 3, 2. 1; Rat Training 1; AUSA 1; DMS; Dean's 
Lisf Who's Who In The Zoo; Trow Chuckers Union; 
Truck-for-Your-Life; Charter Member PX: Monad-of-The 

Accompanying Bill's enjoyment of the academic and military 
environment of VMI were his unusual sideline interests and 
antics: fighting evil no goods with his faithful companions 
Recondo Boy. Tuddy. Runchrox. and the Incredible Weggie; 
Bedpan's barracks battles with the chronic itch of the I^ott 
Syndrome and the deadly Could-of Gottens. exploring the 
hidden secrets deep within the Motl file; braving 4 years of 
cream chicken; resolving himself to 10 grueling weeks of 
Super Summer Airborne Recondo Scoper Camp; Cardinal 
puff-puffing at the Mount on Saturday night; and 
sliding for-your life down the Parapet steps. Fortunately these 
events won't fade into the past. The Bedpan and his friends will 
remember them. 


'73; Mike MacKenzi 

■79; Asad Keshavar 

Claude Fore 




Walter Richard Biram 

Rick, Screwball. By-Ram, Damn Yankee, Country 

Brilliant, Ohio 

Electrical Engineering 

Monogram Club. 

In August of 1972. innocent Rick fled the oppressive life 
found under the brown skies of the Ohio Valley and entered the 
pleasure of the VMI ratline Prepared with a great attitude and 
a mouldy food box. Rick survived Cadre and the ratline with an 
occasional "Judas Priest!" Meek mild mannered Rick Biram 
was the model brother rat and roommate as long as he was 
awake However, once overcome by slumber he became the 
ultimate menace to his roommate and to any other cadet who 
happened to be in the immediate vicinity It didn't take long to 
move his bed as tar away from the bayonets as possible. 

On the more serious side. Rick was a cadet to be admired 
spected. and a true brother rat who could always be 

unted I 

; Best of I 


Dykes: Class of '73: Bob Ball 

•79: Jim Harnngto 
•79 Steve Bandy 

Stephen Dominic Borowski 

Skeeter, Bubola. Bobo, Beak 

Wilmington, Delaware 

History — Armor 

Dean's List; Academically Distinguished; Army ROTC 
Scholarship; DMS; History Honors Program; Timmins Society 
4. 3. 2. 1; Sec-Tres 2; V Pres 1; Rangers 3. 2. 1; S 4 1; Cadet 
Staff 2. 1; Debate Team 2; Militaria Society 4. 3. 2. 1 UPres 
2 — general staff 1; Armed Forces Club 4. 3; Civil War 
Roundtable 4. 3. 2. 1; Firefighters 2, 1: Karate Club 1; 
intramurals — Volleyball 4, tennis 3; Stonewall Jackson 
Battery 3. 2; Scooters Club 2. 1. 


•'How Soon Hath Time, An Inspiration Fror 
1 hath time, the subtle thief of youth. 

Brought to an end a cadet's 
With joy I depart, and yet dread with fear, 
of what the fates uncertain vision show'th. 
I now forsake this Gothic Tudor truth. 
Ordain to serve, and hold, a notion dear 
Vindicate her Honor, aid brother peer. 
To find the secret stoic life pursu'th. 

As the hour's glass spills its last golden gram. 

My thought oft wanders to an oath I vow'd 

on Are's spearspout. Hallowed by Nature's Child, 

James Staurt Bowers 

Newport News. Virginia 
English — Air Force 

Pep Band; Timmins Society; English Society; V.P-BSU 

entered VMI 

ith high aspirations of becoming 
regimental commander or at least class president. His ever 
smiling face got him into more trouble than he could handle. 
Although these hopes faded, the R.D.C. could not erase that 
"Special" grin or the secret he hid in his heart. After a 
successful summer at camp, he rightly earned the title "Secret 

But, over the summer. Jim caught the dreaded Dunlap's 

Disease and spent most of his second class year sweating it off 

at Beans Bottom or smoking P.T, at handball. Jim has a more 

serious side in his commitment to meeting the spiritual needs 

of cadets in barracks. God continued to work in his life as he 

stepped out in faith to serve Him. using Lamentations 3:27-29 

as a guideline for his cadetship. 

"It IS good for a young man to be under discipline, for it 

causes him to sit apart in silence beneath the Lord's 

demands, to lie face downward in the dust, then at last there 

IS hope for him." 


V- V? 

i Heartwell Lee Bradshaw 

I Lee. Brad. Shaw 

Richmond, Virginia 
I History — Marine 

Pvt. 4, 2; Cpl. 3; 2nd Lt. 1: Swimming 4. 3. 2. 1; Water polo 
4. 3.2.1; Monogram Club 4, 3.2.1; Zoo Crew; Number 7 Club; 
Pep Band; Ameba Crew; Wedgle Crew; PLC 2. 1, 

Living with a Marine may not always be peaches and cream, 
but those of us who do have found it to be very rewarding and 
a pleasurable experience. 

As a fourth classman. Lee began his climb upward. However, 
as with all of us. Lee found a few obstacles in his way; the 
ratline, television, and girls. The first two were, for the most 
part, overcome, but the third would plague him the rest of the 

We are not really sure what the future holds for Brad or for 
that matter, what Brad holds for the future, but whatever it is 
we are sure of one thing. Brad will not be denied : 

Dykes: Class of '73 Yerry Kenneally 
■79 Jack Dewell 

Wymer Manning 

Eric Murray Briel 

Dean's List; Academically Distinguished; Cpl. Sgt.; ASCE; 
Airborne; Ranger Pit.; Recondo; Firefighters: Glider Club: Rat 
Training; Member of the Vette Set; Blue Ridge Parkway Assault 
Force: The Lexington Four. 

"All this happened, more or less." 

■73: M.B. Adelson 
Buck Harrison 

■79: Scott Shuman 
Darold Weber 

David Morgan Bright Jr. 

Muenster, Texas 

i?ed^" "Grit" 'Not So" -Not-So-Bnghf 

Chemistry Air Force 

Dave came to us from the teeming metropolis of Muenster. 
Dave kept his nose clean until his third and second class years 
when he really stepped into it with confinement. Pt's, and going 
excess. However he did manage to pull through and go into an 
Air Force Scholarship. Dave had a change of heart about flying 
and the Air Force put him on their 90-day plan. 

What else can be said about a guy who says he's failing, but 
ends up making A's and floods his room his Rat year and then 
uses his car as gold fish bowl. Someday. Dave will find the 
women of his dreams and settle down on a farm with his oil 
fields and 12 kids. I'll never forget the good times we had 
together, the late night jokes and who would make the highest 

grades. Good LucI 

Dykes: '73 James N. Pai 
■79 Jim Quatrinie 
Tom Bright 


Ray Simmons Brooks 

Burlington, N.C. 
Civil Engineering — Air Force 

Honorary Packer; Football; RDC; Monogram Club, V.P.; Pervert 
Corner; Selletse Gang; 112 Gang; F.I.T.A.S.; Rack Club; 2nd 
F.P. Champ; Hop Escort, 

From the flat North Carolina tobacco fields, Ray passed up 
the girls at Chapel Hill, Duke. State, and Auburn for the guys 
at VMI. with the dream of playing major college, leading to a 
semi-pro career with the Burlington Bears. He started as a QB 
but soon ended up as a fat tight end with hands like a Hopper. 
The Hopper didn't last long and neither did his left knee, but 
the stairway to heaven was removed just in time tor our farm 
boy to enjoy the "Tilley'ing season. His second class year 
started with yet another injury, a "Criddled'" ankle. While laid 
up, "Mumbles" dedicated himself toward training for the 1 1 2 
FP contest, which he won hands down, w^ 
window floor show at the mirror. The back ro 
frequently visited by the red silk bandi 
emerged to check the calorie chart "SA" al: 
visit Pat O'Brian's, stayed there for two hour 
remember it, but was handily reminded the r 

We were very lucky to rescue Ray from Herbie to become 
our roomie the final three years. Southern Hospitality is truly 
found in Ray and Big I will lose a terrific guy upon graduation. 
He will always be a lifelong friend but most of all Ray will be our 
true Brother Rat. 

1 at Selletse was 
who frequently 
waited a year to 
nd doesn't even 
t morning by his 


■73: Mark Wells 
'79: Billy McCarthy 
Robert Wright 
Chunk Neal 

A stumbling block was placed in the path of Tom's 
educational goals when he was made a Corporal After 
realizing that being a ranker didn't appeal to him. Tom turned 
to better things like kayaking. Rugby, and President of The 
V.M.I. Bitch Union. At long last this man had found his place 
among The "Cooperate and Graduate Club". On almost and 
any day Tom could be counted on to not only have a new 
complaint but at a moments notice could recite any number of 
the latest Institute Injustices. 

As a brother rat though, Tom could always be counted on for 
a helping hand. We're sure that Tom will no doubt succeed in 
whatever endeavor he should choose to follow in life and to 
wish him good luck would be a waste because he seems to 
always find it on his own. 

Dykes; Class of 1973: Yerry Kenneally 
Class of 1979: Mike McCarthy 
Roy Sadler 

James Elmer Brown III 

Hobbles Black Bart Alabama Elmer 

The Birmingham Bomber Meat Hook 

Birmingham, Alabama 

Civil Engineering — Air Force 

Rifle Team 4: Football 3, 2, 1; ASCE 3. 2, 1; EIT Committee 
Chairman 1; OGA Vice President 1: Hop Escort 1; Number 1 
Club- "Selletse"; Chief of Operations MBWC Raid. 10 May 75; 
Pervert Corner 3, 2, 1; FCPVC 1; Honorary Packer, 

The kid from Alabama matriculated at the "I" with 
permission from Holly With Holly safe and secure at SMU, Jim 
pursued other nearby social interests. One near the end of his 
third class year, led to a 4 month halt of this revelry Rejoicing 
at the end of the confinement. Jim and FA2 celebrated with a 
buttery bang . . which resulted in another 3 months. 

The second class year definitely had its moments at Selletse. 
One of Elmers biggest assets was his dedication, especially to 
the game of football, with which he was rewarded by the 
famous line: "What happened to your leg?" 

Despite his never ending search for excitement. Jim came up 
with a 3.0 in CE. His dedication and search tor the unusual was 
demonstrated by his 600 mile bicycle to Bama This is the kind 
of enthusiasm with which he displays his true friendship to his 
Brother Rats. 163 Good Luck! 


'73: T.O. Smith 
'79: Steve Rodgers 

Jimmy Thompson 


:x '• 

\ . 

\ J 


William Irvine Brown 

Jim. Bob, What's the Color of, Rudolph 
Bracey, Virginia 
History — Infantry 

Indoor Track 4, 3, 2; Outdoor Track 4. 3, 2; Cross C 
2; Civil War Roundtable, Firefighters, Freecounsi 
Rebellious Non Scholarship Track Team, 


In the years to come I hope I'll be able to express my 
appreciation to my friends that were always there to offer a 
hand. Then of course there were those on the other side of the 
com, but then they know who they are- I'm so very eager to 
walk out Jackson Arch and begin a new life, one that really 
won't surprise me to any great degree. There is so much more 
awaiting me in both education, business, the military, and most 
of all the forming of new friendships and the lasting of old ones. 
:ontinue to sing the Beatles when I'm gone? fvly dykes 

;re simply great! 

Special thanks to Boyd. Nick. Jim. Gordo, and room 226. 

It took the women of my cadetship three years before they 

got me to see the light. It took time, didn't it. 


Philip Chris Brzozowski 

(Bozo. Ski, Belot) 

Erie. Pennsylvania 

Biology — Field Artillery 

Upon Phil's arrival here at the Institute, he had little idea of 
what was in store for him However, he did have a set and 
primary goal His goal was to be accepted into Medical School 
upon graduation from V M.I. As a result, of his efforts over the 
past few years this goal will most assuredly become a reality. 

For the most part. Phil's life has been a memorable one. In 
addition to attaining Academic Stardom and zealously wearing 

the stars of gold. He shed his 

football gear, and became a 

rugger on the V.M.I. Rugby Clu 

Phil has made his move both 

Sweet Briar, and Southern Sem 

nary, will long remember "Kid 

; that 

David Lynn Buchter 

Dave Butcher 
Blue Mound, Illinois 
History — Marine 

Student Grotto; Rat Rappelhng instructor; P.L.C, 

low hoping to graduate 
ana serve oui nis marine commitment. After serving his 
commitment, he hopes to enter the agricultural field or some 
other related business. Life at VMI for Dave has had its ups and 
downs with social life interfering with the system most of the 
time. Dave usually lost the battle. Social life rn the early days 
consisted of Saturday evenings at the Paramount or Johnnies 
drinking his sorrows away. Now however, his horizons have 
broadened to include Susan. Susan, and Susan. Dave goes into 
the future with a belief m luck and hopes of good fate. 

Dykes: '73: Mike Kelly 
'79: Don Wells 

DMS; Ranger Platoon 3. 2. l.Ldr 1; Student Grotto 4. 3, 2, 1. 
VP 3 Pres 2; ACS 4. 3. 2. 1; Scuba Club 3. 2. 1: Scouter Club 
3. 2. 1; Ranker 3, 2. 1: International Relations Club 1; VMI 
Sniper and Church Wallowing society. 

Chip cool breezed his way through Jackson Arch a little 
behind and a few inches than the rest of us. He'll probably cool 
breeze his way out clutching a diploma in his competent hand. 
Chip's philosophy was simple — maximum proficiency with 
minimum effort. 

An excellent student and soldier, Chip went airborne his third 
class summer and passed up summer camp for Ranger School 
the next summer. He won his tab in the usual Burnette style; 
with ease, and returned as a top rated DMS, 

His charter membership in the Rum Trucker made him a 
favorite with his BR's and his vast land holdings in Rockbridge 
County made him a favorite of hunters. 

He'll breeze his way into the Army with two little gold bars, 
but don't take him lightly, he knows what he's doing. 


: Class of '73; Joe Morgan 

'79; Steve Dailey 

Mike Budler 

Howard Curtis Butterworth 

Cpl,; Color Sgt,; Pvt,; Cadet Program Board 3. 2. 1. Treasurer, 
President; Posit Committee 3, 2. 1: Hop and Floor Committee 
3. 2. 1; Concessions Council 1. Civil War Roundtable 1; Glee 
Club 4; Newspaper Columnist 1; 181 South Club; 
Pokie-Norwood Tyler All Star Team; Pvt, — I Saw the Light 
Club; "Forget HELL!" Club; Chem, Capital of the South Club, 

The element of a successful cadetshjp are well mixed in 
Curtis, His catalogue of achievements speaks for itself Where 
many would have wilted under such responsibilities as he has 
taken on over four years he is a man who achieves most when 
challenged most. But it hasn't been all work, 

"Avoid trivia", George Marshall once said and that could well 
be Curtis' motto. Knowing that his lips were for kissing Donna 
and not the Regimental Staff he avoided stripes his senior 
year. Due to this infinite wisdom he has a date in July that 
should prove far from trivial, 

Curtis has showed the best times and helped us through the 
worst. Come what might, I will never forget the friend Curt has 
been. All happiness in the world to you and Donna, and when 
you hang that shingle out. remember a frustrated law student. 

Micheal Lee Camden 

"Dirtball", "Dome" 

Staunton, Virginia 

Civil Engineer - Air Force 

w 4, 3, 2. 1; Deans List; 
sident ASCE 1; Cadet 
Assistant in library 2, 1; Weekend Every Weekend Club, 

What can one say about a person who spends over half his 
rat year on confinement, gets nicknamed "dirtball" and yet 
goes on to be the company X zero. After his rat year Mike 
resolved to spend as little time at the big "I" and as much at 
Madison with Martha as possible. This lead to what some might 
term shady permits, to get out of any and everything possible. 
As a result of his diligent writing Mike has been gone nearly 
every weekend tor the past two years, 

Of course neither of us will forget those late night arguments 
about who was going to make the low grade in Physics, 

Living with Mike has been an enjoyable experience I will not 

Good Luck Mike! 


f^<- -z 


Coming from the rolling plains ot Warrenton. "0" Cammuse 
came to the big "I" with high standards, morals and aspirations 
After (our years the standards and morals are the same but his 
aspirations have been shifted. Holding the top spot militarily 
our third class year. Oscar proved himself as an effective 
leader. Again as a second. Osc held a high positron in the Corps, 
but he elected to carry out his goals by the class system, not 
the military. Elected as the class historian, he proved to be a 
hard man when it came down to business. 

But Oscar wasn't always business. Never to busy to say hello 
or more likely "Whaz hapnen. Dude?" He always wore a grin 
on his face and twinkle in his eyes. That twinkle in his eyes, in 
the form of a cute Southern Miss from Lexington, calmed "0" 
down quite a bit but it was still the same old Oscar, One of the 
hardest working men in the Corps. He'll succeed in whatever 
he does, once he decides what he wants to do. 

Dykes: '73 Wonell. KL 

'79 Schlickenmeyer, DW; Razipour. M. 

Paul Christopher Carine 

"Snake, Kid" 

Wenonah, New Jersey 

Civil Engineering — Air Force 

"The Kid" will be remembered as having his feet into every 
aspect of VMI life. If not on the soccer field where he starred 
as co-captain, his feet took him to the confinement sheets, and 
there were a few Saturday nights when Paul had a hard time 
finding his feet at all. Paul is forever remembered as being a 
Flyers' fan and for his efforts to keep abreast of the sporting 
world. His English heritage has given him a stubbornness and 
determination which can only lead to success. "Snake" is also 
to be remembered as a great roommate and Brother Rat. His 
efforts to enlighten a BR ("Hedley, you #°o&"(@)in the 
traditions of the Institute ended up with Paul and the Sergeant 
of the Guard boned for disrespect. Later in his cadetship. 
during the cold of winter, Paul attempted to warm things up by 
setting the stoop on fire, succeeding only m burning up a Tac 
Officer. Enough of the past. We look now to the future and wish 
the Best to BR Snake Carine. 

Dykes: Class of '73; Joe Duffy 

'79: Keith Ranker 
Chris Reisch 

Theodore Distler Carr Jr. 

Alexandria. Virginia 
Civil Engineer. Engineer 

Perennial Pvt. 4. 3, 2. 1; ASCE. same: English Society; Hop 
Committee (Vice-Presi. 1); Rmgfigure Committee: Rugby 
Cadet Assistant: Young Republicans; Armed Forces Club: 
Pervert Corner; Pervert Court; McGreggors Mauders; Deans 
list; 90 day wonder. 

Ted came to VMI with a smile, a grin at times then again 
remnants of quisical wonderment of a unique situation. 
Through the last four years he has made that smile last. (The 
reason may not be the same, but at least he has found reason.) 
During the last two years Ted and I have stuck close 
together. We have spent many mischievous hours studying for 
exams and discussing topics of high interest ranging from 
reality to VMI to women. We have shared many a classroom in 
our quest for knowledge and the ultimate — Super Summer 
Camp '75, 

To me, Ted has been the bright star in the darkness of VMI 
life. He has been there to discuss ideas, to confide in, and most 
important of all, he has been a true friend of rare substance. 
In his mystery tour through VMI, Diane has endured the load 
and has shared his years at VMI, Few people will forget that 
easy going kid that we know as TEDDY BEAR. 
True wisdom is to enjoy, to laugh while we can and to bear 
cheerfully that which we are powerless to change. We are 
but travellers and the world is our inn. It is in general a good 
inn, well furnished with wines and meats, and full of jolly 
comrades to make us good cheer. 
M, P. Willcocks 


: '73 Trad Smith 
'79 David Crim 
■79 Bill Tulloh 

-i^^f " 

Kent R. Carrington 

Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineers 

Pvt. 4. 3. 2, 1; Cross Country 4; Tennis 4. 3; Posit Committee 
3 2, 114 Weekend Club; Monogram Club 3. 2, 1;SAME 2. 1, 

ASCE 4, 3, 2. 1; Pei 

■ 3. 2. L 

_ will probably become a legend as one of tlie great 
permit writers of all time. He has thwarted the administration 
through a silver pen which has gotten him out of three FTX's. 
three graduation ceremonies, and won him five extra 
weekends as a Rat Permits have only been his hobby however 
because "Babe" and academics have helped him pass these 
four years quickly Kent found his second class year that when 
things got rough there should always be something wet and 
wild in his lock box and since then he has been an easy man 
to room with for Charlie and me, and we hope that in the future 
"Babe" will let him out of the house every now and then. 

John Patrick Christy 

ASCE 3, 2, 1; Young Republicans 4. 3, 2, 1; Sport Parachute 
Club 4, 3; Honorary Member #1 Club; Ghetto 2, 1; Sir Edmund 
Hillary Club 2, 1, 

Retreat c 
the Para 

young man has running-the-block down to "; 
the history of the Institute has one cadet done so little and 
gotten away with so much J C has fought the almighty Buck 

and < 

■ the c 

ever able to put a dent 

reached heights that oth, ^ _ __„ 

ask why, Jack stands bold and proud and de' 


n Only "the Sci 
nis grossly rusted armor. He has 
only dream about, and when they 
Who gives 

Dykes: '73: Rick Gribbling 
'79: Dave Crawford 
Dave van Wagone 

Jerry Codutti 

"Geraldo, The Argentine 
Electrical Engineering 
Special Student 
Bensalem, Penn 

, 3. 2, 

Jerry has been a special student ever since he came to the 
Institute, The Air Force couldn't find a shoe horn big enough to 
get him into a cockpit. Early in his rat year Jerry became 
constant friends with Big IVIac and together the two spread fear 
and loathing through many a rankers heart Amoebas, milk 
cartons, and the WAR MACHINE destroyed many spit-shined 
shoes and carefully braced garrison caps, Mac's premature 
departure was a keen loss and lolted Jerry into the cold reality 
of the "I" He settled down and began to see action as a rat oil 
the varsity football team and through constant improvement he 
IS one of the conferences' leading lineman and a definite pro 



forget thO' 

game; "Hey fell, 

gonna kick the shit out of everyone 

be remembered at the VMI for 
J but yet kind demeanor Who could ev 
words in the huddle during the Delewa 

i of 1973 Mark Weiss 

i of 1979 Joe Seay, Jose Gomez, Meade Spotts 

Norman Eugene Cole 

Norm. "Norman, Norman Cole" 
Biology — Air force 

VMI Glee Club; Armed Forces; International Relations Club; 
VMl Karate Club; Newman Club; Scuba Club; Corporal, FTX Rat 
Aggressor; VMI Firefighters, 

Norm, you came to Virginia Military Institute not really 
knowing what to expect. Although they attempted to shape to 
mold, and to categorize you, you have kept your individuality 
while many have lost theirs. It took the optimism when defeat 
seemed imminent. Thanks for the smiles to hold back the tears. 
But most of all, thanks Norm for the hope in that optimism and 
in that smile- Life holds still many a challenge, but to know all 
have a brother named "Ole King Cole," makes these 
challenges of efficaciously surmountable. Good LucI 

John Carlton Coleman 

"JC 6" 
Economics — Marine 

Distinguished Naval Student; National Sojourners Award, 
Military Excellence Award NROTC; Commanding Generals List 
USMCOCS; Pvt., Cpl., Sgt.. 1st. Captain Regimental 
Commander; Armed Forces Club 1 ; Young Republicans 3. 2.1. 
President VMI Scuba Club 3; Posit Committee 1; Advisory 
Council 1; Firefighters 3. 2, 1, Cadet Manager Lejeune Hall 2, 


1; Certified Me 

r Fort Knox Four. 

c VMI fashion, ' 

We made it! and 

icaciously surmoi 
It feels SO G00[ 

GOOD It must be badi 

Dykes: Class of '73; Jerry Higgins 
"79; Tom Kovach 
Brian McKeevi 

John's exposure to VMI has been interlaced with one word 
— decision He first decided to leave his home state, his family 
and his personal Peach (Ten) and lourney north to the 
Institute He then decided during his rat year that in three 
years he would be Regimental Commander. His next decision, 
however seems a bit hazy as he chose civil engineering as his 
major. He decided against CE in favor of history only to final, 
end up as an "applied science" maior, commonly referred to 
as economics. However, his most prized determination here at 
the 1. was to |0in the ranks of those "few good men". Each of 
his afore mentioned examples of decisiveness have proven 
fruiMul and shown the excellent caliber of cadet and brother rat 
that John is. He has provided his classmates with an infinite 
number of reasons to believe that he was a "wisdom choice 
for his position. (Ten he loves you! ) 

Daniel Francis Commertord 

"Squat. Dan- 
McLean, Virginia 
Economics, Armor 

Pvt. 4. 3. 1; Sgt, 2; Zoo Crew 2. 1; Tankers 2, 1; ODE; Rat 

The Squat walked into Coleslaw Charlie in August of 1972. 
where instinct taught him to keep a low profile - '"'■ 

in Roland's low quarter commandos. He - - 
being shot down on his first mission in cl 
a debriefing at the Paramount. The lone returnee of room 417. 
he moved in with three corporals the following year As a 
second class sergeant he found himself living m the Zoo with 
two dedicated privates. Diligence and new priorities wore the 
spilshine off his shoes and put him on the Dean's List Daniel 
IS certainly leaving the "I" with much to recommend him; ac 
stars. DMS. Supe's List number two ranking Economics major, 
and possibly an RA, Even still, Dan. we will remember you as 
our miserable roommate, the scowling squat. 

Dykes. Class of 73; Mike Knoll and Tex Lynn 
Dyke, Class of 79; Biff Pim 


'73; Charles M, Havasy 
'79; All Nassiri 

Michael Ogden 


Michael Gerald Conley 

Electrical Engineering — Air Force 

Pvt. 4, 3. 2. Lt 1; Drum Ma|or; Corrmanders; Brass Ensemble; 
Scuba Club; Newman Club; Bugler; Student Grotto; St. 
Patrick's Folk Group; Karate Club. 

Conley breezed into VMI four years ago with reckless 
abandon, not really knowing whiat to expect Fortunately, 
neither did VMI. We have come to the conclusion that his 
delusions of godhood finally got to him, because now. four 
trying years later, our Mike is the god of the parade field. No 
one will ever believe it. but under all that paraphernalia of 
5 that same 
! and 
only barracks cuckoo 

Four years can change a lot of people, but not our brother 
Mike. The side the visiting public can not see is the inside, the 
heart. Mike depended on us at times, but what he doesn't 
realize is that a lot of us depended upon him more. With your 
qualities of understanding Mike, you'll go far and to that end 
we all wish you luck. God bless you Mike . . . and the Air Force. 

Dykes; '73: Neil Carlson 
'79; Curt McCabe 
Ed Flora 

David Kalanlkapo Copp III 

Library asst. 3, 2, 1. 

Alhoal To you Hoalts (you know who you are) it means in 
Hawaiian either hello or goodbye — Depending on the 
occasion. But this time, I want to express to those who have 
become my friends during these past four years, my hello and 
goodbye I have many memories to take back to home of many 
miles away, and I thank you. 

Vonnegut says that life is a string of many packages that 
contain good and bad experiences, and we tend to forget the 
bad ones and just remember the good ones And as for the 4 
X years at VMI, I'll never forget them because I was m the class 
that became a legend. 

To Vannie-Pu, Mr. Sunshine, Banana Man, Whimpee, If you 

can see me now, shot down kid, Frenchie, Trick Teeth. Chin, 

UH! HA! You Bet!, Moose, and all the other "plugs" that I 

haven't mentioned, good luck and take care. Aloha Nui loa. 



'73 Dave Kitchen 
'79 Tony Hammond 
Mike Mendez 

Robert E. Cox, Jr. 

Bob Robbie No Seconds Cox 
Phone-a bone Cox 
Vienna, Virginia 

Sport Parachute Club 2; Armed Forces Club 1; Ranger Platoon 
1; Civil War Roundtable 1, S-5 Staff; AUSA 1. 

Four years ago one early August morning stepping from the 
bus he called a cab requesting to be taken to VMI The driver 
asked if he planned to stay long, he answered. "Only a year" 
Curious, he asked about the town, he had only seen it once 
before. He walked from the cab to what he would soon learn 
was the parapet. In blue leans, jacket, a duffle bag thrown over 
his shoulder-hair touching his collar and long thick sideburns — 
he chuckled at the early formation of a group of cadets in front 
of a statue of Washington He had traveled half. way round the 
world only to attend VMI for a year — then to West Point and 

Much has changed since I took that step, I have grown up 
Most important though — I stayed, for in the first year I fell in 
love with VMI and decided that I would like one day to teach 
college. Alot happened m four years, but most important, I 
learned alot about myself and people and for this I will always 
be indebted to VMI, 

Marshall Frederick Coyle 

"Quazimodo" "Gargoyle" "Pigasarus" 
Bloomfield HjIIs. Michigan 
Civil Engineer. Engineer 

In the summer of '72, Marshall came to VMI with the 
ambition to play for the pigskin team. When someone 
suggested that they make footballs out of him (Bacon, Pork 
Roasts, and Ham Sandwiches, too.), he unleashed his bone 
crushing talents on his roommates, i.e. Jake the Rat, Sculley 
and this year's semi-mental commander. Giving up football for 
varsity rack, he coached two L.A, cadets for two virtually 
wakeless seasons between the sheets, each losing only one 
long distance nap. Fighting off the clutches ot the Rack-Ogre 
himself, he sought refuge in the temple of the false God 
"Phndge". Therein he indulged in milk baths and food orgies 
which came to dominate his life, his digestive trait, and his 
tailor shop account. Remember this and you'll remember the 
big guy with the big heart. "Eye R A Sivil Inginear and HAAT 
LA, Queres." 

Dykes: '73 Bill Stoner 

'79 Chuck Smith 
John Brittigan 

William Bruce Crawford 

"Cappy" "Andy" "Whiskey Bravo" 

Woodstock. Virginia 

Modern Language — Special Student 

Varsity Football: 1. 2. 3. 4 Pervert Court; 3, 4 Sir Edmund 
Hillary Club International Relations; Sounding Brass; 3. 4 
Monogram; 1. 2. Plum Street; 4 Choreographer Of Parkway 
Dancers Private 1. 2. 3, 4. 

? to th( 

With humble and modest heart Br 
a refugee from his own thinking. It was here 
himself . . . sex. booze, relief, Spanish and Sh, 
Though his discoveries were traumatic in 
composure was seldom retained in the degret 
identity remained out of Buck-Buck's grasp 
vacation in Spam doubtlessly aided in these achievements. 

The spontaneous overflow of spots m time faded from 
Bruce's vision, leaving distinct obscurities . . . Strawerry- Ups, 
Pat O'Brien's, Charlottesville, Little Madre. Country Fairs, 
Parkway, the Parade Ground. Rebel Yell ... The Vacuum of 
Cadet Life Filled Beyond Infinity. 

It he found 
.peare also. 

iind, the features of the 

Cpl. Sgt. 1st Lt XO b CO. CADET staff — Post #5 Managing 
editor. Publication Board. SOUNDING BRASS, Frank J, Frosch 
Award. English Society Program Committee, BUFU charter 
member, $200 Club. Rum Trucker, RDC vice-pres.. Alamanc 
Battleground Board of Visitors. Dickson and Crews Films Ltd., 
Furr Dickson Crews & Zuegner Gun Runners, USMC, 

"Well, maybe it is true," Clevinger conceded unwillingly in a 
subdued tone. "Maybe a life does have to be filled with 
unpleasant conditions if it's to seem long. But in that event who 
wants one?" 

"I do." Dunbar told him. 

"Why?" Clevinger asked. 

"What else is there?" 

Heller — CATCH-22 

Visit the Naval-Yard, and behold a Marine, such a man as an 
American government can make, or such as it can make a man 
with Its Blackarts, — a mere shadow and Reminiscence of 
humanity, a man laid out alive and standing, and already, as 
one may say, buried under arms . . . Such command no more 
respect than men of straw or a lump of dirt. They have the 
same . . . worth only as horses and dogs. "CIVIL 
DISOBEDIENCE" — Henry David Thoreau 


Howard Aumack Curie Jr. 

"Father Mack" 
Richmond. Virginia 
English — Armor 

Wrestling 4. 3. 2. 1; Soccer 4; Monogram Club 3. 2. 1 — 
Secretary 1; English Society 3, 2. 1 — Secretary 2; CADET 
Staff 4. 3: Editor in Chief — 1976 BOMB; President — VMI 
Publications Board 1: Who's Who; Cadet Host — 1976 
Parent's Weekend; Dean's List 3. 2. 1; Academically 
Distinguished; Pvt.. Cpl.. Sgt., 2nd Lt., Pvt. 


uldn't. except for the friends 

Scott Samuel Custer 

"Scotty Squints Scuss" 
Springfield, Virginia 
History — Air Force 

Pvt., Cpl.. Reg. S-5 Sgt.. Pvt.; Treasurer. Hop and Floor 
Committee; Rat Battalion Staff; VMI Special Public Relations 
Committee; Pre-Law Society; Young Republicans; FIP; Scuba 
Club; Rugby Team; Varsity Track; Lejuene Hall Cadet Assistant; 
RFYL: Intramural Basketball, Team Cpt.; Ring Figure Collection 
Board Member. 

Amid frequent "Little Big Horns", Scott has found the 
Institute to hold the key to his happiness. In spite of the 
insurmountable hurdles of VMI life, he has derived the 
maximum from even adverse conditions. Alas, he even 
possesses a quality to instill joy in the hearts of his B.R.'s. 

Scott. I do not think that I have seen a face that could burst 
into a more genuine smile and cover 100»o of a person's 
being, than in your case. Your friendship and understanding 
have been major factors which have kept me from copping out. 
You have proved to be a worthy partner in the art of spades. 
I would like to thank your Mom and Dad for being there 
whenever your friends couldn't. Just as VMI shall exist forever, 
so shall you and I. 

Dykes: '73: Tim Hassel 
'79: Dave Stacey 
Coles Terry 
Mark Timberlake 

Gerard Czupryna 

"Gary" "Sausage" "Big Buns" 

Salem. Massachusetts 

Biology Armor 

Corporal; Sergeant; Private; Football 4. 3, Intramurals, Civil 
War Roundtable; Hang Glider Club; Scuba Club, Armed Forces 
Club; Astronomy Club; Firefighters, Number "1" 
Club-President; After Taps Club. 

c northern climate to follow in 
1 a somewhat 'Cool' reception 
of its own After recovering from Re-entry shock. Gary and his 
partner in grime began exploring the cultural centers of 
Rockbridge County — Johnny's Paramount. Southern Sem. 
and Tucker Street In no time at all he became an honorary 
member of that ignoble society — Tappa Kegga Beer 
Richmond hasn't seen such an assault on its fair seven hills 
since Grant was there last. Gary has probably has more tapes 
than Mr. Scotch but yet he has managed to smile through the 
worst of times, a credit to his excellent attitude and character. 
Gary has an unusual ability to bring someone up when they are 
very down. Good luck to an extra-ordinary Brother Rat. 

Dykes. '73: A. Teptada 

'79: Larry "Wink" Dickerson 
Ray A. Whitner III 


Thomas Kelly Daniel 

"Tommy. T,K.. T D '• 

Dinwiddle, Va, 
History — Air Force 

William H. Danzeisen III 

"Vanky". "Radar", "Bill" 
Annandale, Virginia 
History — Artillery 

Pvt. 4. 3. 2. 1; DMS; Cadet Battery 1; "Cadet" Photographer 
3, 2; "Cadet" Photography Editor 1; 1976 Ring Figure 
Magazine; Young Republicans 4. 

1 the Ea 

In rocky cathedrals that reach to the 
I am the Hawk, and there's blood on my feathers, 
The time is still turning, they soon will be dry, 
All those who see me and all who believe in me 
Share in the freedom I feel when I fly." 

John Denver 

any gripes i 

It's been a long four ye, 
but few regrets. The friends I have made hen 
forget. I'd like to thank my family and Nancy for belie 
time for me to fly. 

Peter VanDyke Davies, II 

Chester, Virginia 

Pvt 4; Cpl. 3: Pvt 2, 1; Dean's List; Wrestling 4; Lacrosse Club 
2, 1. Treasurer 1; Baptist Student Union 4, 3, 2, 1; President 
2; Member RDC; Ghetto 138; The Cellar 2, 1; Social Member 
of Phi Kappa Sigma. 

People come to VMI for various reasons. Dyke is the 
traditional father's son and was destined to spend his college 
life on the "other end of the parade field" since birth. He's 
managed to temper his military training with the finer things in 
life though. After his third class year. Dyke was ready to take 
on the Institute in the true Southern aristocrat's manner With 
a summer of Europe behind him. Dyke doffed his stripes and 
donned his topsiders, khakis, and izod and moved into the 
Ghetto with the party crowd. A firm believer in Mark Twain's 
saying "Never let your education get in the way of your 
learning", he took a crash course in partying and we found, 
much to our delight, that he could hold his own (except at 
U.V.A.) with the best of them Always true to the girl back home 
(well, almost always), we were ever pleased when the ebullient 
Bobbi Turner waltzed onto the Lexington scene to be with her 
beau. It's going to be rough entrusting our resident preppie to 
Bobbi. but I doubt he could be in better hands. Here's to the 

Dykes: Class of 197 3; George Stock 
Class of 1979; Jim Wenning 

Henry St-Pierre 
Wads Bugg 

i I; 

wmt^K^tuH^^ff^i'^^ <■:■ .*i*flec*af .•:='j^v.<-c;'*-i.Tr.,-^,-; ^??' 


Clint Dee Davis 

"Clint", "Clutch", "Clutctier" 

Stephens City, Virginia 

English — Armor 

• 4, 3; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Cadet 

you lose some, some get rained o 
ut for the game." — Anon 
oVMI, like all of us, not really line 
to expect. He quietly endured the Rat line and nevi 

great desi 
private am 
Clutch has 

i chosen to concentrate on being ar^ English'r 
never been one to place much emphasis on hi 
achievements, but has always been one o( the fir 
congratulate others for their achievements A quiet 


especially for the I 

luck. Brother Rat. 

mbered for 
d word he a 

his smile 

vays had for others Good 

Fletcher Davis 

"Mooch" "Ralph" "Kid" 

Quincy, Illinois 

History, Biology — Air Force 

Sounding Brass, Managing Editor 2, Editor 1 ; Cadet Assistant 
2. 1: English Society 3: Number 1 Club 2; Radar for Brothers 

-lub^olAmer'ica a" 2*^' ^^'^^"^ ^'"'' ^' °^°"'' "■ ^- ^^ ' ' ''<'^°"' 

"Here is a deck of cards: out of this hand 
Dealer, deal me my luck, a pair of bulls 
The right to draw a flush, the one-eyed jack 
Diamonds and hearts are red but spades are black 
And spades are winners, souvenirs of peace. 
I his stands to reason and arithmetic. 
Luck also travels and not all come back " 

Carl Shapiro 


Henry Albert Dean 

Henriisimo" "Sweater Chest" "Teddy Bear" 

Strasburg, Virginia 

English. Special Student 

hI"' r, i \' "".""L"^" ^' I; "DC Vice President 4; Sir Edir 
Hillary Club 3, 4; Pervert Court — Judge 4. 

Frorn the first time big "Teddy" strolled midst Rockbri 

l,nH.H fi.^T'^f *''"' P^"^" ^'"<:'>l> 'o 'fx! current fall, 
landed that self-same winter mongst a heathan clan aci 
i^A^^i^ , T- *"" '■°- " ""'■ '°eether we began to "rea 
oda, that nothing in this world is more distasteful to a , 
1 H ''^"' '^"^ '"''^ '° ''""Self." 

n,,l"h.,t°^'' '^^,'"5 '° P''" ^* °"^ elevation decreased, 
numbers dwindled until this our final year Dons to be 

final "commarade de chambre" 
Kirk, P.J.. and Duke 

WeYe all like workings of one mind: the features 
Uf the same face, blossoms upon one tree- 
Of^rst, and last, and midst, and without end. 

Dykes: '73: Colely, Hap. W F 
'79: Fred. Brad 

Franklin Pierce DeLaine, Jr. 

Frank. Frankie "D". "D" 
Washington. D.C- 
English — Air Force 

Pvt. 4. 3. 2. 1; Rat Football 1; Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4, J.V, 
Basketball 2: Track 2; Vice-President of Class of 1976, 
Monogram Club 2, 3; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 2. 3,4 
137 Plus"; ISO Skin Bracer; G.C, Committee, E.C. Committee 
■ Food Committee 

After four years of cadet life at the "Institute". I can say that 
one thing was accomplished - my feet didn't get any bigger. 
There are still possibilities for me having the largest feet to 
ever set in barracks on a 5 1 1 ■ j body frame. Now that the 
final year is drawing to a close, my hospital attendance has 
become less frequent. But the biggest assets Ive attained 
through the "dark alley ways" of VMI are accepting the little 
good luck I had. and coping with the bad luck never Knew 
what to expect next with "Dev,." "T.A.". and "Mo , but i made 
living a lot easier. Of course, for the extreme problems I 
incurred. 1 found refuge in the heart of Janice LaVerne. After 
three years of working with room arrangements four years of 
Crozet Hall Delight, and one year next to 'lie Co^^n^an' s 
Office ... I rest my case (As you were on that last statement 
— I rest.) 


James Anthony Delisio 

"Jimmy Little Fella Sunman Delicious 

West Haverstraw. New York 

History — Air Force 

Pvt. 4. 3, 1. Reg. Color Sgt. 2; Varsity Tennis; Monogram Club 
3 2 1 Newman Club 4, 3, 2, President 1; AllPro 3, 2, 1. 
A'rnoldAir Society; Young Republicans 4 3; Class Patch 
Committee; Kentucky Derby Association 2; Zoo Crew i. i. 

Jimmy's competitiveness came through at first in the form of 
athletic prowess on the tennis court. But. that competitiveness 
had to be directed to academics, so his first love was torsaken. 
He also found time to contend with the ladies - what can you 
say' The kid's Italian! Being moderator of many lively deljates 
between his roommates has not been easy, but somehow Little 
Fella manages to get his two cents in. He also seems to be m 
the right place at the right time and knows how to listen to 
others' problems. His shoulder |ust happens to be the right 
height to lean on. Jimmy has had his share of troubles, but has 
had no trouble setting priorities, especially toward his BR's, He 
n a BR in the true sense — one that we will miss. 

Thurman Shaver Deyerle III 

"No. 1 Dead Eye" 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Civil Engineering - Air Force 

_ 4. 3. 1; Special Student 3. 2, 1; 
"d Hillary Club 2. I; Gladiator 1; 400 Club 

Pvt, 4. 3, 2. 1; Varsity Tei 
Ghetto 1; Sir Ed! 
1; ASCE 4, 3, 2, 1. 

Why does one come to VMI? In Chip's case, the answer was 
s.mple — to get out of the Air Force, Yes. he slid into the 
Institute lust in time to relieve himself of a suddenly 
undesirable stay in the service. Now that we re going down the 
final stretch, I can honestly say that, except for a "few minor 
occurences", his cadetship has been smooth sailing 

I'll never understand why he had to lose the key to his trunk 
the first night of Cadre. The Regimental Commander didn't like 
that' And if only he hadn't hit that ice slick that first night on 
|.81 His dyke didn't like that! And why did he have to come 
charging into barracks in civies after a Madison run without 
first looking. The O.D. didn't like that! 

Hey. maybe the occurences haven't been so few or so minor 
at all I'll still say he's a sure bet to get that house in the country, 
eood eneineering |0b. and beautiful, rich chick for a wife that 
ited' Good luck to a true Brother Rat. 


ways 1 

'73: John Riding 
'79; Bob Bowling 
Bill Hamlin 
Jamey Pigg 


Keith Dean Dickson 

"KuHy. Kuff Kuff 
Farm., lie. Virginia 
History — Infantry 

Cpl., Sgt., Pvt., VMI, Theater 4. 3. 2. 1; Vice President 2 
Dean's List 2. 1; Lacrosse 3. 2. 1; Cadet Staff I; Ameba Crew; 
Wrecking Crew; Lip Rippers; Rum Truckers; Zoo Crew, There 
are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the 
long run the sword will always be conquered by the spirit." 
— Napolean 

Keith IS one of few men who believes that there is something 
redeeming about the system in spite of the way it has treated 
him. Keith has changed at V.M I,, but even with change he 
remains the same man philosophically when he entered 
Bitterness and apathy are often the attitudes one finds in 
cadets but Keith has always held and will always hold to the 
belief that man is basically decent and maybe there really is a 
silver lining even though it always seems to be raining. If the 
Romantics are right. (Keith would say they are) striving and 
hope IS all we have so wed better use them to our betterment. 

Dykes: Class of 1973 John England 
Mike Burke 
Terry Tillman 

Class of 1979 Tom Trumps 

Sput Leadbetter 

W. Michael Dietrick 

"Mike". "D" 
Richmond. Virginia 
English — Infantry 

Young Republicans 4; Armed Forces Club 4; Track Manager 4 
Rat typist VMI Cadet 4; Third Class Finance Committee 3 
Junior Editor VMI Cadet 2; English Society 2. 1; Copy Editor 
VMI Cadet 1; Editor of the 1976 Bullet 1; Tech Raiders 3 
Ghetto 4, 3, 2. 1: Chairman of the 1976 Bloodmobile 1 Cadet 

Waiters 1. 

From a lieuten 

i Benedictine High School m Richmi 
is a private at VMI. That pretty 

s we pass into the social side of life we envision Michael as 
of the Souths finest of the Hyatt House Tobacco Bowl 
ernors Ball or ringing in the new year at the Red Dog 
)on, taking life easy at a couple of jousting tournaments, or 
:ying in general at the "Cellar". 



partyir,„ ... „ ..._ 

When thinking back over these past 4 years one would 
characterize Mike as the Ghetto pictorial recorder chief 
phraseiologist. 3 time Calculus buff, and one of the finest 
procrastinators ever to come down the pike. 

As our time together comes to a close, good luck, and here's 
lany wild parties to come. 

to the 


Thomas Howard Diggs. 

"TD". "Mr. Diggs" 
Fluvanna County. Virginia 
Biology — Field Artillery 

Pvt. 4. 3. 2. 1, Student Trainer 4. 3; Academically 
Distinguished; Pr Med Society 3. 2. 1; OGA Representative 2, 
Karate Club 2; Student Grotto 2. 1. Young Republicans 4 
Firefighters 1; Ghetto; The Gladiators 1. 

Tom ventured into VMI with much the same fore knowledge 
as his BR's. m other words, he did not have the faintest idea 
of what he was getting himself into A famed football trainer, 
never before has the Institute seen such a reeling terror with 
a roll of tape. Tom would often disappear into the deep caverns 
of the famous "Bio" department, not to do battle with the 
"adverse elements". (146 sharks). Tom was always making 
his presence known with his characteristically hideous war cry. 
He eventually joined forces with a certain "grasshopper" and 
pursued a field of martial arts Rarely could anyone enter his 
domain without receiving multiple thrust kicks to the 
cerebralhemispheres. Always ready to adventure beyond the 

James Francis Dittrich 

Willow Grove. Pa. 
History. Infantry 

Chairman Finance Committee; Ring Figure Committee; Cadet 
Newspaper Finance Manager; Lejeune Hall Cadet Assistant; 
Civil War Roundlable (Vice President); Armed Forces Club; 
Pvl,. Cpl.. Sgt., Pvt.; S3 & S-5 Staffs; Run For Your Life; 
President of the Nina Foote Fan Club. 

Many Cadets have come and gone at the big "I", and say 
they took a piece of the place with them when they left. Jimbo 
has the only legitimate claim, however, when he took a chunk 
of the Washington Arch gate with him, his second class year, 
on the hood of a '69 Electra. The Chicago Kid |ust took this in 
stride, though. After a couple of summers searching for his 
elusive love, appropriately disguised as a tour guide, a 
dejected Jim came back to Virginia to find a beautiful creature 
in the form of Nina, living in the catacombs of Sem. With her 
help. Jimbo survived the frustrations of confinement with a 

Jim has many friends at VMI. and as the Class of '76 exits, 
his BR's realize (if they haven't already) what a great person 
he IS. even if he did have a nasty habit of sleeping on the floor, 
disguised as a human dust mop. 

Harold Thoddeus Dodge Jr 

Varsity Tennis 4; Post No. 5. 3. 2; Editorial Editor VMI Cadet 
1; Cpl. 3; 1st Sgt. 2; B Co, Commander 1; Dean's List 3, 2; 
English Society First Prize for Poetry 2; Charter Member 
"BUFU" club; Member Cadet Publications Board 1, Shot Down 
4, 3, 2, . . . 1?. 

. the lunatic 

of his 

"The place where 

Havelock Ellis 

"God Bless North Carolina." Robert E. Lee 

When you summarize an important phase in 
impossible to catch all of the flavor of a 
achievements. Likewise when one speaks of i 
or failure it is hard to be original and keep yourself from turning 
your essay into a catalogue. VMI. for better or worse changes 
us all lust as college changes every person who goes there 
whether we concern ourselves with the epistomology of Kant 
or the problems of getting a date for the next weekend. Tad 



ird of 

1 be a friend and 


John Lawrence Dorsey 

Groundhog Slayer. Sherm Alexander 

Winchester. Virginia 

Civil Engineer - Engineer 

Cpl.. Sgt.. 2 Bn. S-3; Airborne School; VMI Ranger; Aggressor 
CO.. Orienteering Team; Fire Fighters; Scuba Club; Rat 
Training CO.; A.S.C E.; S.A.M.E. 

John came down thi 
VMI. Having a rat hair 
anyone would complain about such a nice place. 

Being a small town boy in college, there were never any false 
fronts or put ons with John. After staying with his family, I 
realize that his openness and honesty were a gift from his 
parents. John may never develop much in the way of 
sophistication, but he will always be honest. 

Now with four years and every summer session behind him 
John will graduate on time. While many others fell out. ■-' 

determination paid off in the end. John 
same motivat-on that he came with. 
After rooming with John for four years. I still 

VMI with the 


George Wayne Eastham 

Icabod Wayno East 
Eco"n"m^' ^1^'"'^ 

I'L^'i ^- VP";"' "-'''• Se^' Executive Comm.ttee & General 
Comm,ftee. The Cellar 2. 1; Ghetto Dweller 3, 2 1 loaf 

member [Kl.. ' ' "^"'-"" 

rtre«?„l°'"^' •""'"^'"^'l' "di"!- "ourbon drinking, preppie 


.o?r;ariX° m" "°1^ ^"'' ^^'"''""8 "-s WaynoX "n'd" ™e 

Cellar Inmpwh,, , '"^''' ""f """''" """ ■=« P'''-"^' of The 
cellar, bomewhat of a nonconformist he was once seen 

Ktu'!J!i 'h'"*^^".'' ""'"'' """ '^'^ topsiders at the Governor's 
Ball in Richmond. A night hawk at heart. East could sleep all day 

Ne.e'ron'e",:,''''"' f " "f "^"^"'''"'^ °" the mood of t'he day 
fh .L K L ':°"'P'3in, Wayne floated through taking the "ood 
with the bad and as even a disposition as anyone in°he 
As our four years of atternoons at Duck's and nights on 

I the 

. and 

the road draw to a close, thanks fo 
here s to many more. 

Dykes: 73 — Douglas K. Baumgardne 
Charles M. Sleelman 
79 — Jeffrey H. Curtis 
Philip H. Gallahan 

Gerald Scott Eggleston 

Lexington. Virginia 
History — Armor 

Cadel wSr'Ru'gb'y'""^ '"' Mountaineering Club; Free Bird: 

I've always wondered about the proverbial chicken and ees 

a neT?wr'h! '° .^h ' ' 1^^ ";"<■"'«■" "'"^ "''^ °'^ «°" / -^^ 
a riew twist, how did a big Egg beget a little Egg' Ouiet 

unassuming - and yet a perfectionist at whatever Task he set 
for himself one could always find Jerry in the room readme or 
studying: he could never keep himself from having a guil?y 
conscious after having partied all night, especially when we had 
a Do-Do test the next morning. Be that as it may we know the 

w f clrr"v"h!m"oI,'i ".nv''h'''^5i '^'l^\ ^"-^'"Sl* S'^ntle nature 
will carry mm over any hurdle which life presents. 

Dykes: '73 E. D. Woomer 
'79 Dan Kornacki 

Jefferson Randolph Esser 

Acton, Massachusetts 
Civil Engineering, Air Force 

3% P i' p;« '^"m^"'" "■ ^ 2. 1: ASCE 3, 2. 1, Sec-Treas. 
l;' Peryen'cornert"™'^"'" '''"''■ '^ '' '' °''"' "'' "' ^' 2' 

da7a''<'!w,ri';^^^'"T^.°* ^ "^" "^^^ ^°'' ^^^ 8"«" ™ this 
l/imnnrTJ , K " f '' "' "^^ '' '" ^ood. but what I do today 
WhTn?nm^ "^"'* ' ""^ ««''i^"S'"S a day of my life for it 
When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving 
in Its place something that I have traded for it. I want it to be 
a gain, not a loss, good, not evil, m order that I shall not regret 
the price that I have paid for it." ^ 

Dr. Heartsill Wilson 
■73 Jeff Minch 
'79 Fred Stamey 

Frank Lively Estis 

■■Smelvin J- Cooley, the ELf. Bubbles" 

Richmond, Virginia 


It IS hard to believe that August, 1972 was four years ago. 
Hard for everyone, that is, but our undaunted hero, Smelvin J. 
The ELF persevered through long nights by the sink light 
faithfully writing his Rat English themes. He managed to 
survive J. B.'s snoring, the "Greasy Goose," "well Frank, I'm 
afraid that's lUst one of shortcomings," to say nothing of 
P-Chem, Col. Spaghetti (Ha-cha-cha-chacha! ) and the 
All American Gansz Band, and became a weatherman in the 
Gay Blue yonder. Stumbling about, the light dawned on 
Bubbles that perhaps what he really needed was a woman. 
Carefully studying the alternatives. Smelvin came to one of his 
few brilliant decisions; to get along with a beautiful girl you 
don't need to be a football hero, you gotta be a Cheerleader! 
GO. FIGHT, AHHHHhhhhhhhhhh!!! 

William Robert Favier 

"Bill". "Wild Bill", "D.D.". "Fave" 

El Paso. Texas 

Electrical Engineering — Mathematics 

Pervert Corner; Cpl.. Color Sgt., Pvt.; Class Treasurer 3. 2, 1 
Selletse; Honor Court 2; Prosecutor 1; Room 112 Gang; 
Intramural Handball Champ, Fall Semester, '74-'75; Y.S. 
FITAS Rack Club; Deans List 4. 3, 2, 1; D.M.S. 

Mom's little angel Bill arrived via Trailways from the 
tumbleweed country of the Texas desert, August 23, 1972. to 
the Land of Oz. only to realize it looked nothing like the 
postcards. Equipped with a 1410 SAT, score, a toothbrush, 
an insatiable appetite, a brillo head, and a torn cartilage in his 
chest, Dick set out to conquer VM.I. and save his 
less-than-perfect roommates. But unknown to him. his 
roommates had other plans for him: Corruption! Learning to 
party ("hic") his rat year, his third class year brought him the 
longest hair ever, corporal stripes, plus a great quest for a 
double maior and academic stars. His second class year 
brought a wild Ring Figure weekend in Roanoke and learning 
how to take an Alka-Seltzer. 

All kidding aside. Bill's first class year brought about 
numerous accolades and to us the realization that we had a 
great roommate and one hell of a Brother Rat who would do 
anything to help a friend. 

Good luck to a fabulous guy and an everlasting buddy. 




Hie Lynn R 



e Pearson 


e McKenn 

Pelham Leander Felder IV 

Lonely IS the man who understands. 

Lonely is vision that leads a man away 

From the pasture-lands, 

From the furrows of corn and the brown loads of hay. 

To the mountain-side, 

To the high places where contemplation brings 

All his adventurmgs. . . . 

Shall a man understand. 

He shall know bitterness because his kind. 

Being perplexed of r 


ssues even 

that ar 


I mated. 


e shall give 


cil out of hi 


that n 

ne shall hea 

And steadfast in 

vain persuasion 

must he live 



Shall his temptat 

on be. 

"Abraham L 





; Class of '7 3 Dick Bugbee 
Class of '79 Reid Hudson 
John Golding 

Ian Adair Fergusson 

Fergy. Fergy-Rat, Dirtball, Slug 

Placerville. California 

Civil Engineering — Infantry 

A.S.C.E. 3. 2. 1; Young Democrats of VMI. 2, 1; VMI Ranger 
Platoon 3. 2; VMI Tanker Platoon 1; VMI Theater 2, 1; Society 
of Physics Students 4, 3. 

"Ferg" the California Slug, will long be remembered in the 
sheet that even his dykes hated to touch. The combination of 
booze, beer, sleep and women {of which there were many), 
cried out for him but the one that was the loudest was the rack! 
He must really like the Big "I" because he spent two summers 
there mainly at Goshen with time out for a little work and a lot 
of rack attacks. Yes. he brought a lot to the VMI and wherever 
he goes we will all look back and laugh at machismo man and 
his virgin "Rum Truck" NAJ 

Who but Ian could compete for the VMI sleeping record and 
still keep off Academic Probation' Who but Fergy could wolf 
down five helpings of Mess Hall meatloaf in one sitting, and 
then need an immediate stomach pump? Who but Ranger Ian 
could get the M 60 machine gun working on FTX' What more 
can be said about this guy. He can cope ABK 

Dykes: Class of 73: Steven R. Chadwick 
■79: John C. Poffenbarger 
Ted C. Kientz 

Cesano Ferrer Jr. 

Petersburg. Va. 

Cadet Typist 4: Karate Club 4. 3: Sport Parachute Club 3- 
Pre-Med Society 4. 2. 1: Newman Club 4. 3. 2. 1; Regimental 
Band: 1st Chair Snare: Percussion Coordinator 2. 1: Pep Band 
4. 2. 1: Glee Club 2. 1: Young Republicans 4: RFYL 50 Mile 
Club. Dean's List: Harley R. Hinlon Scholarship: St Patrick 
Church Folk Group Director 3. 

"How would you like to eat some shoe leather?" was 
Cesario's first thought as he entered the ratline ... But he 
always met his challenges in a civilized manner. (Pretty good 
for a Pompating Director with delusions of Godhood) Four 
years later he's the same old Ces . . . except that on a few 
occasions he has been scared by something floating through 
the transom and shouting "Boo". The system never was able 
to lake his individuality away: in fact. Ces was a positive 
influence on many in helping them from becoming one of the 
administration's stereotypes. To many, he was a brother never 
to busy to help someone in trouble Yet one would never hear 
Ces pamper anyone with solutions to problems. If he believed 
someone was wrong, he would tell them. Ces can become 
anything he wants to He will never stop trying to reach his 
goals. Ces, your brothers are praying for you. If you ever get 
knocked down, get up. You have all of us behind you We know 
you can do it . . . and you will. Till our paths cross again 
. . . and they will; Chow mi hermano — Little God. 

Pvt.. Corporal. 1st Sergeant. Captain — E Co. Commander; 
Young Republicans 4: Rat Training 4, 3: RFYL 3. 2: Rat 
Disciplinary Committee 1: First Class Representative to VMI 
Publications Board: Ghetto Club 3. 2. 1: FIP 

Looking back over our years here at VMI. 1 cannot help but 
wonder at Dave's tenure here. The ranking man in the 
company is not supposed to be the type to go out and party all 
the lime — he's supposed to stay in barracks and worry about 
shined shoes, guard mounts, and the like. David has somehow 
managed to come up with a good mix of the two. Achieving the 
distinction of being First-ranking Corporal, first sergeant and 
finally company commander, he was also able to achieve the 
distinction of "liking to run barefoot through the grass" while 
terrorizing football players at parties, leading raids through the 
boxwoods at W and L. and keeping the road hot between 
Lexington and Radford. I hope Bonnie can keep this boy on the 
grounu — here's a rebel yell for both of you in your years 

Masoud Baniestani-Moghaddam 

William Dean Fisher 

Fish. Half-a-Rat, Red Junior, Reg. Troll '76 
Willisburg. Kentucky 
EE - Signal Corps 

W.D. Fisher came from Kentucky lo the VMI as green as 
ass and happy. During his cadetship he has been searching 
T what he doesn't know. But while here he has met some very 
le people, to name a few, Dr. Fitchett. Red Turner and the PX 
ew, JK Beard, his BR's and lower classmen, 
tudents and. last but not least, CL Price. 
W.D. can best be summed up to his friends, his 
arefoot when possible and no hay rack) and his \' 


id lev. 


W.D., live by the book and keep your lesson in mind. 
specially Proverbs 31 (10-31). ECC 3(1-8), and Mat 23 (28 
nd 38-39) and don't forget. You rate more than your horse. 

Douglas Randolph Fitchett 

Baseball: Young Republicans; Astronomy Club; "Zoo Crew" 
Regimental Herpetologist: LA-EE; Monogram Club; Cadet; 

Peace passing through walls . . . 
Hand passing through hair . , , 
Developing our sense of potential . . . 
Knowing each other is there , . . 

Balancing security and freedom . . . 
Growing each week, each day , - . 
Seeing the one bud of Love 
Slowly become a bouquet- 

Time Is . . . 

Too slow for those who wait- 
Too swift for those who fear. 
Too long for those who grieve 
Too short for those who rejoice 
But for those who love . . . 

Love IS Eternity 

Jay Kellar Foertsch 

Jay Bird 

Chickasha. Oklahoma 
Biology — Air Force 

Aero Spaced Foertsch. the commercial Pilot of room 121. 
flew his way into the arch right behind us on that fateful 
Thursday morning in 1972. 

With aspirations of being a jet jockey and a physicist, 
Foertschetti soon saw the light. Rat Physics threw him into a 
dive and the Air Force said no on his bat-like eye sight. His 
four-year active duty desires changed to 90 days when he 
changed from atoms to anatomy. His excellence as a biologist 
has led him to consider the unmentionable; Graduate school. 

Living with him for four years has convinced us that he's on 
to something big; we know he'll succeed. Good luck Brother 

Dykes: Class of '73; Curtiss Gene Hostetter 
■79; Bill Lamb 
Mike Stako 


Henry Joyce Foresman Jr. 

Yank Hank 

Pvt. 4. 3. 2. 1; Football Team Mgr. 4. 3: Bomb 4. 2: Sports 
Editor 2: IRC 2nd & 1st Runner up Dugunne Model UN's '74 
& '75; Ghetto; Supertrooper; Richmond Raiders- 

When General Joseph Stilwell said "By constant care, by 
meticulous thought and preparation, by worry, by insistence on 
high standards in everything, by reward and punishment, by 
impartiality, by an example of calm confidence. It all adds up 
to Character." He wasn't talking of VMI. but maybe should have 
been The experiences at VMI have not always been good, but 
they have taught me many things about life. It has also taught 
me to look beyond the obvious for the answer. My thanks go 
to Maury. Dan. Jay. Lee. Mike. Jack. Chip, and Herb and the 
Ghetto for making VMI easier, I also appreciate the advice that 
Capt. Williams has given me for three years. Special thanks to 
my Mom. and especially my Dad for having an open ear and an 
old camp story to tell. 

Dykes; '73; D. C. Martin 

'79; Craig Marson 

John DeLuca 

Robert Sherwin French 

Bob Tubes 
Fort Dix N.J, 

Hop and Floor 3. 2. 1; Sport Paractiute Club 3; Football 
Manager 4; Sounding Brass 3. 2; El Numero Uno Club 2 
Cheese and Wine Club 1. 

Now , , , in this faraway land 

Strange . , , that the palms of my hands 

Should be damp with expectancy 

Spring , , and the air's turning mild 
city lights , , , and the glimpse of a child 
of the alleyway infantry 

Friends , , , do they know what I mean 
. and the gathering green 

of an afternoon ( 


But lord I had to go 

My trial was laid too slow behind me 

To face the call of fame 

Or make a drunkard's name for me 

Though now this other life 

Has brought a different understanding 

And from these endless days 

Shall come a broader sympathy 

And though I count the hours 

niury , 

Dykes: '73: Coley Raffo 
'79: Heckle Wilson 
Jeckle Reinard 

Peter Micheal Friesen 

Pete. Biscuit Butt, Buns 

El Paso, Texas 

Electrical Engineering — Artillery 

Being an Army Brat with twenty moves in 20 years Pete 
finally found a home in sunny Virginia at VMI While in'these 
parts, he has made a name for himself and it usually appears 
on the bone sheet about 2 or 3 times a week. Although his 
reputation has grown with his advancement to first class 
private, he still strives for excellence. His name no\ 
on the bone sheet about 5 or 6 times a week, but f 

Pete's trouble seems to stem from his activities Being a 
member of the swim team and nookfor-your-life. he often gets 
his times and dates mixed up. From this he is always in trouble 
with either the Colonel or Mary Ann But never fear, by May 15. 
our hero will have what he greatly desires, (B,S, Electrical 
Engineering and freedom) 

Pete, has proven his friendship and brotherhood. We will 
always remember you B.R. 

Take care of him Mary Ann 

Dykes: Class of '73; John Leon 

'79; Carter McCrowell 
Abassali Erfani 







Clyde L. Furr 

City Boy. Country 
Concord. Tenn. 

Pvt Cpl. Pvt.. Sgl.. Pvt.; Order of Ihie Scarlet Nape; Bufu 
Charlermember; Pre med Society. VMI Theatre, Karate Club; 
Circulation manager VMI Cadet; Ring design Committee; Cub 
Scout Den Chief; Across the Trestle and Through the Woods 
Shooting Club; Hopewell Fan Club. 

Somebody once said, "Nice guys finish last," This might be 
true initially but it is not true finally, at least for Clyde, 

Knowledge costs us something, whether it is a monetary 
price, a physiological one. or both. Yet. when we finally finish, 
our knowledge is valuable and constant simply because we 
have paid the price whatever it may be. We are changed by 
what we find out and the more we learn the more we are 

The existential hero suffers to learn but the fact in that he 
does learn and this alone lustifies the suffering. Clyde has 
suffered in many things that have value, even if their worth is 
only realized here 

One can get sloppy when one discusses friendship. However, 
perhaps the connotations of the word friend are adequate to 
describe the feelings and ramifications of that word. It is 
enough to say Clyde has been a friend and always helped me 
when help was needed. 

Dykes; '73 Glen Younis 
'79 Rob Maxey 

Peter Hitchcock Gabriel 

Pvt.. Cpl.. Sgt.. 1 St. Lt. ( 2nd Bn. S- 1 ); Dean's List; Academically 
Distinguished; Honor Court; Varsity Swimming 4. 3. 2. 1; 
English Society 3. 2. 1 (Vice-President 2); English Speaking 
'■' ^ - ^ " 1 (Treasurer 1); Publicity 

;an Unii 

Committee; Who's Who 

; I regret nothing. He who would seek 
Tiankind is bound to suffer, fvly sorrows 
^rstand the sorrows of my fellow men; 
■ exile have dimmed the vision within 

Mohammad Ho 

Herndon Maury GatevKood, Jr. 

"Skinnywood". "Doowetag". "Nubben Nibble" 
Richmond. Virginia 
Chemistry — Artillery 

Varsity Wrestling 4. 3; College Republicans 4; American 
Chemical Society 2.1; Regimental Colors Staff 3; Run For Your 
Life 3. 1; Third Class Collection Board 3; Pvt. 4. 3. 2. 1 

Our Only F.F.V. Aristocrat and Charter member of the pre-rat 
year summer school scholar club. Maury rattled his way 
through the arch with the rest of us on that ugly Thursday 
morning in '72, 6 Feet tall and 130 lbs.. Maury stuck out like 

Battling bouts with tough grades and a minor setback; Maury 
recovered with an unparalleled zeal for academics and Barb. 
A Chemistry Ma|0r with a real love for the bubbly liquids; Maury 
looks forward to a research position. 

His generosity in housing the unruly apes of 121 on the 
various Corps Trips is hard to believe. Whenever we needed a 
friend, he was there. Good luck H. Maury, and stay out of C.C.V. 


David Mark Gedro 


Newport News. Va. 


Artillery Armed Forces Club; Civil War Roundtable: English 
Society; Fire Fighters; International Relations Club; Newman 
Club; Young Republicans; Who's Who in American Hayracks- 
Vice-President Number 1 Club; After Taps Club. 

Gator came to VMI with the idea of becoming a career Army 
officer, but after only a short while at the "Root" he realized 
his true calling - country music singer. Yes. VMI was the 
epitome of San Quentin. Paramount was the archetypical 
bar-room, and Southern Sem provided the "Girl That Broke My 
Heart. In no time at all. Gator was composing songs about 
prisons, getting drunk. Mom, and the love that walked out the 
motel room door. Gator has searched far and wide for his 
material, from Amherst to Crozet. from Fairfield to Farmville 
from Gold Coast to Sally Port and even beyond the search 
continues. With great love and respect for the class of '76 
especially Gary. Mike. Zeugie. Ed. and City Boy. I leave. 

Dykes: '73: D. R. Poynor 
'79: Tom McCarthy 

Dabney Thomas Poindexter Gilliam Jr. 

"Dexter". "D.T.P." 

South Boston. Virginia 


Pvt. 4, 3, 2. 1; Freshman Football; Varsity Golf 4, 3, 2. 1- Posit 
Committee; Executive Committee; General Committee:'ciass 
President; Ghetto. 

Dexter came to us from the good country club life of South 
Boston. Virginia, and maintained this way of life throughout his 
four years. I'm not really sure how to sum up his V Ml career 
but I know that Sevanne. golf, hunhng. and gin and tonic should 
be included. In the middle of our second class year Dexter 
inherited our class presidency and has fulfilled this office in his 
easy going manner. The best way to remember The Institute is 
through the good times, and I'm sure Dexter will often think 
back about our excursions into Lexington, the numerous 
parties all over the state, and our other periods of general 
crazmess. Now that it's past Dexter will be heading into the 
great beyond of marriage and a quiet life. In both good luck 
and don t let the mint hang in your throat. Here's to the good 


'73 John Landry 

'79 Noel Harris 

Tom Whitlow 

Richard Wayne Glass 

"Rocky ". "Rock Quarry". "SA" 

Hopewell. Virginia 
Civil Engineering — Air Force 

Cpl. Sgt. Lt. Dean's List. ASCE. Seminar Chairman ASCE; Hop 
Escorts — President; J.V Basketball; 74 Lacrosse Team 73 
74. 75. 76. Captain Lacrosse Team 76; Pervert Corner 112 
Gang; Selletse Gang; Post Holder Contestant; Honorary 
Packer; "tHoe The Kangaroo"; F.I.T.A.S Rack Club. 

Rocky began his Rat year hoping to follow admirably in his 
brother's footsteps, but was awarded corporal stripes his third 
class year. But traits of a first class private loomed within as 
he was made a long-haired sergeant and lieutenant. SA never 
failed to drive us out the room and always hogged the mirror 
with his 30 minute shaves and marathon hair care with our 
towels and dryers. With his never-say die mouth the Allman 
brothers kid dated numerous girls at the Institute, only to be 
' invited" to their respective weddings. Moe could always 
"entertain" an audience and was the first of the gang to turn 
21 (Guzzle I. Hic I ), Keeping over a 3 in C,E, Rocky also 
player. Hyatt Hous^ 


and I 


. but i 

Iways had time to help a BR in 
"" " ■ " • ends 

- G G. Gray 

- Mark Byrd 
Robbie Patters. 
Scooter Massie 

Robert Edward Gleason 

"Free as a bird to settle wtiere I will what dwellinj 
'evieve me? In what vale shall be my harbour? Unde 
what grove shall I take up my home? And what ( 

I before 

'73: Bill Sedr 

'79; Darioush Ahmadpour Samanj 
Gholamali (Sabu) Sadeghzadeh 

Stuart Lee Godsey 

"The Goose, Stulee. Gander" 

Richmond. Virginia 
Civil Engineering — Infantry 

Rangers 2. 1; ASCE; Zoo Crew 4, 3, 2. 1; Pep Band 4; Musician 
Grade 5: Private 4, 3. 2. 1. 

The Goose entered the "Big I" as a "Big Goose" The rigors 
of the Ratline whipped him into shape, but no obstacle was to 
prevent him from surpassing his original corpulence Never 
one to do things halfway, he chose not to do them at all. While 
the books lay stagnant, he preferred to engage in intellectual 
discourse with his fellow "'honorable youths. His quest for the 
Holy Bull Session led him to enlist m the BSR Commandos his 
second class year He further distinguished himself by his 
habitual soiourns to the X, earning himself the title ""Chancellor 
of the X-checkers."" fi/laintaining the highest traditions of the 
citizen soldier, he could be counted on to provide rear security 
for the Ranger Platoon during any of their frequent runs. 

Fort Bragg, Beware — the Ides of Goose Approacheth. 

William Edward Grant 

"Bill, WEG, Censored"" 

Wheaton. Maryland 

History, Infantry 

Newman Club 4, 3. 2, 1 {Chairman 2); VtVII Theatre 3, 2, 1 
(Business Manager 3, President 2, 1); Young Republicans 4, 
3; Zoo Crew 4. 3, 2; Varsity Sleep team. 

I remember my first trip down Route 11, As I crossed the 
Nile and viewed the Institute there was only one thought on my 
mind, ""My God, it looks like a prison!"' 

Throughout our four years here everyone"s questioned time 
and again why, why we came, why we stay, why we left our 
running girl home, why to everything. Then when we went 
home for the summer at the end of our Rat year, people 
realized that we had changed, we were different. This change 
was initialed by our VMI education, only a small part of which 
was in the classroom. Thanks to Mom, 

yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder 
the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too 
cheap, we esteem too lightly; "Tis dearness only that gives 
everything it"s value."" 

Thomas Pain 


"73 Larry Cerruti 
"79 John Colonna 
"79 Rick Rice 

Michael Joseph Gross 

Coach, Wiseman, "Z" 

Somerdale, N.J, 
Economics — Artillery 

ind Hillary Club; Football 4, 3, 2, 1; Gtietto 
,., c„„„.„ o. OMICRON Delta Epsilon; 

President _., 

Gladiators: Prelaw ^.^,^ , 

Distinguished Military Graduate 

When things went wrong, as they sometimes will. Whei 
ground we trudged was called the ■'hill." When funds were 
and debts were high, we wanted to smile, but had to cry V 
the system pushed us down a bit, we'd relax with True Blu( 
never quit. Life was queer with its twists and turns, a 
roommates have surely learned. We'll never forget four-tvv 
four, the memory will linger for evermore We didn't giv 
though the pace was slow, we turned to Mount View, or die 
know? Failure was success turned inside out, we turne 
Hillary without a doubt. A diary is kept of X. Y. and Z a 
which only we can see. Once we were four, but now we 
three; so now to all we say farewell, let it be known that wi 

; Sun- 

Evan Lloyd Haberman 

"Ev", "Ace" 
Palisade, New Jersey 

Fire Fighter, Debate Team; Pres. English 
; Academically Distinguished; History Honors 

' Trip To Europe. 

How VMI attracts these Yankees I'll nev 
found his way to the Institute from Jersey 
gave up on his musical abilities during the Band Ci 
Purge to become a loyal member of a real company. 

" ?red the worst of that first year, he was chosen to write thi 

but Evan 
ar he 

Rat I 

m got down t 
ning addicted 

work and soon developed a 4.0 habit, 
academics may drive him to law school. 
;hool we'll know where to find an honest 

The world would be better 

Michael Overholt Hamlett 

"The Heart Break Kid, Confinement Kid. Mikie Moe Stud 


Richmond, Virginia 

English Major Armor Branch 

VMI Cheerleading squad; band; karate; English Society; 
wrestling; BSD; English tutor; gymnastics, 3,8 Rack Lab; 4.0 TV 

The phrase "Mikie will do anything" was given to Cadet 
Hamlett as a |0ke by his roommates. However. Michael was a 
true cadet in every sense of the word because he was always 
ready to help his fellow brother rats. His first year at VMI was 
remembered by such high lights as walking guard for sick 
brother rats, holding the record for running the block the most 
times without getting caught and the many company meetings 
at Johnnies. Michael's second year was blackened by the 
confiscation of his popcorn popper, but it didn't keep him from 
his responsibility of having rank. Burdened with many 
responsibilities he still was known throughout Longwood 
Southern Seminary, Baldwin, and Mary Washington. A small 
portion of his senior year was spent on confinement, but it 
didn't effect Cadet Hamletfs attitude or determination In the 
eyes of his Brother Rats. Michael has been a constant source 
of strength, for it is men of his character which help the rest 

of us 

ake It, 

Dykes. Class of 73; Ray Burton 
Dykes. Class of 79; David Kaplei 

Harold Michael Hancock 

"Mike," "Boy," "Job". "H-J". "Dev Redmond" 

Richmond. Virginia 
Civil Engineering — Air Force Special Student 

" 2. 1; Tweets 4. 3. 

"Job" came to VMI with visions of jets and an engineering 
;gree. But the Air Force knew what was best — Mike was 
■on a civilian again. After his rat year, Mike decided it was 
ne to improve his grades and his love life. He made the same 
^cision again after his 3rd and 2nd class years, and 
entually both the G.P.A. and the number of dates improved, 
ike's gotten a lot of grief about being "the boy" ever since 
I was too young to give blood as a rat. and he knows that at 
ir 25th reunion we'll still be calling him "the boy". Mike 
aves VMI with a C.E. degree and many friends. 
To my parents: Without your faith, understanding, and 
ncouragement. graduating would have been a dream instead 

Kenneth Stanley Harbin 

"Mule. Biafran Kid. So Peelto" 
Strafford. Pennsylvania 

The Butterfly, a cabbage-white, 

(His honest idiacy of Flight) 
Will never now. it is too late, 
Master the Art of flying straight; 
Yet has — who knows so well as I ? — 
A just sense of how not to fly: 
He lurches here and there by a guess 
And God and hope and hopele 
Even the aerobic swift 
Has not his flying-crooked gift. 

John Newton Harman 

John-John" "Chipmunk" "Newton" "Latin Lovi 
Colorado Springs. Colorado 

Johnny came to VMI with a list of high school honors too long 
to mention. In a modest way. he left all this behind him upon 
entering the Big I. But he did bring something special with him 
from Colorado, and that was his warm personality. When John 
entered the arch, who can forget his first words. "I couldn't live 
like that. NO SIR!" The saying stuck and so did John. To his 
brother rats John was known as Harden, to the Army. Hard Up, 
and to all the girls. Hard To Get John is aggressive in 
everything he does whether it be girls, friendship, or his own 
personal goals. To a lasting friendship. Moe 

Dykes, The Rat Class 

of ; 


Dyke class of '73: Jim Chalkley 
Dykes, class of '79; Robert Sutherd 
Michael Vela 

Dykes: Class of 1973 Mack Kirkpatrick 
Class of 1979 Tsung Ming Yeh 
Robert Parodi 

Raymond David Harrell 

Ray. Raunchy, Pops. Raimondo, Blade 

Annandale, Virginia 

Electrical Engineering — Arr Force 

WLUR-FM Radio Club 4; Young Republicans 4; Scuba Club 3; 
Computer Club 3; Student Grotto 2. 1; IEEE Board Member 2, 
Vice-President 1; Intramural Handball Champion. Doubles 2; 
Zoo Crew 3. 2. 1; Pvt, 4. 3. 2. 1. 

Ray showed up for cadre with a smile on his face and hair 
on his shoulders — a sure-fire way to make an impression. 
Never one to take things too seriously, he tried to breeze his 
way through the ratline and blew into the Regimental 
Commander. Come January, B Company was smoking cigars in 
honor of Elissa Michelle. As a third Ray dedicated himself to 
handball, music, and three-man cluster wrestling. This taught 
him a lot about Zoo life, but not much about circuits, so 
naturally he got an Air Force scholarship. Academics got 
tougher and Ray studied harder — but still managed to fit m 
an occasional "night uptown with the boys" when we tied and 
gagged him and forced him to down a brew. Graduation brings 
Ray 90 days and his 'Stang; what more could a guy want? 

Dykes; '73 Fred Allison 

'79 Joe Bonsignore 

Said Seyed Mahadviam 

Mark Alan Havelin 

Aurehus Marcus Tony 

Randallstown. Maryland 

History — Armor 

Pvt. 4. 3. 2. 1; VMI Cadet Staff 4. 3. 2. Circulation Manager 
3, 2. Advertising Manager 2: Varsity Baseball 4. 3. 2. 1; Rat 
Pep Band 4; Summer School Club; Mail Room Assistant 2. T 
Computer Club 1; Young Republicans 4. 3; Monogram Club 2 
1; American Chemical Society 2. 

the Cadet 

Subject: Permit 

To: The Superintendent 

1. Having spent four years at VMI working c 
staff, as Head Baseball manager, as . 
manager m the PX and as the only cadet n 
a permit disapproved. I request permission to re 
normality for the 76-77 school year. 

2. Permission is further requested to maintain a res 
in the county, drink on Post, serve as aj 
commandant, and have Debbie as a dyke, 

3. I will have completed all requirements for a 
History at the completion of the 76-77 academi 

4. I have no confinement or restrictions, 

5. I must return to the Institute for a fifth year, anc 
for this permit to be m effect for the entire ye 

Thomas Anderson Hawthorne 

"Tom". "Haythorne", "Hawk" 

South Hill. Virginia 
CivilEngineermg-Air Force 

Coming from a farm in Southside. Virginia. Tom has earned 
the respect and admiration of his BR's. Somewhat the studious 
type. Tom has worked himself into good academic shape, but 
he IS never too busy to help a fnend. All the "76 CE's know his 
door IS never closed. Many a person has passed an exam due 
to Tom's coaching. However. Kim and Longwood were never 
second nature to him either. Always willing to drop everything 
for his girl friend, a few late nights were required for catching 
up on homework after the weekend. No doubt. Tom. you will 
go far in life because you know when to work, when to play, and 
have never lacked tor friends. The members of '76 and VMI 
will miss you. Best of luck to one who has given so much. 


'73 - 

Robbie Bow 


Civil Engineering — Air Fo 

i; Scuba Club; "Roland Tis 

Hello der Mr Hayes, are you a V.M.I, student, or a U.V.A. 
student? If you are a U.V.A. student I suggest you go ride your 
Honda 1 75 and the teachers there will give you an A; but if you 
should decide to be a V.M.I. Keydel like I was. you might get 
stuck with a professor who will give you an F, but will be at least 
nice enough to say "have a nice day". 

Rich decided to take the V.M.I, route and under the influence 
of people like the Papa he has. became a true C.E. student at 
heart. The guys at V.M.I, have really enjoyed having Rich as a 
friend because of his good nature. We all wish Rich the best of 
luck in the future. 


'73: Doug Huthwa 

'79: Ben Bauman 

Keith Biegel 

Rodney Elwood Hayes 

"Crazy" Bubba 
Newport News. Virginia 
Chemistry — Air Force 

Football 4; Indoor Track 4; Bapbst Student Union 4, 3, 2, 1; 
Cadet 1; Library Assistant 2, 1; 

"If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not 

have love. I have become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbol. 

1 Corinthians 13:1 

"When 1 was a child, I used to speak as a child, think as a 

child, reason as a child; when I became a man, I did away with 

childish things." , 

1 Corinthians 13:11 
"For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." 

Philippians 1:21 

Dykes: '72: Kevin Deigh 
■73: John Hall 
'79: Gill Pollard 
Joe Jenkins 

David A. Heatwole 

Heat Y 
Waynesboro. Virginia 

i — Field Artillery 

President Sir Edmund Hillary Club; Blind Man; Ghetto 

I need time to find out where I'm going 
1 need people to show me where I've been 
I know the answer and it feels good just knov 
It's my friends who show me 
Who 1 am 

You been countin' numbers 

You been checkin' letters 

You've made a good song worse 

Instead of a bad one better 

We say come on in, sit yourself down 

Pass It around, don't turn us off 

Turn us on. 'cause you missed it in the past 

And we're back again 

"Escape to pun 


Gregory Stephen Hedley 


White Plains, New York 

Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineers 

Pvt.. Cpl.. Sgt.. Pvt; Dean's List: Bomb 4: Firefighters 3 2 1 
Young Republicans 3; Newman Club 4; SAME 2. ASCe' 
Commandants List 3; Superintendant's List 3. 

When Greg first saw the inside of his -ceir' on the fourth 
stoop, he wasn t worried He knew when the ratline was over 
in a few weeks he'd move into his real room the one with 
arpetmg, paneled walls, closets, and inside toilets. He's still 

ting - 

after gradua 

t he's 

Greg IS a hard person to get to know, if you can find him If 
he IS not studying in NEB or taking his weekly PX break, then 
Greg IS liome working to pay for his super car - not to mention 
the landlord of his cell Once you get to know him you have 
a great friend for life. It would be hard to find more loyalty 
stuffed into one lanky body. 

The Army doesn't realize yet what a loss they suffered when 
they let Greg get away Anyone as fastidious, organized and 
indeeatable as this man will go far in the business he chooses 

All who have the pleasure of knowing him these "golden" 

llT^lTnt Z^^oT '"''■ '"' "^ '"°" "^ """•' "-^ "' 

Dykes: '73: Jay Heme 

'79: Vincent Koshute 
Paul Ramev 

Barry Dwayne Helms 

"Bar" "Bar D " "B.D." 

Christiansburg. Virginia 
Civil Engineering. Corps of Engineers 

ASCE 4. 3, 2, 1: SAfHE 2. 1: Young Republicans 4 Pvt 4 3 
Sgt. 2: 2nd Lt. 1: Ghetto; Hop Committee 3, 2 1 Timm'ins 
Society 4, 

"Hi. my name's Bur Helms and I love you. " What more could 

wfth'^uf'Se'ler- ' H^.h^'l'' " " r"^ ""' "°" "'^ synonymous 
Bur He learned the basics from his fine family and VMI 
refined them into not only a true friend but a man His courtship 
01 rrancme IS known throughout barracks, for who else would 
vlrRi^Hel'" "Z """';<"""«• W'<h his slime green Dodge 
van. Bur Helms is the resident redneck in RM 132 I'm sure he 

u,'L ll''^'''■""^'"'"^' ""^'"' '" ^"^"^ V'^'^ because Buena 
vista will always remember him. 

Dykes: '73: Mayes, H. Larry 

'79: Petit. Kevin, S. 

Mitchell. Tom K. 

Michael Allan Hillsgrove 

Finksburg, Maryland 

Militaria Historical Society; Confinement Club 90 dav Air Far, 
Club; Apathy Club; PX Employee, ' 

The phenomenon that is Michael Hillsgrove ranks as unioi 
■ n the annals of VMI. A pilot at heart, he thrives on anv mea 
by which he can propel himself off Terra Firma ;ind mi,, +k 
"Wild Blue Yonder," There's a lot of space ou, there and m! 
seems to always know his way around. 

He hasproven his versahlity by expandingh - ' ■ ■ 
a point whereby he can cope with not only ii 


ound : 

i but i 



? planets 

homn = ?.",' l""": " 'ends to cast aside his'potential tor 

bemg a starship captain and prefers the role of an alaskan bush 

snlrfr.n?^"!,!!"' k"'.'!,''" '" '^''"^'^ PostVMI days should be 
onfv .h„ h . u °'^" 'rf'^ °' "^"^ Class of "76" wish for him 
only the best. He is our Brother Rat, 

Dykes: "73" Ronald Paul Martin 
■79"" Randy Atkins 

Lovick Stephen Miner 

Diabetic Wtmp 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineers 

Pvt 4 Cpl 3, Set, 2. LI 1;X Zero Club; Cadet Program Board 
2 1 Vice President 1; OGA 1, Secretary 1; Sport Parachute 
ciub'4 3 2, 1; Scuba Club 4. 3, 2, 1; Student Grotto 2, 1: 
SAME 2. 1; ASCE 4, 3, 2. 1; Lip Rippers; Zoo Crew 3. 2. 1; 
Regimental Diabetic Wimp 2. 1. 

Dedicated to "Happy" Hiner. VMI '43. A grub private from 
way back with the Old Corps who has put up with 4 years of 
my complaints and gripes about the Big I. even though, 
according to Happy, life at VMI is not half as hard as it was in 
the "Old Corps ol -43", My father never pressured me into 
going to the Institute. He |ust said things like. I wish one ot my 
sons would go to VMI " This statement being made alter my 
only other brother had picked UVa or that during High School, 
a brand new VMI catalog would shoi- ■■" "'"""d 'he house 
every year and I never sent for it. But 


d the house 

my father was 

glad that I decided to stay. 

Douglas Wayne Mines 

"Doug. Hiney. FA2. Cecil 
Elkton. Maryland 

Member of Honor Court; D.MS.; All conference; 1974 
Southern Conference Champs Tri-Captain; f^°"og,=n,aub 
President. Perverted Corner; Selletse gang; 112 ga"g' ""P 
Escort; Post Holders; Honorary Packer. Fitas Rack club. 

"Dousie" entered VMI ready to play football for the "Big 
Rett" Earlv he realized it was not all fun and games here. His 
Raf yeafwas the start of his nickname of (FA2) with shaving 
crearn battles and sumo wrestling. Many girls passed through 
his VMI life. Hiney was not to be denied, he wasn t. His tliird 
class year brought a starting position at center and wrestling 
Thersa T at ECU. Mild-mannered Doug was transformed into 
Mr Cecil Country his 2nd class year That country was good to 
Mr' DMS as a friend introduced him to a "girl named Sue'^who 
Pot him UD for the games. An avid and expert partier. Doug 
Shis his s°Lff (and lunch) at New Orleans and Monogram 
Pa "es The Godzilla of Rat Breakouts returned for his 1st yea^ 
hampered by "Karolinsnitzitous" and strived <°; •=;°'^" 5= 
Title and # 1 at the FP. Doug ,s more than an ordinary Keyde 
but a friend to all. He will always be remembered as a great 
roommate and lifelong friend. 

Dykes; Blake Thomas "73" 

Rodney Ashton Mottle 

"Bear". "Hotrod". "Load" 

Alexandria. Virginia 

History — United States Air Force 

Private 4, 3. 2. 1; Grotto 4. 3. 2. 1; Commanders 4. 3. 2. 1; 
Firefighters 2. 1; Number 7 Club 1; "Vs". ?7; Ameoba Crew 3, 
2. 1; Zoo Crew 4. 3. 2. 1. 

Rod Hottle IS well known among his B.R.'s one 'njiy "' 
another, but no matter which way he's known, he s liked. Rod 
is a personable guy. easy to get along with, and not very 
demanding. Actually hes a free loader, but that's beside the 

''Tke all cadets. Rod has had his problems. Academics that 
first year pushed him into a field he likes very much. The 
History Department will never be the same. 

There also comes a time in each cadets life when hes 
touched by that special girl. Rod's turn came in our Third Class 
year and ever since Debbie has been under his blotter and in 

\Nell Load, whatever you do we all wish you luck and success. 

Dykes: '73 Steve Smith 
'79 Ed Jonson 

Pascal Georges Houcke 

Rumson. New Jersey 
Electrical Engineer _ Air Force 

srch of 

: Aid Sw 

During the summer of 72, Pascal C3me to VMI in > 
a degree in Electrical Engineering . . nothiine more" Me ^nnn 

LT.L"?' "";,'»" "'"''' •"""' '° °«<=^ •''"I <"'i'="'er he 
wanted I or not) A civilian at heart, Pascal learned to accept 

he reality and boredom of cadet life, the VMI "Good Deals" 
the confining existence, and the total life of social life It was 

heTn'°„' r'^w" '^t^ohaa seen the Roman Coliseum, crossed 
the Tower Bridge, and touched the Arc De Triumphe. Although 
this may all portray his cadetship as a four year setback, suEh 
IS not the case Pascal learned Electrical EnemeermE he 
adapted to cadet life and made lifelong friends For him VMI 
means learning and success 

Dykes: Class of '73: Darrell C, Rickmo 

■79; John W, George 

Paul G. Lachmani 

Id Jr. 

Nelson Allen Jeffers 

"Big Man" "Jelson ". "Naj" 

Chesapeake, Virginia 
Civil Engineering Air Force 

J.V. Football 4; VMI. College Republicans 4,321 Chairman 
1, Sec 2; C.R.F V. State Director of Education! Rugby 3 2 
Firefighters 3, 2; A,S.C.E. 4, 3. 2. 1; International Relation^ 
Club 1; P.C. 1: Pvt. 4, 3, 2. 1. 

After three years of struggling. Nelson has realized part one 
of his college goals, to become a "civilian" engineer Another 
goal he worked for and obtained, was the chairmanship of 
V.M.I.'s College Republicans Club, No one at V.M I could fill 
this position as well as Nelson. His attitude m this area is like 
his attitude for all else. Make it work out, no matter how hard 

Douglas Blair Johnson ; 

"D,B.", "Doug" i 

Electrical Engineering — Infantry 

Fairfax, Virginia ■ 

I. 3; Cpl. 3: Sgt., Pvt, 2; 2 Lt.. 1; Student Grotto 4, 3' 
;r Platoon 3. 2, XO, 1; BSR 2: Computer Center Cadft! 
ant 2. 1; R.D.C. 1; Academically Distinguished, Airbomr 

and Ranger Qualified. 

"Vou ain't got the »«(g°,, 
spurred man on to such great a 

' Nev 

"No m, 
Every I 


island, entire unto itself: 
i piece of the whole, a part of the 

spurred man on to such great achievements as these have for 
Doug. He has climbed mountains and jumped out of airplane!'' 
m pursuit of his motto , . "I've got 3i'@°„3i!" Doug'- 
nighttime status reports and morning wrestling matches were 
the hit of Rm 358. His scholarly average of 3 5 was tarnishec 
when Brother Rat Bone pulled a 4.0. It was a devastatm" blow 
and other punches came also, for although he was a comoral 
sergeant, and lieutenant, he never outranked The Bone. It 
wasnt unhl this past summer that he was able to wm the 
ultimate victory by achieving his Airborne-Ranger status. There 
IS but one question lett to ask this grizzled (still only shaves 
once a week), weatherbeaten. jungle warrior, "Did ya see that i 
big black dog yet Doug?" 

Dykes: 73 J. D. Wilson 
79 Stan Hodges 
Bill Bailey 

John Preston Johnson 

Hammonton. New Jersey 

I Dean's List; DMS; Cpl.; Sgt.: 2nd Lt.; Gl 
I Cadet In Charge-VMI Firefight ' "" 
Platoon 3; VMl Sympi 

Club President 1: 
1; CADET staff 1: Ranger 

,, ^ _,..., Committee 1; English Speaking 

2, i; Graduate of the U.S. Army Airborne School: Blue 

Ridge Parkway Motorized Assault Force. 

What can we say to a roommate like Gregg except a sincere 
thanks. From the beginning, Gregg presented a professional 
and stern manner. Throughout the years at VMl however 
Gregg has become one of the very few who was a real friend 
to us. He proved this time and again when we had probleni- 

Dean's List; Academically Distinguished; DMS; Cpl.. Mst^Sgt 
Cot — 1st Battalion Commander; Rat Company Commander 2 
RSe Team 4, 3. 2; ASCE; Rat Training CIC 1. Firefighters 3 
2. 1; Firefighter S-1; Young Republ 


,.„,.^ ,. _.jduate of the 
Ridge Parkway Motorized 

i the 

. Gregg 


Dykes; '73 Robert Schiaccitano 
'79 John Arthur 
'79 Rocky Titus 

Fort Bragg RECONDO Cour; 
Assault Force. 

Any group of individuals trying to accomplish a task, is 
fortunate if it possesses a few very , dependable^ quiet 
achievers In the case of the class of 76, we have been 
tortunate to have John, Never one to draw a g'eat de= °' 
attention, John seems to be the one who ""f '"f ^^,°""5' i,, 
difficult jobs, which he somehow accomplishes successfully^ 
Whatever field John moves on to^ he will take "'t^ him he 
respect and admiration of his Brother Rats. We who ^"O" *1™. 
reaNze that we have had a man of exceptional conscience and 
Chaacter working with us. Yet. John will deny all this. He will 
lust say as usual "God grant me the seren^ty^to |iJ«Pt^'|J^ 

alwayrdole best |0b he can, as he honestly believes it needs 
to be done. 

F I (.or ^o 

Thomas Duff Joseph 

-Duff Buff, Buffhead, THE HEAD, THE MAIN HEAD" 
Civil Engineering — Corps of Engine— 

Pvt 4 3. 2, 1; SAME 2, 1; ASCE 3, 2. 1; Monogram Club 3. 
2, 1; Basketball 4, 3, 2, 1, Head Manager 3, 2. 1. 

Duff came to VMl in hopes of getting a CE degree and maybe 
going into Pro Basketball. What would a CE be doing in Pro 
Basketball' What else? Being a manager! During his stay at 
VMl Duff put up with all the headaches of being manager of the 
VMl Cagers and proved to be really good at it. No one puts up 
with headaches better than Duff 

He was a good manager, a good roommate, and a really 
■ s*-a^' -,f.,:e* So was Mel Brooks! Anyway, Duff will no 
doubt be a great success someday and when the Duff Joseph 
Field House is built for VMl in 1984. well know who did it 

Dykes; '73; Bob Marks 

•79; Joe Turbiville 
Marvin Miller 



•73 Joe Duffy 
'79 Dirk Cox 

Ahmed Khandan 

James G. Joustra, Jr. 

Football 4, 2; Young Republicans 4; Scuba club 4; AFROTC 
Diningln Committee 3. 2 (Chairman); Arnold Air Society 3 2 
1; Karate Club 2, 1: English Speaking Union 4 VMI Greys 
Equestrian Team 4. 3, 2; The New York-New Jersey Club 2, 1. 

August 1972: the place — VMI; enter our big tall handsome 
stud from New York (state, not city) ready to keep the South 
from rising again. He learned quickly that Southerners fight 
dirty; germ warfare (he got Mono) and they're 
unsportsmanlike (he got a concussion in football). Undaunted 
our hero rose again, only to run headlong into the serrated 
zirconium steel shaft of the VMI Biology Department, For a 
time It seemed that all there was to comfort this battered Union 
Vet, was his horses and a procession of women, any one of 
which a smart Keydet would have traded his Ac, stars for a date 
with. Even though a wrist broken in football practice and the 
determined efforts of Dr, White's crew combined to keep the 
' on the gridiron 2nd class year, 
siderably with Ring Figure 76' 
ain Lisa, who will someday 
nt addition Big Jir ' 

his great battle sweetened 

and the addition of a i 

undoubtedly become a mor 

fight isn't over yet. but it's the fighting that goes down in th. 

Big Book, not the winning or losing. ■ 


you to do anything but win, anyway. Good luck to a true friend 
and B,R, 

Class of 73 dyke: William F, Flood 

Class of 79 dykes: Bahrum Zahir Nejad and Jeff Goldhardt 

Steven Michael Joyce 

"Steve" "Tread-head" 

San Francisco, California 

History — Armor 

?"' ",' ^; ^o V ?"'"'' ^"=" "'21: "tf' Class Editor 1; Militaria 
Society 4, 2, 1 ; Tanker Platoon 2,1; Scooter's Club 2,1; Young 
Republicans 4; Zoo Crew 4, 3, 2, 1; Head of Progressive Music 
Department 2, 1; Struggling Student 3, 

Steve came to VMI hoping to teach it a little "Fort Knoxian" 
attitudes, only to find that VMI is unchanging Desoite this 
Steve shil retains his "Fort Knoxian" sense of humor and 
friendliness. He always enjoyed making people laugh even at 
his own expense. He was always willing to swap bawdy stories, 
listen to problems, and especially to give advice His love for 
good music IS unrivaled, and he always gloried in having "rare" 
records by groups no one heard of, and of course we can't 
forget HIS tanks! Was there anyone better suited for Armor 
than the Tread-head"? Well, upon graduation, he'll trek back 
to Fort Knox, and then who knows, the next Rommel' 


'73 Malon Updike 
'79 Bob Arnold 
Jeff Vorderma 

William Gale Karnes 

"Billy, Jaws, Lockjaw" 
Culpeper, Virginia 
History, Infantry 

S.'i!ripn?' n' ^' '^'r^l'"%V' ^' !• """Og^am club 2, 1; Baptist 
Student Union 4, 3, 2 Vice President, 1 President; Sport 
Parachute Club 3; Ghetto 2, 1; Rat Battalion Commander 1 
President of RDC 1; VMI-Longwood Club 4, 3, 2, 1. 

I first met Billy three years ago in room 427 and thought for 
sure he vvas from a foreign country. After several days though, 
I was able to decipher his mumbling (caused by the unique 
structure of his jaw) and realized there were few thoughts 

I felt, most certainly f^ted his physique and mentality), history, 
and religion. Oh me! Our third class year resulted in much the 
same as our rat year He still mumbled, thought about Susie 
and thoroughly enjoyed watching me get in trouble Our second 
and first class years brought new roommates for Billy, a girl 
named Susie, wrestling, history, and religion For me more 
trouble. Now as the last two from 427 and still privates, Billy 
IS the New Cadet Batallion Commander and I'm still on 
confinement. In closing I must say I have never accused 
B?^,ht"D°. Z""""^ "" '"'ell'gfhl statement, nor is he my 
Brother Rat. He is far more than that, he is a sincere friend I 
wish him the best of luck in the Army, but as I told him today 
neither one of us know a damn thing we've "learned" in M.S, 

Dykes; '73 Boot McNeely 
Dave Northcratt 
■79 Kirk Latsha 

Pete Underwood 

i^'y ■ '■ 

M.L. Prasobchai Kasemsant 

"Yai, Chai. K, , . ," 

Bangkok, Thailand 

Civil Engineering — Infantry 

International Club. 

Yai came to V.M.I- on a Royal Thai Army Scholarship to 
become a Math Major, However, he bent the rules anct 
sneaking through the army directives, to become a notably 
outstanding "Civil Engineer". During his rat year, he was known 
to his "Brothers Rats" as a "pool shark" and as a "brain guy". 
Though his impressive personality earned him a corporal-rank 
when he was a Third, he has a strange philosophy that led him 
to be less interested in rankership. Yai was attracted to V.M.I. 's 
gorgeous campus so much that you can hardly tear him away 
from V.M.I That is why you can find him every weekend 
travelling out of Lexington. Although he became spacey during 
his first class year because of girls, he is able to pull out of here 
in three years. Yai knows the real values of V M.I. and he will 
always be a class of 1977 B.R He may be proud of his 
accomplishments here but these are little compared to what 
the future will brin 

. Best of Luck. Yai. 

Dyke: 74; Donald Edward Sharpe 

Scott Herbert Kasler 

Pvt. 1, 2, 3, 4; Dean's List 1. 2, 3, 4; Academically 
distinguished 1, 2, 3. 4; AFROTC scholarship; Young 
Republicans; Religious Council; Pre Medical Society; WLUR-FM 
Radio Club; Arnold Air Society; WA4C0; Amateur Radio Club; 
Pep Band; Timmons Society; Caving and Mountaineering Club; 
bugler. ROA r 

Tiber of Band Company; 
3rd Class ROTC Award for excellence in the study of r 
history; 50 miles RFYL certificate twice. 


You're right Gary ('7 2); 

"What IS the end of study? 
let me know. Why that to know 
which else we should not know. 

"The informed soldier fights best" 

Dykes; Class of 1973; Steve "Ranger" Chadiv 
Class of 1979; Daniel Richardson 
Vince Forgione 

Charles M. Keen III 

"Charlie, Lyin' Boy" 

Chester, Virginia 

Civil Engineering — Engineers 

Pvt 4' Cpl. 3; Set. 2; Lt. 1; Wrestling 4; Sport Parachute Club 
4 3; S.A.M.E. 2. 1; A.S.C.E. 3. 2. 1; Pervert Corner 2. 1; 
Distinguished Special Student Club; 114 Weekend Club. 

Fire Mission Range 114 meters. Elevation 452. Deflection. 
4 years Commence fire, fire for effect. Splash. Cease fire, 
target destroyed — direct hit on Lyin' Boy "Hey who let the 
snakes in here?". Thus has been Charlie's story of his years at 
the "I" However he has not let it stop him from doing the more 
important things in life, carrying steel, sailing hobies cats, and 
lots of long hours in NEB. He has worked harder than most, arid 
his Dad and MAK have a lot to be proud of. AO'B and I would 
not have had as many laughs or as much fun if it had not been 
lor a roomy like good 01' Charlie. Huh. what did do ya say? 

Dykes; Cla: 

1 Herl 

Richard Kelly Keith 

Montgomery, Alabama 
Biology — Field Artillery 

''/l ''^ ^'J' !■ Y<"J"E Republicans 4, 3; Riding Team 4' Karate 
^'."?-^^:_2A.'^^''<'i^<=<' Society 4. 3. 2, 1: F.refighle ' 

Recondo Club; Gr. 

< Taxi Se 

■; Ghetto: ■■Qladi; 

What can one say about a guy who left the American Colleee 
of Switzerland only to decide upon VMI. Realization that skiing 
was not of primary importance, and what used to be a way of 
nte was now a boneable offense proved, to be quite a shock 
Conduct proba ,on numerous trips to Sem. and Madison, and 

Rm. B ?rl(°" I M '■'"""'"' '° '"g'"'gm •= th'fti class year 
But Richard only allowed this penod to set the stage for 
Rmg-Figure. a renewed interest in ■■The 400 Club^^, and his 
appearance as master of the ■■Green Hulk Wagon" which was 
to prove a most successful competitor m the '■Every Other 
Saturday Night Road Rally Club^'. 

,h!^''!Jl'"'l"'^ obtained all the goals desired, Richard returned 
' w '^ . f '*' '^'^" P"»ate. specially recognized by the 

Wizard" for conduct, and specially recognizing Sem due to an 

aS'°"""'H?"V"'"' '"'°"- '^'""^'' But now with the enS 
almost in sight a future at the University of Alabama, indeed 
your future looks bright. Best of luck Brother Rat in each and 
every endeavor, " 

Dykes: '73 Da 
■79 Toi 

Pat StacI 


Robert J. Keneally 

npkin. Del Manly, Charlie Six, Kyke 

Cpl- 3: Sgt. 2: Cpt 1; Honor Court Member 1: OGA member 
Handball Champion 2: Literary Magazine 3: S-5 Staff 3, 2 
Boxing and Wrestling assistant teacher 1: English Society 3 
Wrecking Crew 2. 1: Lexington FOUR 2: Member of the 
Sardine-Cheese Diners Club 

VMI IS a fine inst.ti 
individual. Such IS the 
came rolling through 
armed with the bles: 

I uniqu 


■ to : 

nowned for produci 
;h our beloved Bumpkin The Man 
ch on that fateful day m 1972 
gb hopes and 

of I 

studliness. However, semester 1 t 

would have to channel his reserv 

stay down in any battle. Bob, with 

dyke, but mostly through his own i 

the hammer blows of the Engli: 

gained from that first year has 

that would have felled a lesser I 

cept nothing less than first m anything Cadet 

■ ''-■-.. OGA member, the list is long that typifies 

t Corps 

rvior, VMI style Never one to 
h coaching from his legendary 
1 initiative, bounced back from 
1 department. The momentum 
earned him through obstacles 


the respect and dedication he has 

in the country Don't 

brother. May God bless 

Dykes: 73 Roland J, Tis 

79 Chappy Luca 

Reza Zeinali 

jck: he doesn^t need it - 
he has earned the lov( 
of your life. Koumbata, 

Joseph Patrick Kennedy 

Pvt, 4. 3, 2, 1; Caving and Mountaineering Club 4: Young 
Republicans 4: Funky Dudes 2, 1; Cadet Waiter: Free Bird, 

What can you say about a guy you lived with your rat and first 
class years- A guy that never studies and is still able to maintain 
above a 3 average A guy that is able to accumulate an 
average of zero demerits and is still able to run around with the 
best of us on conduct pro To those of us who know him the 
words J,P, conjure up a slow moving guy rambling around the 
J^oops_o^ watching TV who would only look up the third or 

' " > found myself wondering 

vithout being on 
. I'll have to keep 
wondering because if he can make it through here as spotless 
as he has he^ll be a sure success when he leaves VMI, We know 
Jay will always strive to climb higher towards the road of 
ultimate success and we wish you the best of luck in the future. 

■ called t 
could go througtn hen 
/ing PT^s and 


Robert James Kern 

Pvt.,Pvl..Sgt..Lt.;Edilor-in-Chief, v'V CADE' Honorary Junior 
Member ROA; Posil Committee; Publications Board; Sounding 
Brass Alliance Francaise; S 5 Staff; Rat Training; Fire Fighters: 
College Republicans. Scuba Club, BSU; Rat Cheerleaders; 
Varsity Track; "75 Super Bowl Celebrators; Barracks Rep. — 
Iron City Beer; Epic Truck- 
Four years ago the city of the infamous Steelers and Iron City 
Beer let loose on the Shenandoah Valley one of its most prized 
people Finishing the first year of hard times in the Ghetto on 
the 4th stoop. Rex was determined he would no longer pursue 
his cadetship as an English i 

bound I 

cadet." that V 

• — W&J- 

Like they say. 
He returned second semester third class year on threi 
confinement. That didn't stop Kern at all. Coming back second 
class year his life was viewed through a brighter spectrum — 
a class ring, rank in the Corps, and best of all. Susan. Still being 
the determined individual he generally is Rex came back this 
year not only as a ranker but as Editor of the 
by some mysterious circumsti 
on the scene- 

With these four trying years behind old Kern, one can or 
wonder where he will go? Wherever it be we sure hope Sus; 
and a case of Iron will always be on hand. Take care BR ai 
good luck! 

Dyke. Class of 73: Tim McConnell 

Dyke. Class of 79: Gary Hammond, Tim Cordle 

Alan Bryant Kinker 

"Kinky". "Pollock" 

t^echanicsville. Virginia 

Civil Engineering - USMC 

College Republicans 4; ASCE 4. 3. 2. 1; Firefighters 3: Ranger 
Platoon 3. 2; Cadre 75; Pvt.; Cpl.; Sgt. 

AI came in a larhead with the disease of Marine-itous. Yes sir, 
who else would strain while talking to the Skull. There is a 
gentle side of AI which only one really knows, she has tamed 
this Marine for which she has plans of her own. With Amy's help 
he will certainly lose the bet NAJ, AI Kmker is for real. I know. 
I've roomed with him for 3 years. He is a real "Southerner (AI. 
all northerners aren't Yankee invaders.) a real lover (Amy is 
the Mean Marine really a pussy-cat. guess it all depends on the 
girl) a real friend (how come you always borrow my skivies? Do 
I reailv owe you 30 dollars?) and finally a real Brother Rat. 

Thanks AI. lAF 

John B. Kirk 

"JB, John Boy. Chipmunk" 

Troy. Alabama 

Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineers 

Pep Band 4 3. 2, 1; Director 2, 1; Baseball Manager 4, 3: 
Airborne Pit. 3; Airborne; Ranger Pit. 2, 1; Timmon's Society 
4 3 2 1 Young Republicans 4; Ring Design Committee 2. 
Ghetto 2, 'l; WCl 4. 3. 2. 1. 

There's something about that Alabamian that has made 
many a person stand up and take notice Who would not be 
pleasantly surprised to know our Airborne Pep Band le^ler is 
EOine to finally settle down!? Even though you never really 
filled up your blouse JB you. more than most, knew the correct 
SOP of attempting to (ie Johnny's, Paramount. Red Front. 
College Inn. etc . , .) 

But along with building up your tolerance you have built a 
strong and lasting friendship with all of us (sorry W^nda - Your 
futurlseems secure and to that we all wish you luck. Our paths 

ef fou 

Dykes; '73: Dean Smith 
'79: John Kailey 
Jay Thompson 

nd It I 

Gary Lloyd Knight 

"KNIIIIIIIIEEET !!! Incognito Knight" 

Pvt. 4. 3. 2. 1; Student Grotto 4. 3; Rangers 3, 2, 1; BSR Vice 
Commander 2: Sport Parachute Club 4, 3. 2, 1; S-5 Staff 2 !■ 
Air Borne; DMS: Militaria Society 4. 3, 2. 1. 

"You can't win them all. but you can loose every one!" 

VMI by way of Piedmont. How else 
cadetship? Gary started his 
Isinoneday with numerous 
others to follow. Due to his immense popularity. Knight made 
7 trips to the RDC To end his rat year. Knight boycotted the 
signing of the confinement sheet and chalked up 40 demerits 
during finals. This enabled Gary to begin his 3rd class year on 
Conduct Pro Knight spent his 2nd class year in the BSR 
socializing with Bears and BSR Commandos. At Ranger School 
Incognito Knight received several negative spot reports due to 
being overly tactful. From here. Incognito Knight began his 1st 
class year being watched, and watched, . . and watched. No 
matter how hard Gary tries to blend in, for better or worse he 
will always stand out and be overly conspicuous. 

Dykes: '73: Jim Davidson 
•79: Phil Southers 
Joe Simas 

Andre Stephen Koneczny 


Pvt.. 4, 3. 2, 1; P.F.T., 2; Sir Edmund Hillery Club; Ghetto; I 
4, 3. 1; Bomb, 4, 3; Cheerleader 4, 3; Monogram Club; F 
Gladiators: 342 Gambling Club; 142 Numbers Racket 

As a rule, a change in atmosphere causes a change in oi 
attitudes. Four years in The Valley has not caused Andri 
Change his. He came to us from the country club life and a 
V.lvl.l., he will return to the social scene at the Linksl Ther 
always an exception to the rule and Andre won't let a si 
obstacle like the "I" change his goal in life, lUst enhance 


'73 John Sykes 
'79 Ray "Space" Denk 
Steve White 

Ares George Koumis 

"Greek", "Jersey Hitman", "Nukem" 

Bergenfield. New Jersey 

History — Air Force. Missiles 

Pvt., Deans List; AFROTC Scholarship: Missileman; Rifle Team 
4, 3, 2, 1; Captain 1; Varsity Letter; Rifle; Monogram Club AAS 
2: Caving and Mountaineering 4; S-S Staff 2; New York-New ' 
Jersey Club 2. 1; La Cosa Nostra 4. 3, 2. 1; Blue Ridge ' 
Parkway Assault Force: Member. Sardine and Cheese Diners " 
Club. ll- 

these the ^ I ., 

Mysterious, esoteric, cryptical. Bizarre 
words that define our brother rat Ares Koumis? Just bi 
Ares wears a black turtle-neck sweater with black pants and : 
boots while home on furlough, or plays Mafia Hitman on the ' 
Pahsaden Cliffs doesn't mean that he is a little esoteric or 
bizarre. And just because he has a tremendous fetish for 
firemans, devours sardines like candy, and reads H.P. ' 
Lovecraft instead of Penthouse doesn't mean that he is ' 
different than any other All-Amencan boy. does it? i 

As a former roommate. I can seriously state, though, that his 
extreme generosity, concern for anothers problems, and 
continuous loking were always appreciated. Ares comes from 
an extremely fine family with proud traditions It is this proud : 
background and the many advantageous experiences gained 
here at the Institute that will produce a very happy 
successful life for Ares. Good luck. Brother Rat. 

Why VMI? 

"Better to Reign in Hell, than Serve in Heaven." 


William Ronald Lagrone 

"Bone". "Ron" 

Daleville. Alabama 

Chemistry — Infantry 

3l, 1st Sgt.. Delta Company Commander; Dean's List 3. 2.1; 
.M.S.; Academically Distinguished 3. 2; American (;hemical 
iety3 2 1; Fire Fighters 3. 2. 1; S.P.S. 1; History Dropout; 
Under Confinement Club; Recondo; Week End 
and Crammers. 

"In a clearing stands a boxer and a fighter by his trade And 
• carries the reminders of every glove that laid him down or 
It him til he cried out in his anger and his shame 'I am leaving, 
im leaving, I am leaving' but the fighter still remains/' 

Paul Simon. 

'73 — Jerry Brown 
'79 — I^ike Murry 
Rick Pugh 

John Zachary Laliberte 

Chemistry — Field Artillery 

Pvt4 3 2 ICadetBattery 4. 3;XO-2;BC-l;BombStaff 4. 
3 2 'l 'CWRT 4. 3, 1; The Dean's Other List; Armed Forces 
Ciub' 4;' English Speaking Union 1. 

"A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an 
invasion, butcher a hog. conn a ship, design a building, write a 
sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the 
dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve 
pmiafions analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a 
computer: cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. 
Specialization is for insects." ^^^^^ ^ ^^^^,^,^ 


Paige Lewis LaPrade Jr. 

English — Air Force 

1 finder — 

:ross between a millionair 

) prophet but more often 

And it's there instead — 

Somewhere in your head 

The rules are defied — 

"Oh friend of mine, don't be denied.' 
Don't ever be denied! 

Thanks to my cheerleaders — 
Mom. Dad. and Family. 

Gerardo Latoni 

Jerry — Tito — Titerre — Hollywood 

Mad Dog, Mohawk. Little Red Light, El Negro 

Guaynabo. Puerto Rico 

Chemistry — Infantry 

Pvt. 4, 3. 2. 1. All Pro 3. 2; Wrestling 4; Boxing 3; Karate 3, 
2; Pinball Wizard 4. 3. 2, 1; Run For Your Life 3; Penalty Tours 
4. 3, 2. 1; Ten Most Wanted 4. 3. 2, 1, 

A southerly wind brought Tito Latoni into the Virginia Military 
Institute with a mischievous smirk on his face. Four years and 
one haircut later that smirk still exists!! To those who never 
knew Tito a wariness soon developed, but to those of us who 
tried to understand him, a new personality developed; one of 
a brother, Not much can be said in passing because we know 
Tito will always be there; willing to share both the good and the 
bad times with us. There were many of each and there will be 
many more to come, So Tito until we shortly meet again, 
gracious mi hermano precioso ye chow negro. 

Michael Edward Linaberry 

"Lionel", "Linus", "Linseed" "Linny" 
Woodbridge, Virginia 
Chemistry — Air Force 

Pvt. 4; Pvt. 3; Pseudo-Sgt. 2. Band Company Guidon 1; 
Academically Distinguished; Man-in-the-Middle; Pep Band: 
Brass Ensemble; Caving and Mountaineering Club; Timmins 
Society; American Chemical Society: Secretary-Treasurer. 
President; Wedgie Committee; Physics Honor Society; VM 
Cadet cartoonist; zoo crew; Firefighters. 

Who cares about the "man-in-the-middle"? Well, his 
roommates for one. "Lionel" (so named for his nighttime 
non-stoppers) came to the Big Red to study chemistry, play 
baseball and develop his character. Well, one-for-three isn't 
too bad. Mike's relationship witnessed his countless affairs of 
the heart with anything in a shirt. But Mike was never 
unfaithful, either to Dolores or his roommates. Isn't that right, 
Lee? Quickly aroused {how about those nipples') Mrke was a 

ird guy to say no to. Maybe thats why the Air Force dropped 

1 to c 


to V 

r that r 



Scott Lloyd 

Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Young Republicans; B.S.U., BOMB 4. 3; Rugby 
4, 3. 2, 1; Match Secretary; Captain Rugby team; the CADET 
2, 1, Advisory Manager 2. Business Manager 1; Tankers 2; 
Publications Board 1 ; 3rd. Class Finance Committee; Wrestling 

Upon his first visit to the Institute which would mark his 
cadetship m the spring of '72. Lusty entered the Institute with 
the visions of college life only to be disillusioned as he learned 
the sins of strong drink and late and dark trips to the R.D.C. 
(Why wasn't there a penalty?). 

Lusty endured these hardships only to find more as a third 
as the Institute did not take kmdiy to thirds who kept cards and 
gambled. It was that we almost lost this man as he searched 
for another school to further his education, but due to a sweet 
young thing from Georgia. Scott decided to stay within the 
walls of "mother 1" 

Our second class year saw a new changed man as his new 
roommate helped control this wild man. This new image did not 
last long as Scott was the second person and still holder of the 
"Brown Derby" — the Getto's most coveted award for his great 
dates from Harrisonburg for the America Concert. This was 
also the year for Ring Figure at which Scott and Wayne had the 
night of their life. 

It would be impossible to describe Scott in this small space 
but there are some terms which hold special meaning: The 
Cellar. Juicy, Afton Mountain Drivers, Red Wine, Georgia 
Peach, Rugby, and Mom and the Doctor. Good luck to a truly 
great friend from the 'burg- 



"Reggie" J,M. Sadler 
Mark Day 
Wadds Buggs 
Buzzy Northen 


James Allison Lofton 

"Jimmy" "Lady Killer" "Don Juan" 

Opelika. Alabama 

Modern Language — 

Pvl, 4; Cpl. 3; Sgl. 2; Lt. 1; Dean's List; Academically 
Distinguished: Varsity Football 1. 2. 3, 4; Varsity Track 4; 
Monogram Club; FCA; Chairman Posil Committee; Sports 
Editor, Bomb; Wtio's Who in American Colleges & universities 

Spence. Under the leadership of The "Jersey Devil" Jimmy 
perfected the art of milk carton throwing and became a 
marksman with the dreaded war machine. Together with Big 
Mac. The Argentine Bull, Spiderman. The Illinois Kid, Enrico 
The Stick. Fast Eddie, and Thomas. Times were never dull and 
good times to special reports were common place. However, 
the specials eventually took their toll and Jimmy could only 
watch as he lost a good friend and roommate. The Jersey Devil 
had left but was not forgotten. 

One characteristic that Jimmy possessed was still very much 
in effect: that being the ability to attract any number of lovely 
young females by merely striking a smile. II there is comfort in 
numbers then Jimmy's (alias Don Juan) girl friends are 
smothered in comfort. 

David Mosby Lowe 

"Mad Dog " 
Lynchburg. Virginia 

D Co.: Pseudo Cpl 8. Sgt: Cross Country 4; Swimteam 3: Water 
Polo 2,1, Monogram Club 3. 2, 1 ; American Chemical Society; 
DMS: Weekend Jammer & Crammers. 

Stardate: 51576 1st Officer Ryock Reporting Starship 32 
has just finished an elusive run the block maneuver, but it has 
cost heavily in choco units. Off in the distance there appears 
a ship of the Zetathon colony. Their queen, Norvon, known for 
her lavacious beauty, manages to get Captain Dave to beam 
over for peace talk There he is fed on monster cookies and 
beer till his head is spinning in delirium. He is then imprisoned, 
but manages to escape when he tricks a young Zetathon into 
looking at the bumps on his head. With his expert use of 
mirrors and baby powder he is able to reach Queen Norvon for 
final negotiations. Evidently they were successful for their last 
transmission was ". . . my preciousss . . ." 



'73 - 


Fredericit Gregory Lucado, Jr. 

Greg. Luck, Kadoo, 2-4, Leke Schamus. 

Luckaload. Cockadoo 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Civil Engineering, Corp Of Engineers 

Commanders 1, 2. 3. 4: Leader 1; Cadet Staff 4. 3. 2. SAME.. 
Tweets. 4. 3. 2. Pep Band 4. 3; Director 3. Brass Ensemble 4. 
3. 2. Put. Sgt.. Battalion 5-4. Cadre 2. 1. Rum Truckers. Gun 
Crew. Firefighters. 

"I saw that, if there was a wall of stone between me and my 
townsmen, there was a still more difficult one to climb or break 
through before they could be as free as I was. I did not for a 
moment feel confined, and the walls seemed a great waste of 
stone and mortar. I felt as if I alone had paid my t 


"Civil Disobedie 

'. special people. You know who you e 

Dyke Class of 73 Artie Pendleton 
Dykes Class of 79 George Marentic 
Dennis Austin 

Kurt Patrick Luckenbill 

Wrestling 4, 3. 2, 1; Pvt. 4, 3, 2. 1; TCFC 3; RDC Secretary 4; 
Regimental Band 4, 3. 2. 1; Cadet Staff Writer 3; Academically 
Distinguished 3. 2, 1; QMS 1; All American Gomsz Band 2, 1, 

Kurt tiad a choice between VMI and Penn State — but 
everyone's entitled to one mistake- Never one to take things 
too seriously, he became a regular at Ed Gibson's After — Taps 
Club and a favorite of "Boot" McNeely. After his rat year he 
hung up his water balloons and took to the books; though he 
was never so intent that he couldn't put in a wargame or a trip 
to Johnny's. It was that year too, that Cindy put him on a letter 
a day plan — and the beer mug went on ttie wall next to his 
balloons. As a first classman Kurt spends almost as much time 
on the fifth stoop as he did as a rat, only on the other side of 
the strain. Congrats and best of luck to Kurt and Cindy. 

Dykes: '73 Chris McGreer 

Robert Lake Macks 

"Bob" "Bobby" "Colonel" 
Yonkers. New York 
History — Air Force 

Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1; Regimental Band 4; Pep Band 4: Fishing 
Club-Founder. President 4, 3; VMI Student Grotto 1; Sport 
Parachute Club 1, RFYL 1; International Relations Club 1, 
Firefighters 2, 1; Fencing Team 3, 2, 1; Arnold Air Society 1; 
Cadet Waiters 1 ; Aviation Nut: Karate Club 4: Room 118,1. 

A few words of wisd( 
"To strive, to seek, to f 

Bob's sojourn here at V.M.I (as with us all) was an 
experience, academically, militarily, and socially. But how so 
amiable an individual could face our everyday situation and still 
find time to crack a lewd joke or perhaps an exaggerated 
idiosyncracy is beyond us all. Not too many people can 
accomplish his feat of sleeping {uh . . . resting the eyes) 
during a Smoky lecture and come out still smelling like a rose! 
Or are there others? Anyway, he did face many a Tac with 
courage and steadfastness! (Until the Tac saw him.) 

We now write in jest, but verily we also write that Bob has a 
character that has won him many a true friend and that does 
ething. We all rest assured that his honesty and 

reliability will guarantee I 
luck Bob! Keep your feet a 
they're yours. 


any I 

James Lawrence Mallon 

"Jit Bag. Mellon, Bucksnort" 

Cpl., Sgt., M. Sgt., private (Ret.): Varsity Baseball 4. 3 ASCE 
4. 3. 2, 1: Honorary Getto Grubb 3, 2, 1; SEHC 2, 1 Lonely 
Hearts Club (investigator) 3, 2, 1; Summer School 4, 3, 2, 1. 

It's been a long 4 ye. 
of us for that fact) but 
ahead. Go ahead) 

There's "the cabin". 1114 Franklin St., Madison, Berryville. 
Delaware and of course 103 Tucker 

Then there was the summer of '74. There was plenty of 
"quickies". And the little yellow Luv had many miles put on it. 
Jim put in a lot of study in the evenings too. Long after 
everybody went to bed, Jim would still be up studying by 

But, the most e 

ne for Jim has ti 
t for B.R.C. rank! 

One thing for sure none of us will 
buck-toothed-bug-eyed-bitch" from 106. 

be that Monday 
. 6 miles away in 

'ver forget that 

James Kersey Martin 

Jim "The Snake", J.K. 
"Fartin Martin the Spartan Tartan" 

Rictimond, Virginia 
ivd Engineering, Army Field Artillery 

ne. Cross Country 4, 3, 2, 1, Team Captain 1, 
or Varsity Track 4, 3. 2, 1. Varsity Letters Track, 
y, Recondo, Academic Stars 4, Cpl., Regt. S 4 

"stars" proved he was right, (too bad it didn' 
lew years). We went through a lot of roomm 
years. "Man in the Middle" and Jim get along great our 1 

i ther( 

after taps. "Snake" got few letters and had even fewer dates, 
but he managed to get a date for Ring Figure, (in a rather 
sneaky way). Remember our "wild" room parties at the end of 
the year and our fine gram party Rat year, (I'll never drink 
again! ), Well Jim, Good Luck Old Buddy! You'll need it with 
"B.L.T." Miner. 


Michael Joseph Martino 

no Andretti, Al, DW, and other ethnic slui 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

History — United States Marine Corps 

Four short years ago, I left the smokey hills of Pa. to this 
mecca in the Shenandoah. Still having visions of being in Middy 
Blue and living in the Canoe House on the Severn, I quickly 
changed my thoughts to the tune of cadet grey. That infamous 
night of August 24th will live in my mind for eternity. Especially 
those guys that I met that night, most of all that little guy with 
the glasses. Since that night I have never regretted coming to 
this VMI and I'll forever be in its debt. I have learned more in 
four years here than some people will learn in a lifetime. 
Though I have had my trials of cadet life and the hardships of 
a Victorian Age, I |ust never say die! To Steve Rag, C.G., and 
Simmy, I owe you alot. Just think of the times we would have 
had at a civvie school. I want to say thanks to the Simpsons, 
but most of all, thank you Mom and Dad for all you have done. 


: Clas: 

of '73; Michael Holli 
■79: Skip Briggs 
Al Sortis 

Richard Thomas Mathews 

"Rich" "Matty" "Marty" 

Carroiton, Virginia 

Civil Engineering, Army Branch Engineer 

A.S.C.E 4, 3, 2, 1; SAME. 2. 1; Rugby 4, 3, 2, (captain) 1; 
Varsity Rifle Team 4; Getto Grubs 2, 1; Student Grotto 4, 3; Sir 
Edmond Hilary Club 2, 1; "Lonely Hearts Club" (Instigator) 2, 
1; Summer School Club 4, 3, 2, 1. 

The years have been many and the hardships more, but good 
times are remembered like the many climbing trips across the 
eternal treadmill and getting three months for moving in ranks. 

Maybe though, my present thoughts can best be presented 

"Now I've been happy lately, 
thinking about the good things t 
and I believe it could be 
something good has begun 
Oh, I've been smiling lately 
dreaming about the world as on 
and I believe it could be 
someday it's going to come . . . 


Cat Stevens 

Dyke: 1973 Darrel Rickmond 
Dykes: 1979 Rick Rendon 
Bill Bersson 

< ,< i ,*■ I 


John Joseph McAteer III 

"The Fleetwood" "Fleet" "Jack" "Mac" 
Lower Arlington. Virginia, 
Civil Engineering, USMC 

Pvt.-Reg. Ops. Sgt.-Reg. Ops. Capt.; Aggressors 4, 3, 2; Armed 
Services Club 4; ASCE 4,3,2; Cross Country 4; Paramount Inn 
4, 3, 2; ROA 2: Wrestling 4, 3. 

From the "Aces-of-Spades" to Parris Island, this Marine was 
already mean when he hit this Hole straight from Quantico in 
August 1973. From his first GP. as it always came to be. he was 
in one Honkytonk beer)0int after another, finally becoming 
King of the PI — where no Keydet ever goes dry Whether 
putting Rats on the GIM in the wrestling room or summer 
schooling to forestall Doom; Fleetwood has fought all over the 
Valley, including many a back-alley Who could forget after the 
TAPS CCQ sticks, when all comers were invited to 
"Fleetwood" Inhabiting Suites 421. 364. and 164; from 
Private to Operations Sergeant to Regimental S-3 Captain he 
did soar. Exemplifying his amazing luck, were his 3rd Class 
exploits with his pick-up truck. We hope you graduate! Oriental 
pride and The White Bear. 

Dyke: '74 Ken Dennett 

John Allen McCarthy 

Big Al Uncle Al 
Lynchburg. Virginia 
History — Aerospace 

Pvt. 4. 3; Sgt. 2; Lt. 1; Rat football; Rugby; Scuba Club; Skiing 
Club; Honor Court 2, 1 — Vice-President, 1; Civil War 
Roundtable. Ghetto dweller 2, 1. 

An anthology of Allen is a terribly hard thing to write, 
because in his four years here at the Institute he has gone the 
full circuit — football player, ranker, lover, fighter, serious 
student, comedian — they all describe him equally well. Such 
a wide variety of roles has gained Big Al friends of all types that 
will be there for life. I think the way most of us will remember 
Uncle Al is through the times we got a bit crazy — Camptown 
Races, the gorilla wrestling, the numerous social functions all 
over the state, the road trips to Hollins and other points of 
interest, the evenings at Duck's, etc. etc. They were all great 
times (even if you did try to marry me off during one of them) 
and I don't think we'll ever forget them. A retired biology major 
and a graduating history major. Allen leaves Vfvll an educated 
man in more ways than one. Good luck Great White Hunter, the 
word for the day is GOETZE, 

Dykes; 73 — Sandy MacNamara 
79 —Chip Humphrey 
Larry Williams 

Henry Carrington McVeigh 

Private and Proud; Dean's List; Academically Distinguishec 
Cadet assistant, A.S.C.E.; S.A.M.E.; Ring Figure Committei 
Third Class Finance Committee (76); Hop and Floo 
MacGregor's f^arauders; F Tr_oop;_ T.V. Club; Publication 

Board: Bu: 

, Ma 


Coming from the super city of the South (Lynchburg;. 
Carrington brought with him pictures of Ann and a friend!', 
smile No obstacle could stop this youngster from success. 
GPA climbing boundlessly, his weekends growing annually, , 
friendship growing exponentially: Carrington had it ma 
Using weekends like a jockey would a horse, Carrington wc 
blitz off to the one we know as "Annie Pie". That easy goinj' 
Rat from 420 has risen from his rack to commant 
responsibilities he never imagined. Its BR's like Carrington tha 
are always willing to help and truly loyal friends that make r 
possible for cadets to say they actually liked it at VM" 
(sometimes). With stars on his sleeves and Ann on his ; 
Carrington will graduate from the "I" leaving behind the 
"Green Machine", a multitude of friends and four years he will 
never forget. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 

Somewhere ages and ages hence: 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — 

I took the one less travelled by. 

And that has made all the differ* 

Dykes: Class of '73; Mike Smith 

•79; John Brown 

Greg Martin 

Robert Frost 


Langhorne Hutter Meem II 

Bluefield, West Virginia 

/imming Team 4, 3, 2, 1; Swim Team Capt. 1; Monogram 
ab4,3, 2. 1;ASCE4.3. 2. l;Pvt. 4.3. 2, 1; Ghetto 1; Social 
i^mber Phi Kappa Sigma W&L. 

The first question someone asks when they meet Lang is 
Vhat m the world is he doing on this side of the parade 
ound?" Indeed, it's hard to picture him as a citizen soldier m 
i L.L. Bean water walkers, khakis, and gator shirt (the pun 
•re was intended). VMI has not cramped Lang's style too 
uch though, as the master of permits, he has managed quite 
few road trips to UVa. Hollins. Baldwin, and Sweetbriar to 
ince away the nights with various debutantes of past social 
■asons. It seemed the only thing that could stop him was a 
■rtain door at Phi Kapp or a late stick check. Here at the 
stitute Lang was usually found in the pool setting a new 
cord, or checking out the record board to make sure his last 
cord was still there. It's been fun Lang — "Be Young. Be 
jolish, but Be Happy." 

/kes;"73: Ned Wright 
79: Eddie Davis 
Wads Bugg 
Huzzy Northen 
Terry McKnight 

William George Meier III 

"Bill, Willy, Bucksnort. Mayer" 
Clearbrook, Va. 

Turkey 3. 2, 1; Chump 2, 1; Cudar Man 4, 3. 2, 1; SEHC 2, 1; 
Rugby 3, 2, Captain 1; ASCE 4, 3. 2, 1; Lonely Hearts Club 
(Instigator) 3. 2, 1; Driver of the Month (Aug '75); Interstate 
495 Expert; Toyota Test Drivers Asso. 4, 3. 2. 1, 

It's a tribute to Bill's sense of priorities that he could enjoy 
his "college" life and still graduate as a civil engineer in 4 
years. During his free classes Bill would do his next days 
lessons in lieu of taking P.X. checks. 

Although Willy is an accomplished Rugby Star, he spends half 
the time being carried off the field and put into slings and casts. 
But these only enhanced his good looks m the eyes of the 
beguiled females, who fell for his line. 

I'm sure. Bill that you won't forget our escapades at Madison, 
Shenco-Tech, Winchester. Berryville, Wilmington and the 
Barnes Motel. If there la a Cuder-Heaven, I'm sure you'll be a 
disciple. See ya around the campus. Bucksnort. 

Dave Leon Miles 

"Chip" "Dev" "Mills" 
Charles City, Virginia 
History — Air Force 

Varsity Football 4. 3. 2. 1; JV. Football 4; J.V. Basketball 4; 
Monogram Club 4. 3; Secretary to E.C. and G.C.; Proma)i : 
Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

Dave, who IS better known as "The Sleeper", knew little 
about what to expect at the "I", but he soon found out. For 
"Dev" decided that the best way to reduce frustration is in the 
rack and that's what he did 'cause I saw him. As the four years 
passed by, Dave's good times were outnumbered by the bad 
times as trips to Lynchburg and good deeds in church turned 
out to be flukes. However, the latter part of Chip's days were 

I fav. 

able i 

i football performance gave him the title 
of "The Profile of Deacon Miles," Also, Dave finds a treasure 
chest of fun and adventure in the Heart of his ace female 
companion and true love, Terry Ann. 

Mark Dalton Moncure 

Mark came to VMI following a long line of Moncures and has 
added pnde to his family tradition. His four years here have 
been highlighted with many "honors" the first of which was a 
^4 penalty at the end of his Rat year. That set the scene for 
his third class year as we shared the thrills of being on 
confinement together. Mark spent that year as a private, but 
little did we know he was secretly making plans to become a 
Sergeant. His plans came true as he became Bad A- Moncure 
our second class year. Somewhere during this time the ameoba 
was born which tended to occupy much of Mark's time. His love 
life can be summed up in one word — Nancy, Hi, Nancy! Mark 
has always been a Brother Rat, and has added something extra 
to my 4 years at VMI that I'll always cherish. Catch you later. 

'73: Bobby Crotty 
'79: Fred Baily 
Ed Petterson 

Withers Walker Moncure Jr. 

Buzzy Budwaller 

Stafford. Virginia 
History — Field Artillery 

Staff. Ghetto 2, 1; Pvt. 4, 3, 2, 1. 

Buzzy Moncure came to VMI after intensive military training 
at Massanutten Academy. He had high expectations of both 
being a ranker, and a VMI Football star, but being his normal 
congenial self, he gave up both for the sake of his brother rats 
in the infamous Ghetto. 

Buzzy has always been a strong supporter of the Ghetto 
System. In that he has a very acute taste for good women, 
strong drmk. and wild parties. He can always be found at a 
social gathering with that distinct "look" about him. The "look" 
orginated at the Camptown Races where Buzzy's bandaged 
feet and the Ghetto were well represented. 

Buzzy, the founder of the Brown Derby award, as well as the 
first recipient, was presented this award for looking out for his 
brother rats when they were placed under the temptations of 
Madison College saw them to safety. 

Buzzy has always been the true brother rat whom I have the 
utmost respect and he is the best damn friend anybody could 

Dykes: '73: Don Caldwell 
'79: John A.ns 

"Little Mae" Meredith 

Thomas Clark Moody Jr. 

"Huh" "Moodi" "Space" 

Richmond, Va. 

Math B.S„ Army Field Artillery 

Pvt. 4, Cpl. 3, Sgt. 2. 2nd,Lt, 1. Dean's List 4. 3. 2; J.V. 
Basketball 3; Rugby 4. 3. 2. 1. Rugby Tres. 1; Eternal TV Room 
Watch Commander. 

Well, it's over! If I had to do it over again I wouldn't. The 
friendships which I have acquired here at V.M.I, will always be 
my first thoughts when thinking back It has been an 
experience. Thanks Kim. for helping me through. Let's hope we 
never have to go through something like this again. 

Dyke J- Walker '73 
C, Sachs '79 
S. Lyon '79 

:r..-^.... SJ:i.''^..^^Z..^^A^.yj^-M: 

Ronnie Lewis Moore 

Football 1, 2, 3. 4; Baseball 2: Track 1. 3; ASCE 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Who's Who 4; All American; All S.C; Leonard's Losers; All Skin 
Bracer Team; Heny Fairfax Ayres MUP Award; Proma|i- 

We know him 

as the "All-An 

lencan Mo." What do you 

expect? After all. 

he's only a 

Tiidget, Many know of him 

because of his sm 

le — a continu 

ous "cheese" 'til the end of 

his days. Ronnie al 

ways manages 

to keep everyone on his toes 

— especially "De 

. T.A. and D.' 

He's a First Class practical 

joker which has no 

imit. (He puis 

Dn his "iso" skin bracer every 

morning to keep his speed-burning, 4.3-40 yard dash, 
all-purpose batteries recharged so that he can get where he 
wants to go before he gets there.) Ronnie is popular with 
everyone he meets however he saves his best "popularity 
charm" for Loretta. Mo's success will go a long way, but 
"Beware of Snakes." He might break his own record in the 40. 


- Tom Napie 
Malcolm G 
Eddie Sem 


John Roland Mott Jr. 

pvt. 4. cpl. 3, sgt- 2, It. 1, Tanker Platoon, Airborne, Rat 
Training, Fire Fighters. Wrestling team, Civil War Roundtable — 
President 3, 2. 1. NY-NJ Club — President 3, 2. Secretary. 
RDC. Caving and Mt. Club, Who's Who in the Zoo. 

J.R. entered the Institute with a love for nature, women, and 
a good meal. So why did he come here anyway? He claims it 
was his love for military history and the anticipation of living in 
the Shenandoah Valley. He never did justice to military history. 
and the valley is as much a mystery as ever. Perhaps the call 
of the women's colleges was this epic hero's fatal flaw. 

Never has a cadet been so thankful for the friends he has 
had at the "I". After losing four roommates to attrition, he 
finally gained the distinction of joining up with Bill Bhatta and 
Cliff Tuday Frequently rowdy as individuals, the trio combined 
forces to create utter chaos m barracks. 

Finally, two great parents have been this cadet's motivation 
for reaching success. With good memories and ambition to 
burn, he drives on to a new assignment. 

Theodore Paul Mouras 

Teddy Bear The Greek The Blade 

Lyons, Colorado 

Histor'y, Biology — Infantry 

DMS; Pvt- Sgt.. 2nd Lt.. Ranger Platoon; Civil War Roundtable: 
Firefighters; Cave and Mountaineering Club; AUSA, 
Vice-President; Chuck Rocks Gang. 

Ted's qualities are many, his achievements impressive, his 
wit quick, his intelligence obvious, and his ability of self-control 
overwhelming. Ted has been successful in all endeavors that 
he has set before himself and this trend is surely to continue 
throughout his life. Words such as fail, can't, and defeat are 



His perceptiv 


the ability to understand and 


forgive more than his care free attitude would suggest, i ea 
came to VMI with the desire to do well and obtain a 
commission. But he has never left behind his love for the 
outdoors. His love for the mountains of Colorado can only be 
matched by his love of country and devotion to honor and duty. 
As he leaves VMI. we will hear a real trooper whisper from the 
distance, "the doves have flown," 


'^ :*■ w> 

Wesley Grigg Mullen, Jr. 

"Gngg". "Muffin". "Igor" 

Raleigh. N.C- 

Civil Engineering. Corps of Engineers 

Pvt.. Cpl.. Sgt., Lt.. Dean's List; Academically Distinguished: 
Rugby 4; Wrestling 4. 3, 2. 1; BOMB Staff. Activities Editor 2. 
Managing Editor 1; Publications Board 1; A.S.C.E. 4. 3, 2. 
Editor A S.C.E, Annual Report 1; Concrete Canoe Race 3, 2. 1; 
American Consulting Engineers Council Scholarship 1; 
S.A.M.E, 1. English Speaking Union 2. 1; Student Grotto 4, 2. 
1; D.M-S; Rat Tutor 3. 2; Who's Who; A.T.BC.; Taylor Slate 
Admiration Society 

Gngg . 

to V.M.I, in August of '72 with three strikes 
against mm. He was a North Carolinian born in New York, he 
was an easy going, friendly, and trusting individual, and he was 
fourth generation V.M.I.!!!! Why did he stay? How did he do? 
. - . Gngg "engineered" a cadetship that few have ever been 
able to match or ever will. He had the best academic record 
that anyone could hope for, he was the co-mam brain behind 
the '76 BOMB he was on the winning V.M.I, wrestling team, 
and his middle name is "Mr. Success". Volumes could be 
written an this cadet's achievements and his class history 
should be something more. To us. the Class of '76. Gngg 
Mullen IS our Brother Rat and a friend and someday, when he 
IS rich and famous, we sure as hell hope that he will remember 
us! Good luck Gngg, Oh yes, and good luck Ann! 


William Donelson Neal III 

"Big Guy" "Kid" "Neal" "Mississippi" 
Jackson, Mississippi 
History — Air Force 

Pvt. 4. Cpl. 3, Sgt. 2, 2nd Lt. 1; Arnold Air Society; VMI Student 
Grotto; Rat Training 3, 2; Rat Company XO 2; VMI Firefighters; 
Perverted Corner 4; Zoo Crew 3, 2. 1. 

If there is such a thing as constructive curiosity. Bill has it. 
He learned to keep his wonderment at a low profile as a rat, 
mainly because he had to. Ever since, his mquisitiveness has 
earned him from episode to episode with surprising deftness. 
He has made the rounds with various individuals of the female 
gender until he went a-courling at Mary Washington. Big Guy 
has a big heart, ready to listen or advise whenever the situation 
arises. He's also ready to join an argument, to convince himself 
of his own convictions. Being a down-home country boy. Bill can 
readily accept anything that comes along. Rest assured that 
there are more than a few people around here that hope he can 
continue to accept the success and happiness we know he'll 

■73: Lou Smithson 
■79: Jim Barger 

Heshmet Hashen" 

Conrad Henry Neuf III 

"CH." "Pad" 

Leesburg, Virginia 

English. Marine Corps 

Pvt.; English Society 3; Fire Fighter 2; Ghetto 1. Gl 
Cadet library assistant; Intramural Football; Dea 
Wrestling 1; Tech Raiders 3; B.S.R. Spades Club 2. 

Day after day, alone on a 

perfectly still. 
But nobody wants to kno 

n, they ( 

? that t 

But the fool on the hill sees the sun going down 

And the eyes in his head see the world spinning round 

Well on the way. head m a cloud, the man of a thousand 

voices talking perfectly loud 
But nobody ever hears him or the sound he appears to make 

and I 


But the fool on the hill sees the sun going down 

And the eyes in his head see the world spinning round 

And nobody seems to like him they can tell what he wants to 

And he never shows his feeling but the fool on the hill 
Sees the sun going down and the eyes in his head see the 

world spinning round 
He never listens to them he knows that they're the fools 
They don't like him 
But the fool on the hill sees the sun going down 
And the eyes m his head see the world spinning round. 


Carlton George Opel 

Pvt.. Cpl., Sgt., Cpt., Regimental Adjutant. Honor Court 
Prosecutor, Rat Football, Airborne Ranger, American Society 
of Civil Engineers. Society of American Military Engineers, 
Wrecking Crew. Truckmaster Qualified. Trou Brothers. 

After rooming with C.G. for four memorable years, there's 
nothing that this guy hasn't done which he'd ever regret doing. 
Carl IS one of those guys you want on your side because he's 
a winner and has proved it to be a leader amongst his brother 
rats. There have been numerous occasions where Carl has 
really excelled; in the classroom, in the corps, and the respect 
and trust of those who know him, C.G. probably couldn't have 
done It all if it wasn't for the other three members of the 
"Wrecking Crew" of 160 to inspire him and push him in the 
direction he is headed; just ask Simple, the Wop or Rag and 
they'll tell you! Here's a guy we'll never forget and we wish all 
of the luck and success he has coming to him. Good luck Carl, 


John Alexander Otocka 

"Johnny 0. 0" 
Lynchburg, Virginia 
History — Armor 

Swimming 4, 3. 2, 1; Pvt. 4, 3, 2. 1; Water Polo 4. 3. 2. 1. 

Rooming with Johnny has been a pleasure these past two 
years. Johnny has always been willing to forget studying and 
go to the T.V. room. 

When John came to VMI it was something he had wanted to 
do ever since going to Fishburn Military Academy. Like most of 
us, his rat year went fast. His third class year was one of many 
different women. That summer was one spent in summer 
school, which turned out to be the best thing John ever did. 
John met Carole at a V.BH pool party. For John. Carole was 
the beginning of many trips to Lynchburg that summer. During 
his second class year. John continued to court Carole and they 
became engaged m November, Now John is looking to the 
future, when there will be lots of little O's running around. 

Dykes: '73: Barry Robinson 
'79: Frank Jester 
David Choplinski 

Michael Eugene Outten 

"Otto" ■Otter" "Hippie" 
Ocean City. Maryland 
Economics — Air Force 

Timmins Room Society, Cadet Sergeant. Assistant Boxing and 
Wrestling Instructor, Civil War Roundtable, Young Republicans, 
After Taps Club. 

I have to say that after being behind bars for four years, I am 
jubilant about leaving. The athletic program is one of the 
strongest points about my staying at VM.I. Even though I have 
learned to suffer humiliation and accept responsibility. I don't 
believe VMI lets an individual mature into being a responsible 
adult until after he leaves the Institute. However, the close ties, 
friendships, and unity that drew this class together made the 
Institute bearable in the coldest of days (Dark Ages) and 
stronger at the same time.jam glad to have been a part of this 

iique c 

Dykes: '73: Mike McCurdy 
'79: Butch Stokes 

s goin' for 

George Hunter Ozmer 

"Hunt", "Hunter", "Stringbean". "Stick", "Spots" 

South Boston. Virginia 

History — Armor 

Rat Football, Varsity Football 2, 1; Hop & Floor, Virginia 
Gentlemen, Cellar Crew, Cardinal Putt Club, Ghetto 154, Grub 
4. 3. 2. 1; A.M.O.S.T., P. Court. Bago Crew, Permanent M.E.I 

Hunt, always known to be a great partyman was never to be 
hindered by VMl's disciplined structure. Whether it was our rat 
year partying in the Stadium or our confinement plagued 
sophomore year with the cooler parties m the room. 

Our sophomore year saw us enter as studious individuals but 
leave as party-hardy tools. Hunt wishing to spread his charms 
to another college soon found out he was confined lo the Big 
"I" to stay, at least for two months. 

He soon came to realize that if he wished to attend college 
he had to make do with what he had, so our junior year Hunt 
saw plenty of partying, Camptowns, Ring Figure, "The Cellar", 
summer school '75 and the wildest party ever when the 
"Cellar" boys became Peeping Toms at the Richmond game, 
the only night Hunt was ever Propositioned and doesn't 
remember it. 

It's been work and fun, but it's been unforgetable and it all 
sounds terrific but its been Hell and ifs people like Hunt who 
make It all possible. 

Dykes: 73 George Brooks 
79 Ray Duffet 

Jay Higginbotham 

Kevin James Pardus 

American Chemical Society 1. 2; Association of the United 
States Army 1; Arm Forces Club 4; Jackson's Battery 1. 2; 
Wrestling 4; Young Republican Club 1; Zoo Crew 1, 2, 3. 

To fight for a cause, right or wrong, is the job of a mercenary. 
Kelvin's goal is to create an elite to fight for hire. His interest 
in military history and weapons is the ideal background for this. 
His training in the Army will give him the expertise to carry out 
his dream. The following poem from R. E. Housman's 
"Defensive Epitaph on Mercenaries" expresses Kelvin's 
approach to life: 

Their shoulders held the sky suspended; 

They stood and earth's foundations stay; 

What God abandoned. These defended, 

And saved the sum of things for pay. 
While some men dream of being professional soldiers for 
some great and noble cause. Kelvin can see the nobleness in 
war and professionalism as an end in itself. 

All inquiries for additional information should be directed to 
the Virginia Military Institute Placement Office. Lejeune Hall. 

Paul Blake Parker 


'73 - 

; Low Profile 4, 3. 2, 1; Sir^ 

"Think I'll pack it up and buy a pick-up, 
take It down to L.A. 

find a place to call my own and try to fi) 
Start a brand new day." 

Raymond Carl Pavlosky 

^'Ray. H.F.S.. Bear. Pav" 

Johnstown, Pennsylvania 

Chemistry — Navy 

C.S.: Karate; English Speaking Union 

Ray came to V.M.I, with high aspirations, desiring a caree 
e "Navy", a degree in biology ("Marine" probably), and 
jurse rank. But after a year of character building at 
stitute Ray found himself in the Army, out of biology, an 
'ivate. He decided he needed a break. 
But hailing from that All-Amencan city (Johnstown. Pa.) i 
=ing an All-Amencan Boy he felt he must return to the big ' 
3 following in the footsteps of his fellow Pennsylvan 
eorge C. Marshall he began fighting back up the hill 
.lence. His fighting paid off'?? He is now a chemistry ma 
id the only swabbie m the first class. 

s proved himself to be an easy go 

William Keith Poertner 

What can you say about a Brother Rat who firmly believes 
keeping a very low profile? "Portnoy" is a very quiet guy, 
quiet that he doesn't attract any attention — which is a goi 
trait around the big "I". Good Luck to a good BR! 

Dennis A. Puckett 

Pouche. Puck. Puckmo, Shadow. Red Neck, Scrooge 

Meadows of Dan. Virginia 

History — Armor 

Pvt. 4, Cpl. 3, Sgt. 2, Pvt. 1; BUFU Club; Young Democrats 4, 
2, 1, Secretary 1. Vice-Chairman 6th District 1; Bomb Staff 1. 
1st Class Editor 1, Photo Sales Editor 1; 2nd Stoop Pub Club 
2, Sole Surviver 1; VMI Theatre 3. 2; Low Rent District 1. 

During the past four years that I have spent here at VMI, I 
have learned many things that I hope will help me m the future. 
The most important thing that I learned was that there are 
many different people in the world, and that it we keep an open 
mind, there is a lot to be learned from each other. 

"Conversation, that's what it's all about. 

Why can't we talk it out, and say what's nn our mind<;? 

Situations keep getting in the way. 

So much we need to say, but we're ru 

y; everybody's 

I youi 

ig out of time 
Buddy Buie & J.R, Cobb 

'73 Gig Tamez 

79 Wisith Jeangprajak 

Glen McNelly 

'73: Ralph Littreal 
'79: Ray Hendrickson 
Rodney Decorte 

James Alvin Puckette 

Pvt. 4. 3. 2. 1; Young Republicans 4, 3; 1976 Ring Figure 
Committee; Cadet Staff 4; V.M.I. Theater 4; Fire Fighters; 
Intramural Football Championship Team; Getto; F Troop; The 
Gladiators 1. 

After spending many pleasant moments in the beerhalls of 
Germany. Jim returned to his native Virginia and became one 
of Mother Institute's sons. Being the son of an alumnus, it 
seemed like the only natural thing to do- 

However, from the first day on, it has been a fight to the wire. 
Jim would fight every haircut and permit disapproval to the 
bitter end (which was not usually that bitter). 

The first semester of his third class year brought about a big 
change in his life. A girl from Mary Washington entered Jim's 
life and became a permanent part of it. One can't say that she 
straightened him out. but she does t 

Jim IS a history major, but he is as 
any English major. With various sumr 
good measure. Jim will be shuffling a 
last haircut for a good while. 

Good luck, brother rat and best wm 
the future. 

iliar with En 201 as 
chools thrown in tor 
s that stage with his 

to you and Nancy in 

Dykes: Class of 1973 Paul Forehand 
Class of 1979 Bart Cramer 

Jack Stevenson 

Lowell Alan Pyke Jr. 

"Albino B , Pork, Funky Bear" 

ManassasHatboro. Virginia 

Biology — Civilian 

Varsity Football 4, 3. 2, 1; Monogram Club 3, 2, 1; Cellar 
Dwelling 2. 1; Pre-Medical Society 2. 1; Ghetto 4, 2, 1; Uncle 
Buck's List 4. 3. 2, 1. 

Football, Biology, and weekends have been the essence of 
my existence at VMI. A person who believes that shined shoes 
don't make a man and that one's GPA doesn't necessarily 
measure his intelligence. If not for my family, Tombo, Curt. 
Tom. Y, Hunt. Rand, Withers, Russel. Phil. Hank. Bruce. Heat. 
MacHeal. Loui, the members of the 72. 73, 74. 75 VMI football 
teams and a couple of other buddies, there would be no way 
in Hell that I would still be here, 

Also. Danny Newcomer. Kurt Minton. and Paul Staiger 
provided an unmeasurable amount of inspiration and good 
times, but they won't be graduating with 
"Maybe they made the right decision," 


'73: Tombo Jones 
'79: David Woolwim 
Eddie Negro 
George Lewis 

Simon Radomskyj 

Pvt. 4. 2, 1; VMI Cadet 4. 2, 1; Glee Club 2, 1; Karate Club 2. 
1; Militaria Society 2. 1; Class Patch Design 4; Fing Figure 
(Ring Structure) 2. Riding Team 4; Soaring Club 4; Timmons 
Society 4; Young Republicans 4; Zoo, 

Not thus our vows, confirm'd with wine and gore. 

Those hands we plighted, and those oaths we swore. 

Shall ail be vain; when Heaven's revenge is slow 

Jove but prepares to strike the fiercer blow. 

The day shall come, that great avenging day. 

Which Troy's proud glories m the dust shall lay; 

When Priam's powers and Priam's self shall fall. 

And one prodigious rum swallow all. 

1 see the god. already, from the pole 

Bare his red arm, and bid the thunder roll; 

1 see the Eternal all his fury shed. 

And shake his aegis o'er their guilty head. 

. . , (Thus I) Shall dream of conquests on th 

hostile shore; . . . 

"73: William van Deusi 

'79: Dolphin Overton 

Shane Miller 

Richard Lee Radtke 

Rick. "RAG" 
Leavenworth, Kansas 
History — Infantry 

Pvt. 4. 3, Sgt. 2. 1 Lt, (6 days). Pvt. 1; Graduate - US, Army 
Airborne School; Cadre 2. 1; Art Editor — 1976 Ring Figure 
Magazine. RFYL 50 Mile Club 3. 2. 1; Wrecking Crew; BUFU; 
MBC and Sugar Bush Raiders; Truckers/Raphine. Va.; Who's 
Nobody at Smith Hall. Major Jerry Ginn's favorite man. 

When "The Rag" signed the book in August '72, little did he 
know the academic root was awaiting- After a stiff dose of VMI 
summer school, Rag returned to a third class year with many 
a Saturday night spent m Paramount Inn and Johnny's ensuing 
these two establishments remained financially stable. Third 
class year also saw the formation of the Wrecking Crew — Rag. 
Simple, Wop, and C.G. Summer found Rick jumping out of 
airplanes with four working engines . . Rick's cadre squad 
had little doubt why "The Rag" had his name. Ask any of his 
three rats who left during cadre. "The Rag" isn't always OTR. 
but he's second to none when he is. Over these last 4 years, 
he's been a good friend and roommate. 

Dykes: Class of 1973, Rick Griffith '728 and Jack Beadle 

Class of 1 979, Jeff Beeby and Ron (Mad Dog) Burner 

Raymond Ramos 


If I were to write of all the experiences during four years at 
this place, it would take a good size novel to fit everything in. 
It probably wouldn't make the best seller's list anyway. 
Therefore, may I say that I hope the good experiences of VMI 
stay with me and remind me that good can be found m the 
worst of conditions. As tor the bad. may I remember them as 
I go through life so that I don't make the same mistake twice. 
This place has had a lot to offer. My only wish is that I've taken 
enough of it with me so that I can better cope with the future, 
To David and Lawrence: the world is a small place; with luck, 
we'll see each other m the near future. 


'73: John Semmel 

"79: Eric Jacobson 

Raymond Higgi 

Jeffrey Byron Ratliff 

Alexandria, Va, 


We came together beneath the bushes at Southern Sem.. 
where after the consumption of a case of Miller Malts we began 
our four year search for the ever ellusive B . . - which lurks 
within. Three years later we're still together and still searching. 

There is really no one incident which could describe Barry's 
four years of existence at V.M.I, Oh! I could site a few episodes 
of running from O.D.s or late night courtroom trials but nothing 
any respectable reader would find amusing. 

What can you say about a guy you roomed with for four 
years, a guy who has shared in all the the good times as well 
as the many bad ones. I can safely say I can't think of anyone 
I would rather have around when the going gets tough. Life 
here has taught us many things; things like confinement, 
penalty tours, restrictions, and the shortest route to Buck's 
office, Bui the one important thing it has taught us is how to 
laugh and when Barry is around there's always a good laugh. 
Best of luck Brother. 

Dykes: '73: Bernie Rowe 

'79: Bob Bookmilter 
Mike Dougherty 

Edward Kenneth Ray, II 

"Space Ray, X-Ray" 

Haughton, Louisiana 

EE-Py (Combat) Engineers 

Regt. Drummers. IEEE: SPS; SAME; Newman Club; Student 
Grotto; Religious CouncI; Fencing Team; Fire Fighters; WLUR; 
EE Cadet Assistant; Rat Pep Band; Young Republicans; AUSA; 
Sport Parachute Club; Airborne Qualified; ADT; REL. 

There's a lot that can be said about Ken; Airborne. Recondo. 
AOT (a 3rd Liertenant) and a double major in EE-Py to name 
only a few. Ken wanted rank in the Corps all along, but 
succeeded only once, when he made sergeant for a semester. 
Maybe the best thing that can be said is he never gave up. He 
insisted on an "Old Corps", the Rat Line in particular. Every rat 
class learned to fear him. And he'll be back for a fifth year, to 
have fun with another rat class. And in a take-off on an airborne 
"Is everybody happy?" cried the sergeant, looking up. 
Our hero (Ken) feebly answered "Yes" and then they stood 

1 up. 

i static line unhooked. 

Ralph Curtis Reppart 

"Mad Dog" "Ralph" 

Fredericktown. Ohio 

Biology — Field Artillery 

Varsity Basketball 4. 3. 2. 1; Captain 3. 2. 1: Honor Court 1; 
Cadet Program Board 3. 2. 1; Cadet Activities Committee 3. 2. 
1: 0,G,A, Rep 1: Monogram Club 3,2,1: Dean's List; DMS 1; 
"Cellar Dwellar" 2, Camptown '74, "Ghetto" 2. 1; "Semites"; 
Academic Stars 2, "Tomcats", 

If a man upstairs could have placed a human being at V-MI, 
under the auspices of a cadet who represented a living 
testimony of the word — dedication — . it would be Curt 
Reppart, VMI. Basketball, academics, classmates, 
underclassmen, justice, and honor all represent areas where 

this dri 

:, the relationship which began in August, 1973 between 
us, has meant a great deal to me During the formative years 
of our cadetship I have always been able to find a readily 
responsive ear to any and all of my trivial problems I hope that 
you will forgive me for any advice that I ever offered which 
turned a simple predicament into a major disaster. But then, 
"What are friends for'" 

Finally, but not least of all in your heart or mine are Mamma 
and Big Ben, They always said the right things at the right 
times. In conclusion. Ralph, all I can say is that Fredericktown 
has not produced a finer representative to V, M, I, from an 
even finer stock. 

Mark David Rinnan 

ASCE 4. 3, 2. 1; Bomb Staff 1; Brothers of the Sun 4; 
Firefighters 3. 2; Militaria Society 3; Tankers 2. 1. Tanker 
Platoon Leader 1; Scuba Club 4; Slingshot Crew 2, 

Rat Year: The less said about it the better. 

Third Class Year: The less said about it the better. 

Second Class Year: The beginning of the end, 

FIRST CLASS YEAR: HOT DAMN! (No job. No women. No 

ADT(?) ) 

I Know what it's like to 

:hool; I si 


ting happened t 

*hat It 
outstanding or 

two years at VMI, his claim to "FAME" 
year By inventing the biggest slingshot in barrac 
perfected slingshot trajectory and shooting into a lot of ti 
Leaving his brother rats will be as hard as leaving the Ir 
is easy, "I've been so long behind these gothic walls, goo 
you would think I'd graduate." 

Dykes: '73: Gary Shick 

'79: Frank Lumpkin 
Randy Pekarik 

2, 1. 

Daniel James Rivera 

Rackvera" Tort Hood Flash" 

Killeen, Texas 

German, Infantry 

od Flash" 

jme sailing into the arch with lug- 
gage in arms and kill in his eyes. Undaunted by the system 
Dan's Gung Ho attitude never wavered even in the shadow ot 
unimagined adversity. Dan is an example par excellence of a 
combat pistol shot, an avid varmint hunter, and a good all 
'round sportsman. An outstanding politician and diplomat. Dan 
has talked his way out of more than one lions den and into a 
couple of engagements, one of which is permanent. Barb final- 
ly straightened Dan out and gave him purpose and direction 
through some rough times. 

Dykes, 73: Charles (Chad) Brown 
79: Monsour Aghili-Nasad 
Francis Phillips 

Houston, Tex, 

4th Young Republicans & Armed forces Club, Cross Country; 
3rd Armed Forces Club. Grotto, AISC; 2nd Scuba Club. AISC. 
Handball Doubles Champion; AISC, Karate Club; Pvt. 3. 2a; Sgt. 
2b; 1 Lt. 

Claude — A friend, a roommate, a Brother Rat. Many things 
could be said about such a man, but words really can't express 
the feelings I've developed after knowing this human being for 
four years. Let it suffice in saying that in his years at VMI he 
shared in the |oy of others and increased it; he shared in the 
woe of others and diminished it. Thank you. Brother Rat, 

Some of us aren't fooled by that innocent smile. Not that 
Claude is an obnoxious practical joker, but have you ever 
walked in your door under a cup of water? Found popcorn in 
your toothpaste? Found your bathrobe ahght while you're in it? 
Bush was sure to be involved. As long as there are unsuspect- 
ing victims around, someone will be heard to say. "Alright. 
who's the wise guy?" Nice BR. 

William Charles Ryals 

"Bill". '-Billy B." 

Woodbridge, Virginia 

Civil Engineering, Air Force 

ASCE4. 3. 2, 1; SAME 2, 1. Young Republicans 4, 3, 2, 1; 2nd 
Vice Chairman; RDC, Caving & Mountaineering 4, Timmins So- 
ciety 4; Baseball 2; Hop & Floor 4. 3; Military Society 4, 3. 

Using the world famous time dependent Schrodinger Eq, for 
a cadet m a box with infinite potential walls (formulated 
through the Buck-Buck uncertainty principle, solve for the 
equations of motion toward graduation for one cadet Bill Ry- 
Given: - - Prob. For Graduation 


^G.P.A.. A time degenerate exponential function 
m -r Inverse of summer camp peer rating score 
Note — 1/0 IS undefined 
.|.(x,t) - A function of position and time to include, 
weekends carelessly abused, and time spent m the TV room. 
rack oscillating or highly inebriated mode 

Note — Attendance at summer school is a constant in 
this function. 
V(x) Potential drive warp factor, derived from count- 
less liters of "Distillers Pride" 
Solution — Given these parameters, the probability of this 
cadet breaching the infinite potential walls can not be deter- 
mined. But cheer up Bill, you just might make it by the hair on 
your nosey, nosey, nose! — Mad Bone LTD 


Mark Christian Sculley 

Modern Languages 

Pvt 4. 3. 2. 1. Soccer 4. I 
Lacrosse Mngr. 2; Varsity Ra 
1; Baci Person 2. 1 

Mammaries of VMI: music. White's '76, slide for life, rat 
Sundays at Jay & Peggy Lee's, FCP at Torlila Flat, ballerina 
permit with Gargoyle & Schroth, drinking Bacardi 151 m 
Jake's tent at FTX. Lounging on the river, escapades at the 
Berb's cabin, apartment parties. Goose & Cathy, Bobo 8. the 
Neck, $10 Coke machine, varsity rack team, unauthorized 
female visitor in room after taps, after taps guard detail with 
Smegma, Prince Pelham, CBS, rum at Ring Figure, girl on the 
bike, walk in the ram. feeling devilish. Tiny Dancer, 1st day of 

A creature of habit, i.e. flunking Calculus, driving someone's 
nice car, or painting the cannonball. Mark was never hard to 
find: Between sheets, under the headphones, at his brother's 
house or on the phone to Sherry, Thanks especially to Mom, 
Dad. & Jay It's nice to be a member of the club- 
Dykes: '73 Bob Newman 

'79 Thitinant Thanyasiri 
Mike Thomas 

James Edward Simpson 

Pvt„ Sgt,. Pvt.: Rat Battalion Staff; Rat Disciplinary Committee; 
DMS; JV Football 4; JV Basketball 3; Dean's List; Intramural 
Football 3. 2. 1; Intramural Basketball 4, 2. 1; Posit Committee 
3, 2. 1; Cadet Assistant 2, 1, Omicorn Delta Epsilon; 
Cheerleader 1; Business Manager '76 Ring Figure Magazine; 
Sir Edmund Hillary Club; Wrecking Crew 3, 2. 1 

It IS extremely difficult to write how I feel towards Jimmy. He 
has been more than just a "Brother Rat" to me and the class. 
People came to Jimmy with problems and knew they could 
count on his understanding and compassion for good advice. 
Of course, Jim wouldn't be complete had it not been for the 
Wrecking Crew, Mike, Rick, and Carl really helped make the 
days of VMI easier for Jim, as did Ralph, Outside the walls of 
VMI, he simply cannot express his gratitude for Mom and Dad 
(he says that he will someday put all their teachings together,) 

His academic excellence needs no glorification, since he only 

then, w 

_ jxpected of him And he has made sure that 
•ved the proper mix of social pleasures as well But 
lat to say; what to say about the best BR and friend I 

Edwin Rand Sompayrac 

"The Sundance Kid. Nappy" 

South Boston, Virginia 

History — Infantry 

Rat Football; Golf Team; Hop and Floor: Virginia Gentlemen; Ij 
Cellar Crew: Bago Crew; Cardinal Puff Club; 300 Demerit Club; I', 
Ghetto 154: P. Court: Grub 4. 3, 2, 1; A.MO.S.T. ; 

On August 24. 1972 Rand was given the surprise birthday ' 
party of his life The parly was continued for four years and the 
presents bestowed upon him consist mostly of demerits, 
confinement, and pi's Even a few presents were confiscated 
such as shoes, hats, and pants. But through it all he has 
managed to smile. 

The "Big I" never cramped his style. The parlies started his ' 
rat year in the Stadium, they continued in room 320 and ; 
coincided with the destruction of room 254. Camptown. U,Va„ 
"A" Frame, Richmond game, the Mail Box and Summer School ; 
'75. Rand is always ready for a parly and he has been known ' 
to party till the cows come down. 

We will always remember the good times and hopefully 
forget the bad times, the times we almost left and the times we ■ 
cussed VMI, but through it all "Nappy" helped us make it. its 
been hard but its been tun Rand. Good luck to a great friend 
and may the good times you've brought us always go with you. 

It would not have been possible without Kathy and my 
wonderful parents. Thanks Mom and Dad. 

Dykes; '73; Jim Parks 

'79; Penn Pace f 

Rich McDonough 

Gregory Charles Speaker 

"Greg" A-Ho" 
Oxen Hill, Maryland 
' History — Army Infantry 

'vt. 4. 2, 1: Cpl. 3; 82nd Airborne Recondo Sctiool; Cadet 
iattery 4; Ranger Platoon 3, 1; S-5 Staff 2; Rat Training 2, 1: 
tat Company XO 1; Student Grotto 4. 3, 2. 1; Economics 
;otfee Club 4, 3. 2; Allen's roommate 4. 3. 2. 1. 

The words weak, slovenly, unreliable, slow, effeminate, 
jrubby. unintelligent and non-military epitomize everything 
hat Greg Speaker is NOT. As a Rat. Greg was so highly 
notivated to become a ranker that by his third class year he 
vas the third ranking corporal in the Corps with the third worst 
j.P.A. to match. Amazingly enough, for a good looking guy like 
jreg, he sure dated some ornery looking females. I wouldn't 
iay they weren't feminine, but how many girls do you know that 
:an bench press 250 lbs? (In reality a string of sharp looking 
/oung ladies) Greg will make a fine officer (attached to the 
|/VAC's) when he graduates. Remember Greg; "Lead, follow or 
?et the hell out of the way. Leg!" 


Paul Alexder Spencer 


Rome, Italy 

English. Armor 

Pvt 4. 3, 2. 1; Dean's List 2; RDC Representative 1; The Cadet 
2. 1; English Society 2. 1; Fire Fighters 3. 2; Rum Truckers, 
Slingshot Crew; Number One Club. 

Continental tastes and better bigger Lexington don't seem to 
really match. Still, you have to be able to tell the good by seeing 
the bad. (Melville took a whole novel to say what was |ust said.) 
Paul has certainly seen a lot of the bad at VMl but then that has 
made him bitter, 

Paul hasn't aspired to many position at VMl but VMl has 
placed him m a lot of position that finally turned out to be 
responsible ones. The best thing about Paul is the fact he has 
added something to those late night sessions in the cadet room 
and the English library. Paul has also added something to every 
truck and evey running of the block he has ever gone through 

It might be wise to get away from the traditional stuff and get 
to one thing that is important to Paul. If art is merely for arts 
sake then artists have been engaging in esoteric nonsense for 
centuries. If on the other hand if art is for people then their 
time hasn't been wasted. Value and taste are relative and 
change with every generation. Still. Paul has added a lot not 
only to the art of appreciation but to the cultivation of people 
as well. Maybe that is the key to it all for Paul has appreciated 
both art and people and he has brightened up a lot of dark 
times by doing just that. 

Michael Earl Stauffer 

"Mike" "Stauff" "Cowboy" 

Ashland. Ohio 

Chemistry. Air Force 

Mike came to VMl all the way from Ohio to see what the "M" 
stood for. He soon became convinced that it has to do with 
cranial disorders. Finding a faithful friend in "Bouncing Dave ". 
however, he managed to make it through the year with his Rat 
Bible and Chemistry towel. Our third class year found him living 
in the zoo. drowning his sorrows in comic books and truckloads 
of westerns- Somewhere between Zane Grey and the sorties 
to Hungry Hill he fit in a Chem lab and some rack time. It looks 
like Mike has finally made it down the long, dusty trail to 
graduation, and as we see him ride off into the sunset with a 
Bunsen Burner in his holster and a diploma in his saddle bag, 
we hear a hardy "HI HO SEM". 


'73: Willie Wells 

'79: John Hash 

Bill Dreweri 

Andrew O'Brien Stewart 

Andy "AOB" 

Chester, Virginia 

Civil Engineering - Corps of Engineers 

Pvt. 4. 3. 2, 1; Wrestling 4, 3. 2. 1, Co Capt. 2; Monogram Club 
3, 2, 1; ASCE 4, 3, 2, 1; SAME 2, 1; 2nd place Southern 
Conference 4; DMS; Laundy's Ideal Cadet 2, 1; 114 Weekend 

Andy started his four years with a tower of inspiration in his 
dyke. However he was not inspired for long as he decided 
there was nothing more to life except wrestling, bikes (sleeps 
with his bike), and hydroplanes. He even considered staying 
single for life, however at this writing there is hope that he will 
reconsider his decision. He learned his second class year not 
to wrestle with the big fellows, but this does not explain his 
unnatural behavior during super summer 75. that resulted in 
the Army beating a path to his door. He supplied calmness and 
security to the room and Charlie and I always slept safe and 

Dykes: '73: Dick Bugbee 
'79: R.J. Barlow 
Jay Virtue 

John Arthur Street 

"John. Streelis" 

Fredricksburg, Virginia 

Civil Engineering — Artillery 

ASCE 3. 2. 1; SAME 2. 1: Militaria Society 4, 3, 2, 1; Debate 
2. 1. 

When John passed under Jackson'a immortal words back in 
'72 he had resolved to be two things: a biology major and a 
military stud. The first ambition survived to the end of his rat 
year, when he adroitly leaped from the frying pan into the fire 
and switched to CE He has since persevered in the face of 
mental agony, uncounted rack attacks numerous late dates 
with his calculater. and abundant CE '■good deals". Fortunately, 
his roommates were all LA's, who endeavored to teach him to 
speak and spell (alas, in vain! ), His enthusiasm for the Army 
also waned, being supplanted by visions of dollar signs, 

John will be remembered as a strong supporter of the 
Ratline and the class system, as well as always being ready to 
help a BR. He will also be revered as the holder of several 
notable records, including the Second Class 211 Rack Record 
(which he lost to Steve Borowski and Dave Bass in 75-76), 
I'm sure John would agree with these words of Henry Thoreau 
(if he knows who he is): "Many a poor sore-eyed student would 
grow faster, both intellectually and physically, if . , . he 

honestly slumbered a fool's 

'73: Hal Laughlin 
'79: Thomas Willard 
Robert Muncy 


English, Infantry 

Pvt,: Rugby; ASCE: VMI English Society (President); VMI 
English Speaking Union (Vice President); Sounding Brass 
(Managing Editor); Fencing; Class Dues Collection Committee; 
Ring Design Committee: Hop and Floor; Pervert Corner 
Disciple of Daniels' Den; All-Pro Team. 

With 22 of my years gone already, I find that there are so 
any things ! have to do and un-do in my lifetime. These years. 





. about the 


direction fits for the kind of person that I think I 
hopefully the kind of person that I want to become. My concern 
for my actions is based on how I see myself and not so much 
on how others think I should be. But. to my fellow classmates, 
! wish you all the luck in whatever you attempt to do with your 

Mark Galen Swank 

"Mont Weatherby" 

El Paso. Texas 

Civil Engineering - Engineer 

Cpl. Reg Sgt Mai, Reg SI, 2Bn CO; Airborne and Ranger 
School; Academically Distinguished; DMS; Who's Who ASCE' 
Pres. Soc, of Amer. Mil, Engrs,; Orienteering Team; Scuba Club! 
Fire Fighters; '76 Ring Presentation Chairman; Texan 

What else could the son of one of the original Darby's 
Rangers do but become a genuine Chairborne Stranger 
qualified cadet. Summer vacations for Mark were nothing but 
a string of different military posts seen through green camo 

But Mark wasn't completely smothered in military teachings. 
In the process of his years at V,M,I, he managed to roll up a 
ird in the Civil Engineering Department, 
while spending 30% of his classes in the 

In all seriousness, whenever something needed organizing 
r there was a |ob that needed doing. Mark could be counted 
n to rise from the depths of his hay, mumble something 
nprintable and proceed to get it done faster than anyone 
e the talents of an 

thought possible Hopefully the An 

s that Libby has organized Mark right into 
en days after graduation. Looks like he 
caught him. Best of luck to the both of you. 

Nicholas Joseph Tarzia 

Nick, Nickie. Kathy, SAP. Pizza, Tarzia 

New Canaan, Conn. 

Economics — Air Force 

Timmons Society 4; Run for Your Life 3. 2, 1 Firefightei 
Lexington Pizzeria 2. 1; Rack 4, 3, 2. 1; Kathy 2, 1, 

Nick matriculated at VMI full of high spartan ideals, desiring 

ho. , ««,.,_. Corps Jet Jockey, a super strack cadet 

lander, the military's answer to 

to bi 

destined for Battali 

Burt Reynolds, Ho- 

ratline and a disappointing Rat year he modified hTs ideals 

somewhat his third class year to being satisfied with a warm 

room, three meals a day, and his cigars, 

Nick has spent nearly half of his cadetship on confinement 
He has kept the administration in the clouds as to whether he 
IS actually a cadet or a local Lexington entrepeneur in disguise 
for tax purposes. However, Nick has never quit and with his 
good sense of business can't help but to stumble into 

' John DeButts! 

Michael George Tate 

Virginia Beach. Va. 

Cpl., 1st Sgt., Cpt, Rat football. Posit Committee. Uniform 
Committee. VMI Symposium Committee. BSU. Tanker Pltn,. 
U,S, Army Jump School. Cadet Assistant. Dean's List. DMS. 
Fire Fighters. Marilue Morris Fan Club. Zoo, 

Three students stood before the Pearly Gates and SFC St, 
Peter, Charlie Co,, 1st. 508th Inf. Airborne, 

"Where did you go to school?", he asked the first one 

"I went to UVA." said the Wahoo, sticking his chest out, 

"You go to hell." said St, Peter, Turning to the second one 
he asked. 

"Where did you go to school?" 

"I went to VPI." said the Hokie attempting to imitate the 

"No, you go to hell too. Ready, disappear!" 

Turning to the last student, he bellowed. "And where did you 
go to school?" 

With head lowered, feet shuffling, and voice trembling the 
student replied. "I went to VMI. sir," 

To which St, Peter responded. "Come on in son, you've been 
in hell long enough." 

Dykes: R.B. Newm 
Bob Johani 
Craig Myle 


Lawrence S. Tayon 

Chesapeake. Virginia 
Chemistry, Air Force 

Pvt. 4, 3, 1; Sgt. 2; Rugby 4, 3, 2, 1 President 1; AAS 4. 3, 2. 
1; Commanders 1; ACS 4. 3. 2, 1: Public Relations Officer 3; 
SPS 2 Zoo Crew 2, 1, 4 labs/week 3, 2, 1; Eddie Laccetti Fan 

What can you say about a guy whose high school english 
teacher predicted that he wouldn't last the first semester at the 
Big I. AS our fourth year draws to a close he is stili here much 
to the amazement of more than just his teacher, Lawrence has 
gone through many stages of development, from a shaking 
RAT to a bucking sergeant to a cool breeze private. Finding his 
academic endeavors to no avail he turned to Rugby, the X, and 

He seems to have two desires in life, one is to get out of the 
A-F, and the other is to be a life guard at Virginia Beach, We 
would like to wish Lawrence the best of luck but Michele is the 
best form of luck that could happen to anyone. 

Kavanaugh Yancey Thrift Jr. 

Kavie. K,Y,, Y. 

Norfolk. Va, 

Civil Engineering - Armor 

PVT, 4, 3. 2. 1; ASCE 4. 3, 2, 1: Virginia Gentlemen Baseball 
4, 3, 2, 1; Monogram Club 4, 3. 2. 1: Summer School 4, 3, 2.; 
"Super Summer 75", Cellar Crew, Ghetto 154, Number One 
Club, Permanent tH,E-l, club. Baygo Club, "A,M,0,S-T-", Pervert 

throughout his Cadetship, 

Never one to say no to a party or a drink, KY has seen some 
heavy duty partying at the "Cellar", that is when he's not on 
confinement (he didn't know seconds couldn't park their cars 
in the first class parking lot) or when he's not struggling to 
squeak through another calculus course. Long hair, partly 
hardy, toe up, block running, civilian attire uptown, 
non-challant, cavalier or trying to choke down a paper are all 
phrases common with this man. And there's no doubt about it, 
the Keydet baseball team will be in need of a first baseman of 
KY's caliber next season, if it expects to do well as it has m the 

I know that N,E.B, has more than once almost proved to be 
KY's Waterloo, but he has weathered the storms with various 
summer schools- 
Good Luck Brother Rat and here's to better and bigger 
Parties to come. 

Dykes: Class of '73; Garnett Jordan 
'79; Sammy Murphy 
Ralph Park 
Lenny Snead 

William Harrison Toney 


Chesapeake, Virginia 

Biology, Air Force 

Baptist Student Union Council Member, Arnold Air Society. 
Pre-med Society, Soccer Team, Dean's List (3 years). 
Academic Stars (2 years). Virgil Grissom Scholarship Award. 
BSU State Folk Team "Instruments of Peace". Katie Lope Fan 
Club President. 

Bill IS a man of many talents. When he's not studying, playing 
his guitar, preparing a Bible study, or running, he's frying bugs 
with his desk lamp, fagging his roommates to go to the PX. 
cutting up turtles, frogs, etc. or hiding Polish hotdogs. 

Trying to find someone to put up with these antics was a real 
task- With a cross reference of II Cor, 5:17. Bill gave up 
student nurses tor the comfort of Longwood and Katie 
Roommates never lasted long, "Jethro" Dutten and "Fatboy" 
Bowers were replaced by "Mad Stork" Cox, Only the Catholic 
kid remained faithful. 

The one word that sums it all up is "dedication" — to 
studying and a career; to a task given him; and most 
importantly, to a way of life he knows to be the only way; the 

: 73 Gary Hankins 
79 Reza Barzegari 
79 Henry Rogers 

Jeffrey Alan Totaro 


Weehawken, New Jersey 

Civil Engineering — Corps of Engineering 

Pvl. 4; Cpl. 3; M/Sgt. 2; Captain — Regimental S 4 1; S-A.M.E- 
2. 1 Vice President 2, 1; Statistics Club of America 4. 3. 2. 1; 
New York — New Jersey Club 2; AS.CE, 3, 2, 1; Airborne 1; 
MacGregor's Marauders 2, 1, Webb's Ducks 2,5. 

If you ever see an Airborne lacrosse player, you'll know who 
It IS, It IS ttie same guy wtio keeps count of how many days left 
in our cadetship and of how many pieces of loose-leafed 
notebook paper is in one pack (they count the first printed 
sheet! ), It's the same guy they call "Spike", because you have 

to be "tough as nails" to be from Weeha ' ""' 

same guy who holds formal bedmoun' 

strange affinity for the word, "HUH" 

same guy who works when he has to (al 

have to); who can take being picked on with a smile and 

become frisky in his own New Jersey manner. Despite 

very night and has a 
glad It's the 
1 he doesn't 


' that Jeff will do better than most . 

■ attempts. 

Theodore Michael Trout 

"Ted" "Teddy" "the fish" 

Novi, Michigan 

History — Air Force 

Pvt 4, 3, 2, 1; Distinguished Air Student; Cadet Battery 4, 3, 
1; Jackson's Battery 3, 1; Salute Battery 4. 1: Little John 1; 
Militaria Society 4, 1; English Speaking Union 3(?), 1: 
s Club 4; 0,R,B.; University 

"Then he gave the riven banner 

To the old man's shaking hand 
Saying; 'that is all I bring ye 

From the bravest of the land. 
One by One they fell around it 

As the archers laid them low, 
Grimly dying, still unconquered. 

with their faces to the foe. 
Sirs, i charge you, keep it holy. 

Keep It as a sacred thing, 
For the stain ye see upon it 

Is the life blood of your king." - 

- from "Flooden" 
by W,E, Aytoun 
"Why should not Cii Chulainn be your name because of this?" 
"Not so," said the little boy, "I prefer my own name Sedanta 
son of Sualtamh." "Do not say that, little boy." said Cathbhadh. 
"for the men of Ireland and Scotland shall hear of that name, 
and the mouths of the men of Ireland and Scotland shall be full 
of that name" —The Tain 

Dykes; '73 Bill Stoner 

'79 Fred Dismore 
Mike Oden 

Clifford Ernest Tuday 

"Cliff", "Tuddy", "Tude" 

Marietta, Georgia 
Mathematics — Air Force 

Pvt . Cpl„ Isl Sgt,. Capt. F Company CO; Dean's List. Arnold Air 
Society, Caving and Mountaineering Club, Posit Committee, 
Fire Fighters, Rat training. USAF ROTC Scholarship, Who's Who 
in the Zoo, Trow Chuckers Union. 

"Tuddy was quite a unique individual throughout his 
cadetship Cliff spent much of his time studying and was usually 
m residence on the upper levels of Mallory Hall. 

During his four years at the Big "I", Cliff secured several 
illustrious roommates — Betaman, Hoople, Smuse, and not to 
mention Toad and Hambone. Tuddy had observed and 
participated m many incidents like, Hoople losing his front 
teeth, Betaman trying to imitate the flying dutchman going 
down the parapet stairs, and the Mott Syndrome 

During his second class year he met a special "cutie face 
and. well, this doesn't have to be elaborated upon any further. 
No doubt, that has been his most productive year! 

■ "--sbeentoo 


s first c 

s year is upon f 

1, his lieutenancy. 

; '73 John Robinson 
Wayne Young 
79 Greg Quinn 

Richard Tufaro 

"Rick, Garo, Toe" 

New Milford. New Jersey 

History — Air Force 

Pvl, 4, 3. 2. 1; Varsity Football 3. 2. 1. 

Who would have guessed four years ago that the little fella 
who meandered through the limit gates would become a 
mainstay of the Big Red' As a kicker Rick did a great job for 
the Big Red, erasing most of the school's previous placekicking 
records and helping the team to take the Southern Conference 
Championship of 1974-75, 

Rick was also a member of the infamous group "Floor 
Washing Anonymous", but fortunately slept through the 
second meeting (held m Durr's room) and saved himself a six 

Thomas J. Turlip 

T vacation frorr 

k never missed a chance at dressing in gaurd dyke 

nctioned by VMI) and paying visits on our favorite 

Air Force Scholarship; Cpl; Master Sgt,; Captain; Armed 
Forces Club Posit Committee; IEEE; Honor Court 
Representative; President — Hop and Floor Committee; Who's 
Who in American Colleges and Universities, 

I have never had a friend as close as Tom, He came to VMI 
with aspirations of becoming a career officer in the USAF, 
being an outstanding cadet, and after graduation getting 
married Although Tom will not become a career officer, he has 
been an outstanding cadet at the big I and will be getting 
married to a warm and beautiful young woman who has been 
with him the last four years. 

Since our Rat year, I knew he would go far at VMI From 
Corporal, to fvlaster Sergeant and now cadet captain, Tom 
never let the rank run his life. He received rank because of his 
respect for his fellow man and his natural ability to be a leader, 

Tom has had a great influence on my life for he is a true 
Brother Rat tvlay God bless both Tom and Debbie, I will always 
remember both of you. 


'73; Doug Huthwaite 
'79; Tom Manley 
Ken Winter 

Bruce William Undercoffer 

"Red" "Undi" "DD" "Sunshine" "Smiles" "Crunk" "Gono" 

Loveland, Ohio 

English, Army (Armor) 

Private, Airborne. C Co, Guidon. Rangers 3, 2. Wrestling 4. 
Rugby 4. 3,2. 1. Fencing 4. V's?? Amoeba Patrol. Run for your 
Rack. Who's Nobody. No, 1 Club 

Bruce came to VMI with the aspiration of becoming the most 
verbose Army stud the military has ever seen Consequently, 
he took up the English curriculum and Armor, Bruce's third 
class year was busy, as it was for all of us. but he always found 
time to visit Scottie or Will to cheer them up — at any time of 
the day. We could usually find him at other times planning his 
next moves in his hay, to the tune of z-z-z-z. as he mastered 
the art of Prone Studying, Bruce will not be forgotten by any 
of our Brother Rats nor the Commandant, nor by many of our 
dykes, all for different reasons. His first class year he became 
known to the Commandant as the "Spiffy Cadet" as he enjoyed 
being a first classman. To us he has been a great friend, and 
in the future we'll keep a spare bottle of J.D. on hand for any 
unexpected visits from the Crunk, Catch you later. Brother Rat, 

Dykes; '73 Roland Tiso 
•79 Rob Morris 
'79 Greg Cook 


Phillip E. Upton 

'■Peaches" "Beer Can" "Atlanta Sli 
Marretta, Georgia 
English — Special Student 

Pvt. 1. 3. 4; Corporal 2; Varsity Football 1.2,3, 4; Tri captain 
4; Varsity Baseball 1, 2; Varsity Wrestling 1; Monogram Club 

1, 2, 3, 4: CADET 3, 4; WLUR radio club 3; "Show Biz Kids" 

2. 3, 4; Sir Edmund Hillary Club 3, 4; Plum Street 1. 2; Pervert 
Court 4. 

A Georgia "Stump" liked the Shenandoah Valley so much, he 
decided to stay tour years. With a body the subject ot constant 
ridicule, he proved himself both on the football field and as a 
friend- God Bless Terry, the only reason for staying, for who 
would have been there to "twist my arm." Bueno suerte, her- 


na buy c 

ticket, far as 

1 can , - - I'm gon 

na take that 

Southbend - - 

Ride It all the 

vay to Georgia - - - 

till that tram 


tta track 

, , Can't you 

ee; Oh. can't you s 

»e , , - What 

that v 


- has been do 

ng to me- 



PS-, and Duke — 


an liked workings 

of one mind. 

the features of the sam 

e face, blos- 


upon one tree; of 

rst, and last 

and n 

iidst, and without e 




73 Dun 

bo Williamson 


s: 79 Do 

ugh Mauck 
riand Niehaus 


ve "Grasshopper" Gulley 

Garry Clinton Varney 


Richmond. Virginia 

Economics — Air Force 

Pvt. 4, Cpl, 3. Mst Sgl, 2. 1st Bn S-4 1. Varsity Baseball 3. 2, 
1 Monogram Club 1. Hop 8. Floor Committee 3. 2, 1. Distin- 
guished Aerospace Student. 

Four years of my life have expired at VMI and I must admit 
they have been unique and eventful, I can't hope to detail all 
those things which I have done. Suffice it to say that I ex- 
perienced the good and bad at VMI just like every other man 
who entered these walls. Now that it is over, I can truthfully say 
I'm glad, though I will revere every moment & friendship. Spe- 
cial thanks go to the boys of room 109 for putting up with me 
for four years and to my parents and family for their love and 

Dykes: "73 — Dave Northcraft 
■79 _ Andy Andrews 
Ray Insley 

Honor Court President and 2nd Class Representativ 
List ROA award 2; Douglas C. France award; Posit C 
Armed Forces Club; Firefighters; Cpl. 

I find it very difficult to write a class history for the man I 
have lived with for the past four years. Carmen is the kind of 
person that words cannot describe. He has been a good friend 
and a ''Brother Rat" in the true sense of the words. Not only 
do I recognize these traits m Carmen but so does the entire 
class. In fact, the whole class voted and honored Carmen with 
the -'Douglas C. France" award which is given to the best 
"Brother Rat" m the class. The class thought so much of Car- 
men that they entrusted him with one of VMI's most precious 
possessions, the Honor System. Carmen has truly distin- 
guished himself during his cadetship and I am sure he will 
continue to do so in the future. 

Carmen will always be in my thoughts no matter what dis- 
tance may separate us — nothing can separate true friendship. 
"Hey Carm. never mind, just check'in . . ." 

: "73 Greg Mayi 

Jeffrey S. Wall 

"Candidate Bulkhead, Jeffy, left" 

Rockville. Md. 

History — Marine PLC 

pre rat year 
, of a USMC 

Summer School Scholar Session, his a 

commisson became quickly evident. Who else would climb the 

pipes and do push ups for summer exercise? 

His abilities as a Marine were realized both by the Marine 
TACS at the Big I and his superiors at Quantico. Attaining 
outstanding ratings at both f^anne Summer camps he was 
accorded the honor of being named a distinguished Naval 

A stmt at being the barracks munitions manufacturer kept 
him busy at his trade during his second class year, while Hobie 
Cat 165 occupied his summer time out of camp. 

In the words of the fifth Imperial Japanese Naval Landing 


Good luck Jeff and Best Wishes in the future. 

Dykes: Class of 1973; John Semmel 
Class of 1979: Paul Cafarella 
Mike Monaghan 

Rory Joesph Walsh 

"Youngster" 'Bone Man" "Charlie 77" "Wassle" "Tokyo 


Hampton, Virginia 

Pvt; Cpl, Sgt: 1 Lt (Delta Co XO); Deans List; U.S. Airborne 
School; USAF ROTC Scholarship; Rat Training Cadre 3. 2. 1; 
Run For Your Life: 437 Staff; Zoo Crew: Cadet battery: Hard 
Ass 3. 2, 1: Student Grotto: Anti 77 Club; Anti Jock Club: 
Young Republicans; International Relation Club: "Cherry" Rum 
Truckers; Trow Shuckers. 

"Regrets. I've had a few. but then again too few to mention. 
1 did what I had planned to do. and saw it through without 
exemption I planned each chartered course, each careful step 
along the by way More, much more than this. 1 did it my way. 
There were times I'm sure you knew when 1 bit off more than 
1 could chew, and through it all when there was doubt. 1 ate it 
up and spit it out. The record shows. I took the blows and did 
it my way. I've had my fill, my share of losing and now as tears 
subside. 1 find it all so amusing. To think 1 did all that & may I 
say not in a shy way. oh no not me. I did it my way." 

(Ankarevaux 1965) 

Carroll Ray Warner III 

"Carrol, Bucky" 

The International Relations Club 2, 1 — Secretary 1: VMl 
Student Grotto 2, 1; Young Republicans 4; Tanker Platoon 1: 
RFYL 3, 2, 1; Run For Your Rack 4. 3. 2. 1. Wednesday 8. 
Saturday atternoon hiking & gun club 4. 3. 

. Darkly 
and darkly 

So as through a glass 

The age-long strife 1 see 
Where 1 fought in many guises 

Many names, but always me. 

And 1 see not in my blindness 

What the objects were 1 wrought 
But as God rule o'er our bickerings 

So forever in the future 
Shall 1 battle as of yore 

Dying to be born a fighter 
But to die again once mi 

Gen. George C. Patton 

Thomas Ros Watjen 

Bethel Park, Pennsylvania 

I 4, 3. 2, 1; Monogram Club 3. 2. 1: Ghetto 

What can be said foi 
years and strll cannot 
totally unnecessary sacrifices during this time have created i 
strong air of disenchantment. It it were not for my family a 
friends. I would not have made it. 

Dykes: 73 Rodney Brewer 
■79 Jim Elhot 
Tom Hazard 
Kelly Lombard 

Bennie Eugene Weaver Jr. 

"Gook" 'Ben" 

Richmond. Va. 

Economics — Infantry 

Who else could have made 1 st class rankers hesitant to take 
weekends due to the fear of finding 6 inches of water on the 
floor when they returned. 

The "Gook" spent his rat year dodging toilet wads, winning 
verbal confrontations with the "Moe". 

Come his 3rd class year, the law of average caught up with 
Bennie- He missed the sinks by 2 stoops and 2 rooms and Durr 
found a surprise m his hay. This caused a six months furlough 
in Richmond. Upon return, Bennie decided to cooperate and 

1 Barbara. You will r 

r find a 

: Class of '73; Micheal Waldem 
79; Tim Ritzert 
John Pleasants 

Pvt 4; Cpl 3; Sgt 2; 1 Lt 1; Army ROTC Scholarship; Young 
Republicans 4; Sport Parachute Club 4; Cadet Battery 4; 
Armed Forces Club 4. 3; RFYL 3. 2. 1; Student Grotto 4. 3. 2, 
1-Secretary 3, 2, Treasurer 2. 1; International Relations Club 
2. 1 — President 1; Tanker Platoon 2. 1; S-5 Staff 2. 1; 
Firefighters 3. 2. 1; Zoo Crew 3. 2. 1; 437 Staff 4; VMI Lonely 
Hearts Club 4. 3.2,1— Founding Fathers; Short Power! 4, 3, 
2, 1; Afternoon ZZZZZ Club 4. 3. 2, 1. 

In August 1972 a curly-haired little guy matriculated here 
because Pennsylvania Military College went civilian, and the 
Institute and our class has been taken better for it. Dave rose 
through the ranks to 2nd Bn, S-5 and managed to stay a 
good-unconceited friend (what's he got to be conceited 
about?). In a pinch he's always ready for a party. And once he 
even gave up his stripes for the sake of having a good time. 
Whenever he got shot down for a hop (which was frequently) 
he really went down in style. (Talk about crash and burn! ) Well, 
better luck next time, Westo! Being such a little target you 
should have gone infantry, but no. you wanted to sit in a big 
tank. At least we know you'll "Give 'em hell. Harold" 


'73-B; "Panama" Joe Morgan 
79: Steve Hughes 
Charles West 

Andrew Bartlett White 


Raleigh, N C 

English — Infantry 

Pvt. 4. Cpl. 3. Sgt.-Pvt. 2. P»t. 1; Cheerleaders 3, 2. Head 1: 
Cross Country 4: ACC Club; Hop and Floor 3. 2, 1: Rancher 2. 
1; Cadet Assistant Lejeune, 

I watched you go through changes that no man should face 

Take to heel or tame the horse, the choice is still your own 
But arm yourself against the pain a wounded bird can give. 
And in the end remember it's with you you'll have to live. 

Stand your ground I think you've got the guts it takes to win 
But you must learn to turn the key before she'll let you in 
Understand the problems of the girl you want so near 
Or you'll wear the coats off questions 'til the answer hat is 

Serenade your angel with a love song from your eyes 
Grow a little taller even though your age defies 
Feel a little smaller and in statue you will rise 
A hobo and a poet must kill dragons for a bride 
And humble pride is always hard to swallow with your pride, 
Graham Nash 

Dykes: '73: Jim Ackley 
'79: Zack Smith 

Herbert F. White 

Pvt 4. Cpl 3. Pvt 2. 1; Rugby: A.S.C.E,; Dean's List; Academical- 
ly Distinguished: 3,0 Cut Club: Ghetto Grub: Sir Edmund Hillary 
Club: Intramural Boxing: Keydet Waiter, 

Its been a tough four years of parties, romance, running from 
the "wicked Buck of the West", and last but not least, academ- 
ics under the CE Tac Staff The Wicked Buck mixed many 
potions to stop Erb. but could do little to cramp his life style, 
when the going got rough he "ran the block" and mixed potions 
of his own. Nobody was ever able to convince him that VMI was 
for real, they could change his habits and clothes, but not his 
Ideals (the Buck would call it insolence! ), 

As Lynurd Skynurd sings: 

, , And this bird you cannot change. 
Oh Lord I can't change 

Terrance Anthony White 

"T.A.". Whitey. Turner Ashby 

Washington. DC 

Biology — Air Force 

ill 1. 2. 3. 4: Track 1: 137 
I Team 1975, 

Known to most as "T.A", Terry is the spokesman of "137 
plus" We know that if something is to be said, he will take care 
of it. As long as there aren't nuts involved, we can count on 
Terry for comment, criticism, and on occasion some valuable 
"info" Terry made his great debut as a freshman starting at 
defensive end and through the years rising to Captain of the 
1975 Varsity Football team. Terry had a motto that he abided 
by as the VMI years trudged along. "If someone's going to be 
hurt. I'm not going to be the last." Between the Biology BIdg.. 
partying. "T.M.'s" heart. & the Commandant's Office well, 

what more can you say about a man like this. As long as he's 
got his class ring you can count on him to defend you no matter 
what the cause. "Go all the way with T.A." 

Dykes: Class of 1973: Mac Bowman 
Class of 1979: Jeryl Salmond 
Gregg Weaver 
Gary McNeil 

Kenneth Dale Williams 

unkjns" "Mr, Bojangles" "Gunney" 

History. USMC. DNS, Cpl-. Reg. Color Sgt: Isl Bat. S3, Pic, 
Rugby Club, Ranger Platoon. Fire Figtiters, Sport Paractiute 
Club, Young Republicans Club. Timmon's Society. Member ot 
Ctiuck Rock's Gang. Randy Mac. Club. 

Ken entered VMI with only one thing in his life — the USMC 
Well the Corp is still important to "Punkin" but it now holds a 
sad second place. Even so it is proof ot a man that he can pull 
top honors in something that no longer means quite so much. 

But then Ken has always put everything he has into life. From 
the start he has taken a deep interest in the Institute and has 
successfully left his mark in the example he sets with his quiet, 
southern, gentlemanly qualities. 

Always ready to help a friend, I believe it only fair that he has 
been blessed with a certain talented pretty young lady. 

I'd like to wish Jeannie and Ken both the best of luck in the 
future but that would be superfluous since Ken always has 
made his own good luck. 

Dykes, '73: Mike Kelley 
'79: Larry Betz, 

Magid Mansouri 

Melvin Lamar Williams Jr. 

"Mel," "Chugzen" 
Richmond, Va. 

The Road goes ever on and on 
Down from the door where it began. 
Now far ahead the Road has gone. 
And I must follow, if I can. 
Pursuing It with weary feet 
Until It joins some larger way. 
Where many paths and errands meet. 
And whither then? I cannot say. 

: Class of 1973: Stuart Seaton 
Class of 1979: Raymond Vasque 
Mark Cheek 

Richard Alan Williams 

Cpl 3; Sgt. 2: Cpt. 1; Regimental S 5; Debate 4, 3. 2, 1; Team 
Captain 2, 1: Militaria Society 4, 3, 2, 1; President 2, 1; Armed 
Forces Club 4, 3; Civil War Roundtable 2, 1: Firefighters 2: IRC. 

Attention Panzer Leaders! Here is your commander. Yes, 
Dick has the fire, dash, and imagination to become a fine armor 
officer someday — an ambition he has long sought since 
childhood. His colorful costumes and dramatic charades in the 
room has provided many humorous hours of entertainment as 
he play-acted his fantasticle death wishes. But his real interests 
seem to lie between two opposing vocations if he decides to 
quit the army. Either as a bible-toting preacher or a 
gangster-slaying FBI Agent is what he feels his true call in life 
IS. Despite his occasional flights of fancy and a touch of an 
abusive cynicism. Dick is a real down to earth fellow whose 
obsession with guns and conservative politics says something 
about his authoritarian personality. Dick will have a future that 
will make many envious, if he doesn't let his bad case of 
terminal flatulence stink up his ambitions. 


Don Doucher "73" 
Brian Tollie "79" 
Asghar Parirod "79" 

William Edward Wolfe 

Boca Raton. Florida 

Pvt. 4. 3. 2. 1; Dean's List 2: Firefighters 3. 2. 1; Young 
Republicans 4; Zoo Crew 3. 2. 1; Rum Truckers 2, 1; Sport 
Parachute Club 3; Blue Team 4; Wrecking Crew 2, 1; LA. Study 
Room 4. 3. 2. 1. 

What can one say about the suave and debonair Muskrat? 
Many things if one uses his extreme imagination! Who but the 
Muskrat can sleep almost 24 hours a day and still pull a 3.0? 

Without the Muskrat and his beloved and famous nose the 
class of '76 would not be complete. 

One thing is for certain, though, when Muskie walks across 
the stage on May 15. his parents will have a great amount to 
be proud of- We all wish you luck and success throughout your 
life. Good Luck. Muskrat 

Dykes: ■73; E,D. Woomer 
'79: Fred Floyd 
Andy Neff 

Surapan Wonthai 

Bankok, Thailand 

Civil Engineering — Artillery 

American Society of Civil Engineering; Society of Physics 
Students; R.F.Y.L.; Dean's List Student; Academic 

Distinguished Student. 

It all started during the summer of '73 when loam first 
walked into Jackson Arch. Being a mature man, and quickly 
realizing what kind situation he was getting into. Toam set two 
goals. The first was to get a diploma in Civil Engineering and 
then get the Hell out of this forsaken hole in three years. To 
do this it meant three summer schools and three years of the 
real thing. But with slide rule in hand and a calculater for a mind 
Toam was able to accomplish this amazing feat in record time. 
So after three long years, the man is finally heading for that laid 
back, mellowed down, easy living of Bankok. Although the man 
IS leaving, his dedication and spirit will remain as a guideline to 
those of us who must remain. Good luck Toam. 

Dyke: 74: Perasak Srigungval 

Lawrence Richard Wrenn III 

Rick Rickie Kid Boy Rack out Wrenn 

Chesapeake. Va. 

Chemistry — Marine Air 


First there was Rickie. Then there was Cathy. And then there 
was the Jarheads. Somewhere along the way. Rickie and the 
Jarheads converged on VMI. Now everybody knows that 
behind every successful man there's a woman. Well. Rickie and 
Cathy decided he needed someone behind him even before he 
became a success. A backstrocker with Joyce's Frogmen, 
Rickie's "Big Break" came when he saw a poster saying 
something about Marines and good men. Not being too bright, 
Rickie thought it had to be somehow connected with the water 
and swimming. Why else would they shave his head? Too late, 
he found out about those two summers at Quantico and some 
oriental fighting, Gung Ho (Is that anything like Kung Fu, 
Rick?). Now Rick, we know it wasn't Cathy in that Annual 
picture Rat Year, but who was that guy? 

Dykes: '73: Tim Hughey 
'79; Terry Fox 

Donald Stapbuck 

Anthony William Young 

•Sugar Bear". "The Grinch" 
Biology. Infantry 

Suear Bear bounced from the confident, free-spirited, cool 
breeze life of a small town in the sunshine state into the slightly 
more lackluster life of VMI. But somehow he adapted; and 
accomplished this without losing his confidence and free spirit. 

1 feat. 


Although he has had to face disappoi - 

continued to set his standards and goals high — perhaps thi! 
IS why It has been such an uphill struggle. Yet even through all 
this he has kept his self confidence and continued on, and this 
IS the true sign of one who will meet success. 

Many are the eiperiences we have had together so to an 
honest friend from the other. "2/3rds" of the Golden Triangle 
we wish him success whatever his endeavors. 

Dykes: '73 Di 

(e Swab 
1 Grossman 
a Eslami 

Thomas Carlyle Morris Zeugner 

Zeug, Zeuggie, Paddlefoot, I.M. Impressed. Deerslayer 
Petersburg. Virginia 
English — Armor 

Varsity Swimming 4, 3, 2, 1, Co-Capt. 1; Cpl. 3; Caving and 
Mountaineering 4; Young Republicans 4; Monogram Club 4.3. 
2 1 Bufu 3, 2. 1; 200 Dollar Club 3; Lip Rippers 1; Ameba 
Crew 3, 2. 1; Wrecking Crew 2, 1; Rum Truckers 2. 1; Recondo 

When the Zeug isn't in the water helping to win some meets, 
he ismnning around the barracks raising Hell, Who else could 
wear gold sneakers every day for three years and not get 
caught. Also, a hat 3 sizes too large and over his ears made 
him easily recognizable. His most serious studies iriclude 
running the block, F,e;d and Stream and Shooting T:r-,e5 
T CM. always manages to have a nice looking party girl for al 
the hops and is famous for his smooth one liners Zeug is no 
always partying though; as holder of some varsity records An 
Southern Conference, and a Co-Captain, his Motto is No Pain 
— No Gam" He is a veteran of 15 years of competitive 
swimming His riotous actions, quick quips, and snappy 
comebacks bring back many memories. Zeug. may the 
remainder of yoSr life see much hunting, fishing, girls, and 

Dykes: '73: Tom Clarke 
'79: Mike Mullins 
Bill Sarvay 



pr> G+- ' 










The Class Of 1977 

Kimber Latsha — President !^ 171 

Bert Deacon — Vice President 
John cutright — Historjan 


lii m ii 
111 III II 

ill II 


"Consilio Et. Animis" 
These words embody in a special way the personahty of the Class of 

. . . Courage to identify with the V.M.I, ideal, wisdom to understand 


Our Ratline became the subject of intense debate when newspapers 
publicly questioned the V.M.I, lifestyle. The administration felt public 
pressure to reform the Ratline, and the First Class seriously considered 
boycotting it. We were caught in the middle and had to endure the agony 
of compromise. It would have been easy to embrace public opinion, to 
have appealed to the administration. Instead, we chose to affirm the 
principles underlying the Ratline. We gained courage from the experi- 
ence, courage to overcome subsequent adversities. 

Upon the return of our Third Class year we learned that we had lost 
Bill Kirkpatrick, to an accident which left him paralyzed and in a wheel- 
chair. In many ways the courage which allowed him to persevere typifies 
our class. This, however, was not the only obstacle which we would face; 
in the middle of the year we lost the services of the class historian. 

One of the attributes of wisdom is the ability to look beyond the 
insignificance of one's own problems, to look beyond one's selfish 
desires and needs. This quality was manifested when everyone contribut- 
ed to a class ring for our vice president ex officio. It was shown in the 
small but needed time and effort put forth by our class the night before 
Ring Figure. These are only intimations, but they suggest the ideas, 
beliefs, and actions which embody our attitude towards V.M.I, and to- 
wards life. 

"Wisdom", wrote Goethe, "is found only in truth." Next year our class 
must gain the wisdom to enculcate the Rats with those necessary quali- 
ties which will enable them to give of themselves selflessly, to coura- 
geously see life in all of its facets, and, most of all, to see themselves 
for what they truly are. 

Robert Mark Abernathy 

Woodstock, Va. 

Laurence John Adams 

Lancaster, Pa 

Steven Aksomitas 

Wethersfield, Conn 

Frederick Abels Allner 

Bethesda, Md. 

John Sidney Alvis 
Hampton, Va 

George Edgar Anderson Jr. 

Areata, Calif. 

James Thomas Anderson 

Alexandria, Va. 

Stephan Forest Andrews 

St. Joseph, Mich 

Charles William Angemer Jr. 

Finleyville, Pa. 

Evan Hamilton Ashby III 

Remington, Va. 

Robert Keith Atkinson 

Roanoke, Va. 
John William Barr 

Front Royal, Va 

Richard Alex Benavides 

San Antonio, Tex 

James Scott Bentley 

Bowie, Md 
William Charles Berry 

Blackstone, Va 

Stephen Andrew Billingsley 

Alexandria, Va 

Claiborne Fuller Blackley III 

Richmond, Va 

Robin Andrew Boardman 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Reed Robert Bonadonna 

New York, N.Y. 

Steven Wayne Bouchard 

Lexington, Va 

Daniel David Bradach 

Roswell, Ga. 

James Bernard Bradshaw 

Roanoke, Va 

Donald Scott Browder 

Chambersburg, Pa 

Michael Wayne Brown 

Hopewell, Va. 

Robert Corliss Brown 

Hamilton, Ohio 

Mark Hayden Bryant 

Belleville, Mich. 

Wayne Steven Bryant 

Roseland, Va 

Dale Allen Bryson 

Norfolk, Va 

Henry Robert Bungay 

Freehold, New Jersey 

Mark Elmo Burks 

Alexandria, Va 

John Joseph Butchko 

Linden, N.J. 

William Edwards Bynum III 

Sumter, S.C. 

Stephen Alen Calihan 
Houston, Tex. 

Walter Phillip Camper 
Buchanan, Va 

Bruce Cameron Cann 
Richmond, Va 

Theodore Distler Carr 

Alexandria, Va 
John Charles Coe 

Ridgefield Park, N.J. 

Thomas Andrew Cole 

Richmond, Va 

Michael Herold Conaway 

Virginia Beach, Va 

Charles Andrew Conner 

Lexington, Va 

Jerry Thomas Corley 

Ashland, Va 

Carmine Antonio Cortese 

Hauppange, N.Y. 

John David Creedon 

Philadelphia, Pa 

John Ralph Cutright 

Roanoke, Va 

John Spence Daniel III 

APO New York, N.Y. 

Randolph Digges Darden 

Richmond, Va 

Michael William Davis 

New Market, Va. 

Oscar Leion Davis 

Gaffney, S.C. 

Felix Elbert Deacon 

Richmond, Va. 

Lee John DeMeo 

Syosset, N.Y. 

Thomas Joseph DeSalvo 

Norfolk, Va 

Robert Michael Devens 

Blacksburg, Va 

Michael Edward Dick 

Winchester, Va 

Michael Warren Dronen 
Hampton, Va 

John Anthony Esada 

Hampton, Va 

John Morgan Fear 

Lake Linden, Mich 

Charles Thomas Floyd 

Ambler, Pa. 

Maxwell David Floyd 

Fairfax, Va. 

Herbert Ers Fluhler 
Croton-On-Hudson, N.Y. 

Stephen Ernest Fontaine 

Norfolk, Va 

Lee Gephart Foresman 

Lexington, Va 

Randal Stewart Foster 

Monroe, Va 

Michael Joe Freeman 

Kingsport, Tenn. 

Robert Lynn Gabler 

Waynesboro, Va 

Philip William Galing 

Hampton, Va 

Steven Michael Gallahan 

Fredericksburg, Va 

Randy Steven Gates 

Manesfield, Ohio 

Charles Jesse Gearhart 

Roanoke, Va. 


Ralph Hallam George 

Lakeland, Fla. 

Keith Eric Gibson 

Richmond, Va 

Edward Bernard Glackin 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Kim Everrett Glidewell 

Falls Church, Va 

Howard Lee Grant 

Richmond, Va 

Paul S. Green 

Amburg, Va. 

Richard Thomas Greene 

South Burlington, Vt. 

Michael James Guthrie 

Claymont, Del. 

Frederick Howard Hagreen 

Oakland, Calif. 

Mark Alen Halfacre 

Norfolk, Va 

John Regnold Murray 

Norfolk, Va 

Larry Walter Piatt 

Richmond, Va 

Raymond Joseph Pietruska 

Forked River, NJ 

Kim Newton Rose 

Gaithersburg, Md. 
David Leon Ralph 

Mechanicsville, Va 

Cliford Carroll Hamilton 

Alexandria, Va 

James Roger Hanrahan 

Alexandria, Va 

William Craig Harlow 

Chappaqua, N.Y. 

Randal Wynn Hartley 

Front Royal, Va 

Gary Jackson Haste 

Virginia Beach, Va. 

Jerry Thomas Haste 

Virginia Beach, Va. 

Robert Brian Hartzell 

Springfield, Mass 
Larry Wayne Heim 

Frederick, Md. 

Stephen Douglas Heinrich 

Litchfield Park, Arizona 

John R. Hobbs 

Norfolk, Va. 

William Frank Holzgrefe 

Richmond, Va 

Michael James Horn 

Gilbertsville, Pa 

Robert Joseph Houser 

Rockbridge Baths, Va 

Richard Clell Howell 

Radford, Va 

James Lawrence Hugar 

Driftwood, Pa. 

Sidney Ames Huguenin 

Hagerstown, Md. 

Mark Olen Hunt 

Oxon Hill, Md. 

William Thomas Hupp 

Richmond, Va 

Eric Dean Hutchings 

Columbus, Ohio 

Kenneth Emory Hutton 

Marion, Va 

John David Johnson 

Tulsa, Okla. 

James Taylor Johnson 

Portsmouth, Va 

Frederick Leroy Jones 

Arlington, Va 

Richard Scott Joslyn 

Arlington, Va 

George James Kalaris 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Kerry William Keach 

Wildwood, III. 


David George Kelly 

Monongahela, Pa 

William Stephen Kelly 

Pelasky, Va 

Stewart Poole Kinniburgh 

Alexandria, Va 

Kevin Raymond Knotts 

Ashland. Va 

Dennis Edward Kocik 

Des Plaines, III 

Michael Korolevich 
Waldwick, N.J. 
Keith Kowaldo 

Clark, N.J. 

John Edwin Krovic 

Steelton, Pa 

Steven Edward Kuklin 

New York, N.Y. 

Erich Louis Kurre 

Richmond, Va 

Michael Donohue Lafferty 

New Milford, N.J. 

John Fleming Lamond 

Clifton, Va. 

Julian Albert Lassiter 

Cheseapeak, Va 

Kimber Lynn Latsha 

Dornsife, Pa. 

William Dewey Lauerman 

Memphis, Tenn. 

Gregory Michael Leek 

Waldorf, Md. 

Walter Warren LeMaster 

West Point, N.Y. 

Eric Jude Letendre 

Manchester, N.H. 

William Timothy Liles 

Richmond, Va 

Michael Edward Lindsay 

Hot Springs, W. Va. 

Rodney Jay Lynn 

Marion, Ind 

Christopher Lee Manno 

Springfield, Va 

Robert Lee Manteuffel 

Hays, Kansas 

John James Marshall 

Columbus, Georgia 

Lawrence Arthur Martin 

Rocky Hill, Conn 

William Harlan Martin 
Bolder, Col 

Harold Arthur Marvin 

Springfield, Va 

Bland Massie 
Fort Valley, Georgia 

Lawrence Newbill Mauck 

Richmond, Va 

Jeffrey Alen McCracken 

Kenna, W. Va. 

Colin Ceawell McKenzie ^ 

Fort Rucker, Ala. 

Robert Louis McQueen 

Lackland, Fl. 

Michael Richard Meise 

Moneta, Va 

Thomas Michae Mihalik 

Loveland, Ohio 

Stephen Timothy Mishkofski 

Virginia Beach, Va 

Timothy Allen Mitchell 

Powhatan, Va 

Richard Henning Moore 

Woodberry Forest, Va 

John Ward Moore 
Port Isabel, Tex. 

Morton Claire Mumma 
Carlisle Barracks, Pa 
Jeffrey Mark Munsey 
Witheville, Va 
Michael James Myers 

Alexandria, Va 

Wesley Washington Naff 
Boones Mill, Va 
Christopher John Nash 
Richmond, Va 

Stephen Louis Neas 

Greensboro, N.C. 
Chavalit Noomnoi 

Kensington, Md 

Read Morton Northern 

Richmond, Va. 

Ira Thomas Orrell 

Gwynn, Va 

Samuel Pendleton Pace 

Orange, Va. 

Clyde Wyatt Paris 

Thomasville, N.C. 

Michael Louis Parish 

Memphis, Tenn 

Ronnie Eugene Parrott 

Cleveland, Va 

Barton Cheves Pasco 

Richmond, Va 

Norman Louis Paul 

Helotes, Tex 

Thomas Bernard Pender 

Navesink, N.J. 

Martin Lee Pendleton 

Vienna, Va 

Christopher Martin Perry 

Richmond, Va 

Michael Delano Peters 

Portsmouts, Va 

Wanwng Phataralaoh 

Kensington, Md 

William Edward Powell 
Richmond, Va 

Russel Ivan Puckett 

Halifax, Va 

Pongsak Pullsuk 

Washington, D.C. 

John Edward Quackenbush 

Commack, N.Y. 

Robert Barry Redington 

Needham, Mass 
Robert Eric Reibach 

Waynesboro, Va 

William Ernest Reichelt 

Somers Point, N.J. 

Jeffrey William Reynolds 

Roanoke, Va. 

John Robert Robertson 

Houston, Tex. 

Edgar Daniel Rodrigez 

Norwood, N.J. 

William Gary Roundy 

APO New York, N.Y. 

Robert Kerfoot Sanford 

Luray, Va 

James Joseph Schaffer 

Woodbury Heights, N.J. 

Douglas William Sebert 

Windsor, Vt. 

Robert Singleton Sherrard 

Lancaster, Pa 

William Arthur Short 

Rockville, Md. 

Dale Garnet Shrader 

Arlington, Va. 

Roy Ivan Siegel 

Whippany, N.J. 

Douglas Neal Simms 

Salisbury, Md 
David Lee Skeen 
Acron, Ohio 

Morris Dean Slagel 

Hickory, N.C. 

Walter David Slomski 

Steubenvllle, Ohio 

Michael Joseph Smith 
Fullerton, Calif 

Mark Winston Stagg 
Bon Air, Va 

Norman Scott Stevens 
Seymour, Conn. 

Stanley Blake Stout 
Cheseapeak, Va 
Steven Blair Stout 

Cheseapeak, Va 
St. Clair Streett 
Springfield, Va. 


William Henry Talley 

Petersburg, Va 

Andrew Michael Tarr 

Cooperstown, N.Y. 

David Edward Tippett 

Columbus, Ohio 

Marc Joseph Thomas 

Broomall, Pa 

Timothy Kahly Thompson 
Warrington, Va. 

William Parke Sangtinette 

Cherry Hill, N.J. 

Joseph Jude Santelli 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Steven J. Severson 

Vienna, Va. 

Lewis Wheat Thorp 

Richmond, Va. 

Chark Tingsubhat 

Waynesboro, Va. 

Glenn Allen Trimmer 

Vinton, Va 

Stephen Robert Turley 
Hampton, Va. 

Thomas Spangler Underhill 

Dothan, Ala. 

John Michael Vizzi 


William Mark Waldrop 

Montpelier, Va 

Daniel Gordon Walrod 

Bethel Park, Pa. 

Hj^v ^ll[|H| l^^Pr 


William Allen Walters 
Virginia Beach, Va 
Kurt Weidenthal 
APO New York, N.Y. 

Stanley Tzu-Chien Wen 
Rockville, Md 

Stephen Allen Werner 
Richmond, Va 

Robert Emmett Whalen 
Staten Island, N.Y. 
Frederic Bennett Wiggins 
Cherry Hill, N.J. 

Ronald Edwin Wilkosz 
Broad View Heights, Ohio 
Richard Alan Williams 

Kingsport, Tenn 
Augustus Robbins 
Baltimore, Md 

Shelton Purcell Rhodes 

Elizabethtown, NC 

Elliott Reynold Ruhland 

Montgomery, Minn 

John Gerrold Willison 
Jahanna, Ohio 
Michael Louis Wilson 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Robert Case Wilson 

Roanoke, Va 

Terrence Edward Wolfe 

Sarasota, N.Y. 

The Class Of 1978 

Clark Ridley — President 
Greg Beck — Vice President 

John Bowman — HistOrian 


It is indeed a difficult task to write the history of a 
class at V.M.I. Like any other group of people, a class 
is composed of individuals, each pursuing his own 
goals and ambitions. 

With the new responsibility of the Ratline we wit- 
nessed a surfacing of conflicting points of view. There 
were those who enforced the Ratline and those who did 
not, but the prevading attitude of its necessary purpose 
spurred us on. Our own supposed weak Ratline has left 
us open for criticism, but that is a meaningless denun- 
ciation. This negative attitude has served to strengthen 
our class, forcing us to grow closer together and closer 
to our dykes. 

Although we are a class of individuals, it is our com- 
mon interests, our common questioning of the rules, 
which brings us together. Perhaps, we are not seeking 
the same answers, perhaps we are not asking the same 
questions. The spirit which binds us is not something 
which can be defined with specific incidents. There is 
an enduring sense of brotherhood which prevails over 
and against our differences, it is this spirit which gives 
us direction. 

We cannot be held back by an undue concern with 
the past; we are a class, will continue to strive for our 
common goal of unity. 

Charles Edwin Alphin 

Buchanan, Virginia 

Gregory Alan Arnett 

New Paris, Ohio 

William Henry Atwill, Jr. 

Richmond, Virginia 

OIlie Wilson Ayers 

Miami, Florida 

Craig Francis Joseph Badalty 
Belford, New Jersey 

Bradley Richard Baker 

APO New York, New Yorl< 

Kieth William Barber 

Richmond, Virginia 

Jack Vincent Barnhill 

Springfield, Virginia 

Richard Mark Bartosik 

Monessen, Pennsylvania 

Jeffery Randolph Baumbach 

California, Maryland 

Charles Robert Beaver 

Reseda, California 

Gregory Alan Beck 

Akron, Ohio 

Timothy Reed Berkhimer 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Edgar McKinley BIythe 

Sedley, Virginia 

Gregory Lewis Booker 

Arlington, Virginia 

Mark Robert Bottomly 

Roanoke, Virginia 

John Allen Bowman 

Richmond, Virginia 

Michael Anthony Bragale 

Potomac, Maryland 

James Roscoe Branscome, Jr. 

Hume, Virginia 

James Gary Braswell 

Newport News, Virginia 

Michael Raymond Braunstein 
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 
James Arthur Breen 

Douglaston, New York 

Scott Corbett Brewster 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Joseph Albert Bright 
Muenster, Texas 
Robert Wayne Brown 

Hopewell, Virginia 

Thomas Allen Brown 

Crofton, Maryland 

Garrison Conrad Brumback 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

Blackshear Morrison Bryan, I 
Fairfax, Virginia 

William Marcellus Bryant, III 
Richmond, Virginia 
Wadsworth Bugg, III 

Richmond, Virginia 

Steven Grant Burns 
Owensboro, Kentucky 
Joseph Richard Cafarella 

McGuire AFB, New Jersey 

Kevin Joseph Callanan 

Hampton, Virginia 

David Mason Cameron 

Vienna, Virginia 

Paul Edwin Campbell 

Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania 

Ronald Carter, Jr. 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Damian Andrew Golden 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Ivan Waymon Coleman 

Salem, Virginia 

James Lee Conrad 

Newmanstown, Pennsylvania 

Norman Michael Cortese 

Clark, New Jersey 
Stephen Carl Craig 

Mt. Sterling, Ohio 

Thomas Hugh Crawford 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

James Dillon Cune 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Nelson Clyde Jones Curtis 

Petersburg, Virginia 

Glenn Raymond Dallinger 

Gaithersburg, Maryland 

Earl Vincent Decarii 

Mount Vernon, Indiana 

Peter John Dillon 

Great Falls, Virginia 

Ronald Michael Dolan 

Stamford, Connecticut 
Terrell Glenn Dorn 

Portsmouth, Virginia 

Stephen Rowlette Downey 

Richmond, Virginia 

James Valentine Doyle, III 

Cocoa Beach, Florida 

Mark Anthony Dunford 

Grundy, Virginia 


Robert Stuart Eagle, III 

Richmond, Virginia 
Alexander Miller Earle, Jr. 
Middlefown, Virginia 
Charles Edward Early, III 
Sarasota, Florida 
Beverly Michael Eaton 
Ormond Beach, Florida 

Mark Allen Engle 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Thomas Henry English 

Dorado, Puerto Rico 
Carl Kurt Esche, Jr. 

Luthervllle, Maryland 

Paul Andrew Faulconer 

Madison Heights, Virginia 

Thomas Ray Ferguson 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

Thomas Vincent Fields, IV 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Larry Lee Fluty 

Fort Gay, West Virginia 

Robert Phillip Fore 

Chester, Virginia 

Frank Walter Fountain 

Charlotte, North Carolina 

Nicholas James Francis 

McLean, Virginia 

Henry Clinton Franklin, I 

Monroe, Virginia 

Timothy Graydon Fredrikson 

Earlysville, Virginia 

Paul Thomas Freeland 

Morton, Illinois 

fe:i«^fc.iv45«!^:31lpr.^fc;;^t*^<i''t."^ f- 

Michael Joseph Freeman 

Ellicott City, Maryland 
Michael Freitas 

Yerington, Nevada 

Robert John Fretz, Jr. 

Snyder, New York 

Robert Lee Fricke 

Westlake, Ohio 

Harold Graves Furlow 

Arlington, Virginia 

Robert Henry Gansauer 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Johnny Curtis Garnett 

Hampton, Virginia 

John Anthony Garret 

Richmond, Virginia 

Gregory Allen Gearhart 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Mark Anthony Gentile 

Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania 

Marion Keith Giddens 

Kennesaw, Georgia 

William Stuart Gitchell 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Warren Maynard Goddard, III 

Richmond, Virginia 

Timothy Andrew Gompers 

Wheeling, West Virginia 

David Emil Gordon 

Flushing, New York 

Michael Spencer Gotham 

Abingdon, Virginia 

David Reynard Gray 

Hampton, Virginia 

Gary Salvatore Greco 

Glen Burnle, Maryland 

Bil I. Greg 

San Clemente, California 

John Holman Gregg 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

William Weeks Grove, Jr. 

Stuarts Draft, Virginia 

Steven Michael Hall 

Jacksonville, North Carolina 
Richard Lee Hancock 
Reno, Nevada 

Claude Allen Hardison, Jr. 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 
William Ellett Hardy 
Amelia, Virginia 

Gerald Francis Harris, Jr. 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mark Richardson Hellman 

Chevy Chase, Maryland 

Robert Revere Henkel 

Portsmouth, Virginia 

Geoffrey Lee Henry 

St. Simons Island, Georgia 

Jack Donald Hogge 

Schofield Barracks, Hawaii 

Leiand Charles Horn 

Grand Prairie, Texas 
Mark Tobin Hunter 

Falls Church, Virginia 

Joseph Warren Hutt 

Franklin, Virginia 

Jack Robinson Huyett, Jr. 

Charles Town, West Virginia 

Steven Dean Jackson 

Chesapeake, Virginia 

Kenneth Warren Jamerson, Jr. 

Spout Spring, Virginia 

Spruel Pendleton James, III 

Richmond, Virginia 

Robert Merritt Johann 

Richmond, Virginia 

Edward Russell Johnson 

Bristol, Virginia 

Oben Brown Johnson, Jr. 

Newport News, Virginia 

Russell Allen Johnson 

Enterprise, Alabama 

Donald Ray Jones, Jr. 

Midlothian, Virginia 

Glen Nathan Jones 

Sharpsburg, Kentucky 

David Joseph Kahle 

Jersey City, New Jersey 

Bruce Groman Kay 

Chevy Chase, Maryland 

Vagel Charles Keller, Jr. 

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 

Patrick David Kelley 

Fort Worth, Texas 
Paul William Kenny 

Wilmington, Delaware 

Stephen Patrick Ketterer 

Waynesboro, Virginia 

Robert Merle Kirby 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 
Jeffery Brad Kitts 
Blacksburg, Virginia 
John Frederick Klag 
Westlake, Ohio 
David Leigh Knies 
Newport News, Virginia 
Scott James Konkus 
Raritan, NJ. 

Scott Edward Lacagnin 
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

John J. Lach 

Parma, Ohio 

Kenneth Joseph Lafferty 

Brooklyn, New York 
Mark Elliott Lambert 
Middletown, Ohio 
Craig Barry Larrimore 

Sykesville, Maryland 

Gregory Andrews Larsen 

Fairfax Station, Virginia 

William Pierce Leavenworth 

Saginaw, Michigan 

John Lawrence Leban, II 

Hollywood, Florida 

James Johnston Leech 

El Paso, Texas 

John Henry Leresche, III 

Torrance, California 

Edwin Franklin Little 

Hampton, Virginia 

Robert Manning Loflin, Jr. 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Leonard James Logan 

Hamilton, Virginia 

Clyde Wilson Long 

Hampton, Virginia 

Dennis Wayne Long 

Hampton, Virginia 

Robert McHenry Longwell 

Lancaster, Pennsylvania 

Mark Pelham Lowe 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

William Robert Lowe 

Remington, Virginia 

David Earle Lucado 

Roanoke, Virginia 

James Edward Mackin 

Shreveport, Louisiana 

Robert Joseph Magnan 

Secaucus, New Jersey 

Elpidio Manoso, III 

Fort Story, Virginia 

Jonathan Allan Manson 

Florence, Alabama 

Andrew Campbell Marshall 

Greencastle, Pennsylvania 

Bruce Ervin Martin 

Knoxvllle, Tennessee 

Wallace Bruce Mason 

Franklin, Virginia 

John Benedict Massad 

Fredericksburg, Virginia 

William Brandon McCampbell 

Reston, Virginia 

Michael Thomas McCarthy 

Fort Sheridan, Illinois 

Harry Watson McClellan 

Fairfax, Virginia 

Mark James McCombs 

Lambertville, New Jersey 

Thaddeus Peter McCount 

Bronx, New York 

Richard Alan McDonald 

Colonial Heights, Virginia 

David Thoner McEwen 

Matoaca, Virginia 
Donald Blair McGinnis 

West Pittston, Pennsylvania 

Timothy Arthur McGreer 

Fairfax, Virginia 

Stephen Douglas McGuire 

Hampton, Virginia 

Mark Clifton McKissick 

Farmville, Virginia 

Terrence Edward McKnight 

Norfolk, Virginia 

David Adam Mecredy 

Mequon, Wisconsin 
Norman Frank Mercky 
Wenonah, New Jersey 
Richard Pope Meredith 
Norfolk, Virginia 
Mark Frederick Miller 
Fairfax, Virginia 
Ronald Kite Milligan 
Richmond, Virginia 

Paul Bruce Mitchell 

Powhatan, Virginia 

Thomas Earl Mock 

Newport News, Virginia 

Dave Lamar Montgomery 

Baltimore, Maryland 

Anthony Ulysses Moore 

Richmond, Virginia 

Ivan Alan Moore 

Hopewell, Virginia 

Michael Alderman Moore 

New Market, Virginia 

Joseph Anthony Morelli 

San Diego, California 

Timothy James Moriarity 

New York, New York 

William Lawrence Morris 

Weehawken, New Jersey 

Andrew Hamilton Morrison 

Saddle Brook, New Jersey 

Joseph Robert Mounts 

Washington, Pennsylvania 

Steven John Murray 

Painter, Virginia 

Robert Howington Nelson 

Fort Bragg, North Carolina 

John Joseph Nichols 

Richmond, Virginia 

Arthur Lynn Noble 

New Canaan, Connecticut 
Stephen Michael Oddi 

Richmond, Virginia 

Michael Howard Oelrich 

Manassas, Virginia 

Michael Nelson Palmer 

Penhook, Virginia 

Robert Scott Parker 

Chester, Virginia 

William Joseph Reason 

Portsmouth, Virginia 
James Randolph Pengson 
Arlington, Virginia 
Anthony Pileggi 
Frederick, Maryland 
Timothy Darius Pishdad 
Richmond, Virginia 

Gerald Sigmund Placzek 

Maspeth, New York 

Richard Marvin Powell 

Troy, Ohio 

Stephen Michael Powers 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Wainscott Walker Putney 

Winter Park, Florida 

Thomas Alan Reader 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Jeffery Paul Revercomb 

Dayton, Virginia 

James Martin Reynolds 
Dayton, Ohio 

Wade Clark Ridley 

Tyler, Texas 

Bernard Hall Riesbeck 

Newport News, Virginia 

John Edward Reister 

Rochester, New York 

David Francis Rinc 

Leavenworth, Kansas 

William Sage Robertson 

Richmond, Virginia 

Donald Lee Robey 

Louisa, Virginia 

Gerald Edward Robinson 

Greenbrea, California 

Robert James Rockefeller 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

John Frederick Roser 

South Plainfleld, New Jersey 

Samuel Edwin Saunders III 

Fredericksburg, Kentucky 

Louis Raymond Schaper 

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 

Carlton Lee ScheJhorn Jr. 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Matthew Anthony Shell 

Norwich, Vermont 

Joseph Alexander Scioscia 

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 

Mark Houston Seely 

Hixson, Tennessee 

Clifford Albert Seibel 

Bethel Park, Pennsylvania 

Harry August Seipp 

Seaford, Delaware 

Charles John Shank 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Thomas Ruggles Shaw 

Faixfax, Virginia 
Frederick Wise Sherwin Jr. 

Orange, Virginia 

Lesley Vernon Shimanek 

North Fort Meyers, Florida 
Wesley Barrett Shull Jr. 

Annandale, Virginia 

Harry David Siegfried 

Norwood, Pennsylvania 

James Scott Simons 

Cinnaminson, New Jersey 

Robert Higgins Simpson 

Falls Church, Virginia 
Robert Scott Singletary 
Lexington, Kentucky 

Kenneth Richard Singleton 

Chattanooga, Tennessee 
Thomas Charles Sliwoski 
Garden City, New York 

Basil Eugene Smith 

Martinsville, Virginia 
Brion Carleton Smith 

Manassas, Virginia 

Paul Glenn Smith 

Portsmouth, Virginia 
Richard Dwight Smith 
South Boston, Virginia 
Gary Wayne Snyder 
Falls Church, Virginia 

Gary Neale Spencer 

Arrington, Virginia 
Nenad Stepanovich 
North Royalton, Ohio 

Thomas Jefferson Stevens 

Nokesville, Virginia 
Christopher Michael Stone 
Waynesboro, Virginia 
James Andrew Stone 
Holly Hill, Florida 

Joseph Charles Stranger 

Woodstock, Virginia 
Bryant Boatner Streett 

Springfield, Virginia 


Eugene Loyobe Sveum 

Falls Church, Virginia 

Thomas Vaughan Tanner 

Roanoke, Virginia 
David Ray Thacker 
Charlottesville, Virginia 

John Douglas Thomasson 

Bassett, Virginia 

Stephen Wayne Thompson 

Lum, Michigan 

Daniel Presley Thornton 

Monroe, Virginia 

William Ellis Tilley 

Luray, Virginia 

Ronald Allen Topp 

Chesapeake, Virginia 

Robert Guy Traver 
Haddon Field, New Jersey 

Harold Daniel Tuck 

Huntsvllle, Alabama 

John Hackworth Tucker 

Lovingstone, Virginia 

Bont Franklin Tulbert 

Richmond, Virginia 

Joseph John Tulskie Jr. 

Springfield, Pennsylvania 

Hans Steven Van Hooser 

McLean, Virginia 

Robert Louis Vidrick 

Alexandria, Virginia 

Blaine David Vorgang 

Quantico, Virginia 

Stanley John Walchock 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Craig Leonard Wallen 
Wilmington, Delaware 
Bruce Allan Walls 
Springfield, Virginia 
Mark Anthony Walrod 

Betfiel Park, Pennsylvania 

William Welch Way 

Ricfimond, Virginia 

John Donald Webber 

WIncfiester, Virginia 
Dwight Samuel Weirich 
Virginia Beacfi, Virginia 

Bruce Calvin Wells 
Richmond, Virginia 

Martin Stanley Welsh 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Richard Roland Wetherill 

APO New York, New York 

David Allan West 

Alta Vista, Virginia 

Zachary Stewart Whitlow 

Vinton, Virginia 
John Kent Whitmer 
North Wales, Pennsylvania 
Rex Allen Wiggins 
Newport News, Virginia 
Marlin Gregory Will 
Madison Heights, Virginia 
Ralph Watson, Williams 
Atlanta, Georgia 

Patrick Michael Wilson 

Springfield, Virginia 

Stewart Ross Wolf 

Sykesville, Maryland 

Richard Colwell Wolffe, Jr. 

Short Hills. New Jersey 

John Edwin Woodward, III 

Richmond, Virginia 

David Gerard Wrenn 

Jack Leslie Wright 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Michael Clifton Wright 

Elkhorn City, Kentucky 

Robert Earl Wright 

Dallas, Texas 

Jeffrey Gilmer Yates 

Danville, Virginia 

Edwin Barton Yost 

Winchester, Virginia 

William Ora Young 

Norfolk, Virginia 

The Class Of 1979. 

It has been said that the distinctive quality present 
1 VMI men is the Brother Rat spirit. The spirit is intan- 
ible and enigmatic; it is the force which takes men 
om a myriad of times and places and makes them 
rothers. The ratline is only the beginning of the pro- 
ess which transforms total strangers into Brother 
ats and, eventually, VMI men. Because of its interna- 
onal character, the Class of 1979 faced tremendous 
bstacles in its quest to become a true brotherhood in 
ie VMI tradition, obstacles which would have proven 
isurmountable anywhere else. Their ratline was tradi- 
onal, vigorously inculcating them with the spirit. In 
lis strenuous environment the individual was forced 
) look in and through himself to see the greater mean- 
ig of his circumstance. After much labor and much 
acrifice the Class formed; the brotherhood of like- 
linded men was established. The first step has been 
aken in the arduous pilgrimage to manhood, whose 
nd is the incomparable fraternity of VMI men. 

M. Abhari 

H.I. Adams 

L.D. Adams 

M. AghilJnasab 

S. Ahamad Pour 

D. Akhavan 

W.P. Albro 

G.D. Aljpanah 

J.L. Allen 

P. Alvarez 

MA. Anderson 

G.P. Andrews 

P.G. Andrews 
R.E. Arnold 
J.E. Arthur 
J. R. Atkins 
D.U. Austin 
W.S. Bailey 

R. Barzegarian 

J.E. Barger 

C.S. Ballard 

M. Bajestani-Moghadda 

R.W. Bates 

B.M. Bauman 


1 ZL Tf 

t. # :^ .# 

R.S. Beale 
J.S. Beeby 
M.R. Belanger 
J. Benda 
W.T. Bersson 
L.W. Betz 











J. Bonsignire 













J.A. Brown 
K.D. Brown 
S.L. Brown 
M.J. Buddler 
E.L. Buck 
T.G. Burch 

R.K. Burner 

B.D. Burns 

J.E. Burton 

W.M. Burton 

B. Byrd 

M.E. Byrd 

R.S. Cadugan 

P.T. Cafarella 

J.J. Carty 

W.D. Cavin 

H.G. Chase 

M.F. Cheek 

D.J. Chopliski 
W.S. dinger 
N.T. Collins 

C.T. Colloway 
J.J. Colonna 

G.P. Cook 

M.L Cooper 

T.A. Cordle 

J.G. Corsaro 

D.A. Cox 

A.B. Cramer 

D.J. Crawford 
D.C. Crim 
S.W. Dailey 
D.E. Davis 
M.S. Day 
R.A. Decorte 

A. Delkash 
J.J. Delucca 
R.A. Denk 
J.L. Dewell 
L.W. Dickerson 
F.C. Dishmore 

D.R. Doerr 
M.J. Dougherty 
W.E. Drewery 
D.J. Drury 
R.S. Duffeh 
LH. Eliades 

J.O. Elliot 
F. Eslami 
J.A. Faist 
B.C. Fenzel 
E.L. Flora 
C.T. Fitch 


C.H. Fore 

J.D. Foster 

T.E. Fox 

P.H. Gallahan 

J. A. Cede 

J.W. George 

J.E. Goldhardt 

J.T. Golding 

P.A. Goldman 

J. P. Gomez 

G.C. Graham 

C.A. Green 

M.D. Grimes 

S.C. Gulley 

C. Hall 

R.F. Hall 

F. Hamidi 

S.E. Heatwole 

R.D. Hendrickson 
A.B. Higginbotham 
J.H. Higginbotham 
G.E. Higgins 
R.F. Higgins 
G.W. Hill 

S.M. Hodges 
W.W. Holmes 

D.E. Houser 
J.K. Hudgins 

R.I. Hudson 
H.H. Humphrey 

J.A. Hyde 
R.L Insley 

M. Jabery 
C.W. Jackson 

E.A. Jacobsen 

J.E. Jenkins 

F.L. Jester 

D.W. Jeter 

E.A. Johnson 

W.B. Jones 

J.R. Joyce 
P.C. Jussel 
J.A. Kailey 
M.K. Kash-Mansouri 
N.C. Kept 
T.C. Kientz 


A. Keshavarz 





D. Kornacki 






. Lamb 















K.A. Lombard 
H.C. Lucas 

F.F. Lumpkin 
S.C. Lyon 

J.F. Manley 
W.W. Manning 

G.A. Marentic 
G.R. Marohn 

D.K. Marshall 

T.G. Martin 

R.H. Maslln 

D.A. Mauck 

C.R. Maxson 

C.L McCabe 

M.R. McCarthy 
T.R. McCarthy 
W.E. McCarthy 
C.C. McCrowell 
R.A. McDonough 
R.K. McGruder 

S. McKenna 
J.C. McLean 

G.T. McNeal 
G.L McNelly 

M. Mendez 
W.M. Meredith 

W.L. Middleton 
S.N. Miller 

J.B. Minnix 
C.K. Mitchell 

T.K. Mitchell 
L.L. Moise 

M.T. Monaghan 
R.C. Morris 

C.T. Moses 
A. Moradi 

M.G. Mullins 
R.W. Muncy 

S.G. Murphy 
M.F. Murray 

S.J. Murray 
C.A. Myler 
A. Nassiri 
A.M. Neff 
E.M. Negro 
R.L Norris 

T.L. Northam 
E.F. Nost 
M.D. Oden 
M.S. Ogden 
D.H. Overton 
J.D. Owens 

J.G. Ozolins 
A.H. Page 
A.B. Pais 

A. Pariroo 
R.M. Park 

G.D. Parker 

R.S. Parkinson 

R.L. Parodi 

D.G. Parry 

W.H. Peacock 

B.E. Pearson 

R.J. Pekarik 

M.W. Perrin 

K.S. Petit 

E.W. Patterson 

J.R. Pigg 

E.G. Piiker 

B.F. Pirn 

J.B. Pleasants 

J.C. Poffenbarger 

R.G. Pollard 

J.G. Pouzar 

J.M. Powell 

I # 


I* HI '• r f\n n 

H.S. Powers 
S.R. Pugh 
D.M. Pyle 
J.A. Quattrini 
G.C. Quinn 
R.B. Raines 

A. Ramezani-Golafzani 



M. Razipour 
































J. Sasani 

S. Scaglione 

D.W. Schlickenmeyer 

E.M. Schwarz 

J.D. Schiff 

H.E. Semler 

J. P. Sensabaugh 

M. Shahtaji 

K.P. Shelton 

K.Y. Shin 

D.W. Sholler 

S.R. Shuman 

R.L. Sievert 
J.D. Simas 
W.A. Skinner 
C.E. Smith 
D.E. Smith 
D.R. Smith 

J.G. Smith 
J.L. Smith 
J.P. Smith 
S.A. Smith 
W.H. Smithson 
R.L. Irby 

L.F. Snead 
AG. Soltio 
T.J. Sotos 
P.C. Southers 
M.A. Spotts 
P.T. Stack 

F.M. Stamey 
D.W. Staples 
D.W. Starbuck 
M.C. Staso 
D.J. Stephans 
J.R. Stevenson 

J.D. Stocker 
E.T. Stokes 
H.M. St. Pierre 
K.R. Swartz 
P.F. Szabo 
G.O. Taran 

D.L. Taylor 
F.L. Taylor 
J.S. Taylor 
J.C. Terry 
T. Thanyasire 
M.D. Thomas 

J.C. Thompson 

VJ. Thompson 

M.C. Timberlake 

R.F. Titus 

R.M. Toft 

B.S. Tollie 

I.F. Truitt 

T.H. Trumps 

J.H. Tudor 

W.R. Tulloh 

J.W. Turbiville 

K.W. Undercoffer 

P.T. Underwood 

J.A. Vaughan 

R. Vazquez 

D.D. Van Wagoner 

M.R. Vela 

J.G. Virtue 

S.D. Vitiello 
K.R. Vitrano 
J.D. Vordermark 
R.P. Vomer 
J.A. Walbert 
D.W. Weber 


M.G. Weatherholtz 
G.M. Weaver 
D.V. Wells 
J.O. Wenning 
CM. West 
T.E. White 

T.H. White 
T.W. Whitlow 
R.A. Whitner 
T.J. Willard 
L.W. Williams 
T.A. Wilson 

R.L. Wingfield 
K.L Winter 
R.E. Witherow 
J.M. Withers 
W.M. Wood 
D.F. Woolwine 

T.M. Yeh 

R.K. Young 

N. Zahir 

R.A. Zech 

M.R. Zeinali Fasaghandi 

D.A. Zimmer 










, ^ ■^ 

•s ■ <7 

^ %■ ^i 





•'•■^*!^ UtagW^^^ 


-■■ ^ii 

(•^ . ■ 

* - 1^ 

'■ *'*- ' m"' 

■ "SL^,,- 



' ;•/ 



^'^'^ ^ 

;*" . 






Dear Mother: 

I am once again a prisoner within the walls of VMI. 
I arrived here safely yesterday and if has been a constant 
source of regret to me ever since. 

Beverly Stannard 
New Market Cadet 


. 4^-^f 



J «^ ■"TT'^jf: ■ 




li li I .. ^ ra i l-fcM! Sk g;; in 





^.^^^^<, -^ 


r-;;- ..^[M^:. 





^^_ -*' 

. n';., j.« ^- j-v*,^ . 


/^^ '■« 









the past, the Corps section has been noth- 
ig more than a simple representation of the 
adet rank structure. No attempt was made to 
onvey what the Corps and its functions mean 
the cadets involved. Men must live within a 
lilitary system, and so, this year we have 
'ied to show both the highly ceremonial and 
ie grossly mundane aspects of life within the 


5 i 









* ^ H ^K $\ 


Regimental Commander - John C. Coleman 
Regimental XO -Michael C.Tate 
Regimental SI - Mark G. Swank 
Regimental S-3 - John J. McAteer III 
Regimental S^ -Jeffrey A. Totaro 
Regimental S-5-Richard A.Williams 


Battalion Commander - John P. Johnson 
Battalion SI - Carlton C. Opel 
Battalion 53 - Kenneth D.Williams 
Battalion S^ - Carry C. Varney 
Battalion 55 - Robert E. Cox 


Battalion Commander - Douglas F. Ashton 
Battalion SI - Peter H. Gabriel 
Battalion 53 - John L. Dorsey 
Battalion SH - F. Gregg Lucado Jr. 
Battalion 85 - David F. West 


Stephen L. NcasII 
Frederick H. Hagrccn 
John C.Coe 


William H.Martin 
Robert M. Devens 
Mark O.Hunt 



Compioy Commindcr ^ H. Thiddcu 

s Do 

Executive Officii - Edwjid R. Crc 



d Licutcmnt - Chirlcs M. Keen. Ill 



d Liculco. 

nd Lieulem.t - lames A. Lodon ^A 
t - Melvin L. Williams. Jr. ^^^k 


cond Licul 

cniot - W. Crigg Mullin ^^^^^k 


Firs, S=, 

Alvis ^^^^^^k 


c, S.,g.,.. 

- Rodney Lynn ,^^^^^^^^H 




■i,-MilSmiimiirr- ' 



Y ^^^ 


^K ^^9/*^P d^^^ "^^K^ m^^m. ^fl^^HVSor 

kX^'f '^ « '^V W^^ ^^^^^H 



ta^m^g^m/mm jmv a jut . 

y> ^ , S# MB r^^ •* ^^^H 

l^MU^KMIJaX mJN/* 

, 7* llf rV r ^^Hl 



Compiny Commicdcr - Robert ). Ktncilly 
Executive Officer -William H. Touty. ]> 
Second Liculemnt - Riymond R, 
Second Lieuleoiol - Oscar L. C 
Second Lreutenml - Greg D. 
Second Licnleninl - Djvid K. Copp. MI 
First Sergei nt - Michiel J. Freemin 
Master Sergeanl - Shellon P. Rhod, 

Bruce Undcrcoffei 





Compjny Commindtr - L. Divid FiMi 
Executive Officer - M.chid L. Cimdcn 
Second LieufeniOl - H. A. Curie ] 
Second Lieultnanl - Thomjs C. Moody. Jr. 
Second Liculcnint - J. Allen McCiMhy. ): 
Second Lieutenint - Michicl I- Gross 
First Sergeant - Stephen E. Fontaine 
laster Setgeant - Michael R. Me 


" '1 "I 

Compiay Com: 



iDdct - L. Richird Wi 
Executive Ofticct - IvaD N. M. Aid.n 
Second L.ciilciol - Ftink L. Eslis 
Second L.eulcniol - limes K. M. 
Second Lieuleninl - Michjel G. Conley 
Second Lieutenint - H. Lee Bndsh; 
F„sl Sergein. - |,mes T. Johnson 
Mister Sergcinl ~ WiMiim A. Sllol 
Cuidon Beiter - Michiel E. Lln^ 

Rod Hotil 

Ken R.y 


n Hirin.n ^^ 

Mirk Hiv 

lin ^jf^^' 

Mike L.niberry 

^^^^ ■^ 

). B. Kirk 


Kun Luckenbill . 


Mike Himlett ^r 

Scott Kisler J^ 
Will Adims ^Tj 
Patrick BaTDUm ^ 


T. K. D.niel X 


Goose Codscy M \ 


Jim Bowers / 


ike Hincock f 1 i 
Cess Ferre, f ; j 




The Honor Code is one of the facets of VMI life that scperates the Institute from 
all other colleges. No other student body places itself under the same strict 
and unyielding concept of honor as does the Corps. The code is but a concept 
on paper and in the minds of the cadets of VMI. The HonorCourt is the 
physical manifestation of that concept. The Honor Court is chosen by the 
Corps. The task of enforcing the code falls upon them, just as the task of 
upholding the code falls on the Corps. 


he Institute sets stringent rules to govern the conduct of the Corps, but the 
vorps also polices itself with the General Committee and the Executive 
Committee. The CC enforces class privileges, while the EC governs cadet 






The Ratline is an integral part of VMI. A cadet is molded by his ratline 
experiences. The Rat Disciplinary Committee is the arm of the First Clasi 
that enforces the Ratline and creates a set of lasting memories for the Rat. 












1 > 


S5«»,*!5K^- t''.^ *&„■- 


upper right: Miss Lisa Kavanaugh FOXTROT 
lower right: MIss Candc CHtchlaw ECHO 
lower left: Mjss Bobbic Tumer CHARLIE 

The Homecoming Queen 

Miss Catherine Maddox — BRAVO 

■■■ ■■■ 


iPi m ■! ill II! P K 






An invitation to the obscure, 

Accepted by the Individual, 

Accomplished by the class 

More than this, a commemoration of 
the bond between us 





m:- ' 







Lawrence Tayon — President 

Tom Moody — Treasurer 

Names like Van Hooser, Moody, Matthews, Meier, 
and Tayon were prominent in the two season a 
year, 1975-76 edition of the VMI Rugby Football 
club. It was a year of great changes in the style 
and attitude of VMI's senior sport. 
The fall season was highlighted by the near miss 
in miserable conditions at Wake Forest, and 
competition for the Ed Lee Cup; symbol of the 
Virginia State Championship. Low points found 
player coach Pete Van Hooser trying to lead an 
ineffective squad in the 48-0 blasting by James 
River, the most points ever given up by a Keydet 
Rugby team. The fall season ended 4-6 with a 
10-6 loss to Virginia Tech, but it made the Rugby 
Club a team. 

The spring season found the Keydets on the road 
against the Citadel, Army, Norfolk Rugby Club, 
ODD, Lynchburg, Davidson, and Tidewater. In the 
Azelea Festival's MacArthur Bowl, the Keydets met 
their toughest competition of the year, and 
seemed well on the way to restoring the winning 
edge to one of the winningest sports at VMI. 



It is said that soccer is the most popular sport in the 
world. VMI has fielded a soccer team for five seasons as 
a varsity sport. Under the very capable leadership of a 
great coach and friend, Captain Jim Clark, an All Ameri- 
can soccer player from Marquette, this year's season was 
most encouraging. Although a record of 3-7-1 doesn't 
sound impressive, it doesn't reflect the enthusiastic spirit 
of a team of dedicated cadets. This year the team was 
plagued with many injuries which forced Coach Clark, at 
one point, to use a freshman fullback line. It has taken 
many hours and many good people to develop a team 
which beat nationally ranked Lynchburg College, when 
only one year before they had lost to the same team by a 

gruesome six points. 
The friendship and leadership of our graduating seniors 
Paul Carine, Doug Ashton, Jeff Wall, and Bill Toney will 
always be remembered; but with each new year a new 
team arises to meet the challenge. With next year's sen- 
iors Fred Allner, Rick Hagreen, Goose Robbins, Robby 
Robertson, Chark Tingsabhat, and Ponsak Pullsuk, the 
soccer team is expecting to have an even better season 

in '77. 

Jeff Wall, Mansour Shahtaji, Coach Clark, Freddie Allner, Doug Ashton, Paul Carine, Goose 

Robbins, Keith Biegel, Jack Dewell, Francis Phillips, John Woodward, John Bowman, Bobby • 

Johann, All Nassiri, Robby Robertson, Alireza Ramezani, Bill Toney, Rick Hagreen, Robbie 

Patterson, Kip Hamilton, Butch Brown, Mo Belanger, Chark Tingsabhat, Mile Ogden, Joe 

Santelli, Paps Pullsuk, Rick Weatherall, Massad Jabery, Mark Powell. 


The VMI Cross Country team posted its best dual 

meet season in years ending with a 8-3 record 

and 5th place finishes in the state and conference. 

Led by senior captain Jim Martin, the VMI harriers 

posted wins over ECU, Madison, Wake Forest, 

Norfolk State, W&L, Roanoke, and Bridgewater. 

Phil Andrews, a rat, was named most outstanding 

performer with 2nd classman Al Robinson being 

voted most improved. The future is bright for the 

young harriers with the top 8 performers returning 

for the 1976 season. 

Mike Monahan, Phil Andrews, Rex Wiggins, Anthony 

Moore, Bill Martin, Marvin Miller, Larry King, R.J. Bartol, 

Joe Jenkins, Al Robinson. 






The Fencing Team began this 

season with an increased 

number of veterans, as a 

result of Coach Tad 

Humphries' excellent building 

program of last year. Team 

captain Bill Short was sided 

by Doug Simms, Ted Mouras, 

and Ken Ray — mainstays of 

the foil, e'pee, and sabre 


Although the season opened 

with a disheartening 15-12 

loss to the University of 

Virginia, we have beaten 

George Mason University, and 

look forward to wins over 

Navy, and Virginia Tech. 

1st Row — Ted Mouras, Bill Short, 

Ken Ray, Coach Tad Humphries 2nd 

Row — Steve Craig, Mark Bryant, Bob 

Mawteuffel, Bill Harlowe, Bill 

Lavenworth, Andy Morrison, Bob 

Reibach 3rd Row — Jack Wright, Karl 

Swartz, Herb Fluhler, David Smith, 

Ivan Coleman, Russell Zech, Bill 

Fisher, Steve Ketterer, Ray 

Hendrickson, Charles Biviano, Jim 




With only four returning old shooters, two of them 
lettermen, and eight new rats, this year has been a 
"building" year for the VMI Rifle Team. Hard work has 
brought out the shooting talents of the young team to an 
amazing degree, as indicated by fine performances of rat 
riflemen firing scores much higher than their limited 
experience should permit, against such opponents as 
UVa., William and Mary, and the Service Academies. 
Leadership this year passes from present captain Ares 
Koumis to upcoming 3rd classman John Klag, who 
undoubtedly will guide the team to the championship of 
the Southern Conference in the upcoming year. 


St row: Andy Marshall, Staso, Ares Koumis, John Klag, Russel Johnson. 2nd row: Captain Joyner, Mark Hunter, Craig Myler, 
om Northam, Robert Sievert, William Middleton, Jamshid Sasani, Dariush Akhavan, Gene Lauffer. 

*•'! E>iA. •, f 

Jim Wenning, Lee Bradshaw, Ray Ramos, Dave Lowe, Tom Zeugner, Tom Brown, Maury Wood, Bobby Parker, Rick Wren, Pete Gabrie 


For those who don't participate in varsity sports, there is a variety 
of intramurals in which one may become involved. Generally, 
there is some type of activity that every cadet can enjoy. From 
run for your life, to flag football to boxing, cadets can be seen on 
Tuesdays and Thursdays in the midst of fierce competition, 
staying in shape or improving recreational skills. 



J. » i m 



Hill"- 'IMfW^r-- Tu- '>. 




■15 16-30 

First Row — Allan Pyke, Phil Upton, Rick Tufaro, Doug Mines, Ray Brooks, Jim Brown, Dave Miles, Hunt Ozmer, Terry 
White, Ronnie Moore, Jimmy Lofton, Jerry Codutti, Frank Delaine. Second Row — John Cutright, Johnny Garnett, 
Andre Gibson, Larry Heim, Joe Arnold, Eric Radford, Jeff Reynolds, Bobby McQueen, Johnny Hobbs, Lee Foresman, 
Russell Puckett, Mike Conaway, Steve Werner, Tommy Cole, Ned Stepanovich. Third Row — Rich Toole, Greg Beck, 
Harry Sigfried, Greg Arnett, Mike Freeman, Tim Gompers, Mark McCombs, Scott Brewster, Chip DeCarIi, Ray 
Schaper, Tom Replogle, Danny Bradach, Ron Wilcokz, Dutch Goddard. Fourth Row — Ralph George, Steve Oddi, Chip 



Schelhorn, Jim Reynolds, Keith Barber, Tom Mihalik, Mark McKissick, Kim Glidewell, Kerry Mullin, Glenn Jones, 
Bruce Martin, Andy Boardman. Fifth Row — Chip Davis, Newby Mauck, Jeff Yates, Tom Ferguson, Mark Lambert, 
Bo Grant, Keith Giddens, Robert Sanford, Ed Glackin, John Willison, Eric Mulchings. Sixth Row — Mike Gross, Harry 
McKnight, Coach Cavanaugh, Coach Harminson, Coach Bush, Coach Thalman, Coach Morrison, Coach White, Coach 




The defending Southern Conference Champions began the '75 
season with high hopes. The Keydets looked forward to a tough 
defense which had lost only one starter to graduation and an 
offense which was sure to be exciting with the return of a 
powerful running attack and the record-setting abilities of Ronnie 

However, the first two games were to be indicative of 

almost an entire season of bad bounces. Both games 

ended in frustrating one point defeats that could have 

just as easily been Keydet victories. Keydet spirits 

brightened the next two weeks, however, when a weak 

Davidson team was completely devastated 55-0, and 

the Keydets pulled out a thriller in Greenville against 

Furman, 13-10. 

From there the team traveled a rough road. Six games 

were lost by a total of ten points and it seemed as 

though where the breaks had gone for us the year 

before they went against us this season. The team 

suffered many setbacks, but never allowed the team 

unity to weaken. The seniors had been through some 

trying years but had not lost the last game in any of 

their four seasons. 

ir^L^' - 




This year the Keydets had to travel to the 

University of Connecticut over Thanksgiving for 

their finale. From the start the defense dominated 

the UConn offense and allowed them but a single 

field goal. The offense got cranked up as Rat QB 

Robbie Clark came on to guide the offense to two 

touchdowns and to put a gleam in the coaches' 

eyes for next year. The final win didn't ease the 

many frustrations and painful memories, but it did 

show that the '75 Keydets were a team that 

deserved to be respected and one that the Corps 

could be proud of. 

Even though the 3-8 record was a disappointing 

one, the season did produce some standouts. 

Ronnie Moore was named to the All-Southern 

Conference team; and Phil Upton, Doug Mines, 

Rick Tufaro, Johnny Garnett, and Bobby McQueen 

were named Honorable Mention. The Keydet 

defensive secondary also finished with an 

impressive statistic. The secondary was ranked 

number one in the nation against the pass, 

averaging just over 50 yards allowed per game. 




Coach O'Conner, Coach Blair, Coach Schmaus, John Krovic, Saul Smith, Curt Reppart, Kelly Lombard, Marvin Miller, Tom Watjen, Will Bynun, Pat Kelley, 
Ron Carter, Dave Slomski, DrevK Stone, George Borojevich, Harlan Niehaus, Dave Montgomery, Dan Stephans. 









l^BSS^ 'B 


1 '**fll 




^^^^^^^V * 

^^BC^KL J 

m^^^^^U' f^^^^^^^M 

For the first time VMI floored one of the most experienced teams in 

recent history. The 1974-76 team closed out their season with a 

record setting 13-13 record, but this year's "Blaire Bunch" went all 

out to better that mark by establishing the first winning season since 

1928 with a powerful 17-9 record and the first regular season 

Southern Conference Championship ever won by a VMI basketball 


With Curt Reppart providing leadership, John Krovic and Ron Carter 
providing firepower, and board control by Dave Montgomery and Will 
Bynum, the Keydets played a brand of basketball that made oppo- 
nents wonder about the preseason #6 prediction assigned to the 
Keydets. For once, Coach Blair did not have to start a freshman, but 
the play of Kelley Lombard, Zack Smith, Harlan Niehaus, and Dan 
Stephans was important - because the starters could not play the 
whole game. However, the freshmen were not the only reserves 
used. VMI had a strong bench this year, and the performances of 
George Borjevich, Pat Kelly, and Dave Slomski contributed to the 
excellent season enjoyed by the team. 

VMI confirmed its first regular season Southern Conference 
Championship by winning the Southern Conference Tournament 
and ending that phase of the season with a 20-9 record. Playing the 
first round of the tournament at VMI, a Keydet team beset by 
injuries and the flu downed Davidson 71-69 in a game that set the 
winning mood for the next two games. The semi-finals and the finals 
of the tournament were played at Furman University. VMI faced and 
defeated Appalachian 71-64, while Richmond beat William and Mary 
— setting the stage for the finale between VMI and Richmond. 
Richmond opened the Championship game with stall on its mind, 
and a halftime score of 9-8 in their favor indicates the slow tempo 
of the first half. In the second half, however, it was a different 
story. VMI crammed Richmond's stall down the Spider's throats and 
forced the pace of the game to increase. Key free throws by Kelley 
Lombard, clutch shots by John Krovic, and an all round great per- 
formance by Ron Carter won the game for VMI 41-33 as the Key- 
dets blew Richmond and their stall off court. Only Carter made the 
AII-SC Team; but Krovic, Carter, and Will Bynum were named to the 
All-Tourney Team; and Carter was named MVP for the Tournament. 

VMI was not given a ghost of a chance to defeat #9 
ranked Tennessee, but the fired up Keydets shot 66% 
from the floor and won the first round of the NCAA 
Tournament. Five Keydets scored in double figures with 
Bynum sinking 20, Carter 19, Krovic 17, Curt Reppart 11, 
and Dave Montgomery 10. VMI was ranked 31st out of the 
32 teams in the first round of the tournament, but the 
Keydets won where UVa. and Tech fell by the wayside. 
Lexington and the Corps welcomed the team back with a 
victory parade down Main Street. The team rode in 
convertibles, and followed the Regimental Band down 
Main Street as the people of Lexington and the Corps 
paid homage to the winners. 

For the second round of the NCAA Tournament, the 
Keydets journeyed to Greensboro to meet DePaul — the 
17th ranked team in the nation. The Corps was allowed to 
attend the game where their noisemaking ability awed the 
DePaul fans, encouraged the team to victory, and caused 
the Greensboro police to shake their heads in wonder- 
ment. Although the score was knotted at 62-62 at the 
end of regulation play, the Keydets prevailed during over- 
time to defeat the heavily favored Blue Demons 71-66. 
Despite the presence of DePaul's 6'11" Don Corzine; Ron 
Carter, Dave Montgomery, and Will Bynum carried the 
ball inside to score consistently. The game was won during 
overtime with a driving layup and two foul shots by Curt 

Both the team and the Corps appeared in the NCAA 
Eastern Finals against Rutgers. Nobody gave VMI a 
chance to win the Southern Conference Championship. 
We were underdogs against # 9 Tennessee and # 17 
DePaul. And now we were in the championship game for 
the Eastern Region of the NCAA. The Corps was its usual 
rowdy self and out cheered the Rutgers mob by a wide 
margin. The team played their hearts out, but the combi- 
nation of #3 Rutgers and a certain bald and biased Big 
Ten referee put the Keydets down 91-75 in a game that 
was close in everything but the score and the number of 
fouls called on the two teams. Bynum and Carter made 
the All-Tourney team. The news media summed up the 
1975-76 season with the tribute they paid the Keydets: 
"They never gave up". The news media also gave VMI 
the recognition they deserved for beating two nationally 
ranked teams and finally being defeated by a referee and 
the #3 ranked team in the nation. 

The Keydets finished 22-10 for the season. The Keydets 
forced the powerhouses of the basketball world to sit up 
and take notice. They stopped asking "who is VMI?" and 
started asking "how can we stop VMI?" 


Everything that can be said about Coach Gupton and the VMI wrestling team has been said many times 

before. Long hours, starvation diets, gruelling workouts, and a great coach have provided VMI with a winning 

team year after year. With no scholarships in an age of scholarship athletes, "Gup's Grapplers" wrestk 

because they enjoy the sport, the competition, and the comraderle of the team. 

This year, led by Andy Stewart, John Vizzi, Bob Sherrard, Kimber Latsha, and Ned Stepanovich, the grapplers 

from VMI amassed a strong 10-4 season. Ned Stepanovich and John Vizzi were both Virginia State Cham 

pions, and both are strong contenders for conference and national honors.! 

The team should be strong for next year, for only five seniors will be lost to graduation and there is ampid 

leadership and talent for the future. Also, there is Coach Gupton. 

Row 1 Ned Stepanovich, John Vizzi, Bill Pearson, Bob Sherrard, John Mott, Steve Aksomitas, Andy Stevnart, Kirk Latsha. Moe Belanger 
Row 2 Jay Cede. Bob Longwell, Tom Willard, Ken Harbin, Jay Virtue, Glenn Smith, Mark Seely, Rick Rios, Tom White, Dak Golden Row 
3: Ed Johnson. Rocky Titus, Roy Siegel, Steve Heatwole, Joe Simas, Steve Brown, Mack Gurle, Bob Arnold, Rick Cadugan, Phil Truitt, 
Don Starbuck, Goach Gupton Not pictured; Grigg Mullen 


The varsity swim team has had another successful season this year under the leadership of co-captains Lang 
Meem and Tom Zeugner, and the coaching of Arnie Joyce. The team has performed admirably against 
competition which has been heavily composed of scholarship swimmers. 

Seniors on the team which have consistently performed well in meets are Lee Bradshaw in middle distance; 
Rich Wrenn and Ray Ramos in backstroke; and Pete Gabriel in the breaststroke. 

Underclassmen who have greatly contributed are Hobie Andrews and Buzzy Northen in diving; Joe Cafarella, 
Jim Cure, Bart Pasco, Tom Underbill, and Randy Pekarik in freestyle; Nelson Curtis and Bob Raines in 
butterfly; and Jim Wenning in the backstroke. Other members of the team also added greatly to the team's 
strength and helped make the season a success. 

^ai ^f^ 


^ ft -iV; »,. i ' -r J. 

root row: Ricky Wrenn, Ray Ramos, Lang Meem (co-captain), Tom Zeugner (co-capfain), Pete Gabriel, Lee Bradshaw, Pete Friesen, 
?ex Kern (manager), iVliddlg row: Rod DeCorte, Randy Pekarik, Chuck Billingsly, Bill Albro, Brian Fenzl, Tom UnderhJII, Hobie Andrews, 
kelson Curtis, Back row: T. Whitlow (manager), Dan Sheean, Jim Cure, Bart Pasco, Bob Raines, Jim Hanrahan, Maury Wood, Hank Chase, 
Jill Bailey, Jim Wenning, Joe Caffarrella, Tom Brown, Tom White, Burt Lassiter. 





VMI's indoor track team ended its indoor track season 

with a 10-5 record. The season was highlighted with 

several record setting performances. Andre Gibson's 

23 9" long jump and 6.2 60 yard dash, Jerry Codutti's 

49'6" shot put, John Willison's 4611" 35 pound 

weight throw, Rex Wiggins 4:13.1 mile and 9:08 2 

mile, Malcolm Grimes 4811" triple jump were all new 

records. Despite numerous injuries to key personnel 

the VMI thinclads still managed a 4th place finish in 

the State indoor meet in a surprisingly strong showing, 

picking up six 3rd places three 4th places and two 5th 

places. Prospects for the outdoor season are good and 

the VMI tracksters look for another winning season and 

stronger finishes in the state and conference. 

1st Row — Coach Williams, Eric Radford, Mike Olerich, Tom Ferguson, Barney Adams, Malcolm Grimes, Anthony 
Moore, Bill Martin, Mike Monahan, Andre Gibson 2nd Row — Steve Billingsly, Rick Hall, Greg Beck, Robie Clark, Tom 
Bright, Mike Burton, Jetf McLean, Johnny Garnett. 3rd Row — Al Robinson, Joe Jenkins, Glenn Cox, Rex Wiggins, David 
Woolwme, Tony Hamilton, R. J. Bartol, Miller. 4th Row — Phil Andrws, Danny Schlikenmyer, Larry King, Tim Bridges, 
Bernie Riesbeck, Greg Arnett, Tony Green, Carl Jackson 5th Row — Mark Perrin, Ed Bodling, Glenn Jones, Jerry 
Codotti, Jose Gomez, John Willison, Larry Williams, Greg Weaver. 






Baseball is an outdoor sport. It depends on the weather. The 1974- 

75 VMI baseball team was frustrated throughout the entire season 

because the rain drove them inside and the facilities available for 

inside practice were nil. A 2-18 record was the result. In all fairness 

to the team, they competed against teams loaded with scholarship 

athletes who did nothing but practice year-round in their excellent 

indoor facilities. Harry Barksdale, Popeye Lewin, Dan Darnell, Kimo 

Wong, and all the other First Classmen provided excellent leadership; 

Coach Jerry Roane provided excellent coaching. 

There has been improvement for the 1975-76 edition of the Keydet 

baseball team. A new batting cage will improve hitting, and money 

has been provided for scholarships. Under the leadership of team 

captain Garry Varney, and the coaching of Jerry Roane, the 1976 

Keydet baseball team should be an improvement over last year. 





TO- VlNDiCATEj«yE^„gp^R^OR- C^f^EI^ JH^- RIGHTS 


v»v0 v' 

1st Row — Len Snead, Jerry Corley, BooBoo Varney, Billy Young, Andy Andrews, Obie Johnson, Scott Snow. 2nd Row — Randy Gates, Mike 
Vela, Tom Trumps. Bobby Henkel, K. Y. Thrift. 3rd Row — Wilt Holmes, Doug Fitchett, John Sanford, Doug Mavck, Mark Perrin, Russell 
Puckette. 4th Row — Randy Atkins, Dave Stacey, Mark Timberlake, Doug McCabe, Robert Sanford, Billy Hardy. 5th Row — Bruce Reinard, 
Ron Milligan, Mark Byrd, Bob Jenvey, Steve Powers, Mark Havelin, Chip Marohn. 


Since the Lacrosse Club founding six years ago, 

there has been nothing but an upward movement in 

overall experience, enthusiasm, and most of all — 

WINNING. Still a club sport, the VMI stickmen play 

as though each game was leading up to the NCAA 

playoffs. The team "Club Sport" does not indicate 

the level of competition that fills our schedule, as 

VMI plays such schools as Georgia Tech, Washington 

and Lee, University of Georgia, and of course — 

Virginia Tech. The VMI Lacrosse Team owes many 

thanks to a number of people. Coach Gordon 

Calkins, who first got us off the ground, and Capt. 

William Flavin, our present advisor. Without their 

help and guidance. Lacrosse at VMI would not exist. 

This year's team brings back only four starters from 

last year: defenseman and captain Rocky Glass, 

Wads Buggs and Bill Powell — both top defensemen, 

and junior attackman Gus "Goose" Robbins. Very 

strong support will be needed and is most likely to 

come from midfielders Ray Beazley, Keith Dickson, 

and Dyke Davies — along with our new goalie Jack 

Daniels. Added support will come from attackmen 

Eddie Semler and Woody Woodward — who can do 

the job around the opponent's goal. 

Our biggest asset will not come from any player but 

from our new Head Coaches Malcom Hastings and 

Steve Dibagio. With this guidance, strong support 

from the Corps, and a lot of desire VMI Lacross, will 

truly be "the fastest game on two feet" and prove its 

worthiness to receive the varsity status that has 

been denied in the past years. 


1st Row Andy Tarr, Terry McKnight, Jack Daniels, Butch Brown, John Hash, Blaine Vorgang, Doug Sebert. 2nd Row Tom Herbert, Eddie 
Semler, Stu Gitchell, Eric Nost, Bob Fretz, Rick Wetherill, Dyke Davies, Jeff Totaro. 3rd Row Reggie Sadler (Mgr), Capt. William Flavin 
(Advisor), Larry Betz, Dennis Staples, Bob Wilson, Boog Powell, Rocky Glass, Ray Beazley, Keith Dickson, Woody Woodward, Rob 
Reddington, Burly Byrd, Steve Dibagio (Coach) 4th Row Rick Rice, John Bowman, Dickie Moore 


Charles Sachs 

Rick Pugh 

Mark Withers 

Jeff Curtis 

Chris Brock 

Rick Green 

Randy Darden 

Fred Floyd 

Fred Allner 

Bert Deacon 

Bruce Wells 

With five returning lettermen, led by 

junior co-captains Will Bynum and Bert 

Deacon, the tennis team can have a 

promising season. Last year the team 

lacked depth in its ladder, but in the 

75-76 season potential freshmen can 

erase this problem. Under the 

leadership and guidance of Col. Don 

Jamison the tennis team can overcome 

its tough schedule, and the team can 

soar to a successful season. 



The golf team is looking forward to an improved year with First Classmen Randy Esser, Dexter Gilliam, 
Andre Koneczny, and Rand Sompayrac back to lead the team. The remaining spots on the team should 
be capably filled by two third classmen and three rats. As always, the team will be looking toward the 
conference tournament in April with hopes of improving on last year's fifth place finish. With a lot of 
hard work and a little luck it is definitely possible. 

Kneeling — Rand Sompayrac, Randy Esser, Dexter Gilliam Standing — Mr. Swink, Jeff Vordermark, Jim Burton, Andre Koneczny, Brion 
Smith, Steve Murray, Fred Stamey. 



In many of today's colleges and universities, athletic directors and coaches arefoeing forced to defend 
athletic programs that are besieged by rising costs and complaints from alumni Who, question the value of 
these programs. The question arises: Is there any redeeming value in college athletics today? There has 
been a flood of books and articles in recent years criticizing certain aspects of college and pro athletics. 
If there are so many bad aspects in sports, w/hy do we continue with them? 

The answer seems to lie in the fact that the majority do benefit from competitive athletics. For intensity and 
involvement, there are few experiences that can match those encountered in athletics. The words discipline 
and sacrifice are often heard associated with athletics, but without these elements athletics would not be 
worth examining at all. Through all the windsprints, tedious repetition, fatigue and time, there is never the 
promise of winning; only the chance and the hope. There is always the chance thal'sprneor]e'Hiay,be better 
prepared, more motivated or simply a better athlete. i ' ,'.*.','•/, / 

When the contest is over, the real merit is reflected by the effort. Certainly, the wiVi-loss column is indicative 
of the degree and intensity of the effort, but eventually the final score seems to lose its initial significance. 
What is left is the impact of a unique experience on the individual: learning to deal with frustrations and 
setbacks, to persevere in tedium and pain, to share, to cooperate, to mature. Perhaps in the final analysis 
success does not depend simply on the score. Perhaps there is more. .!■•' t^ 



^>i:p.i-H?^eN :::^lk^'^¥^^iM>u 




, ■-< *■■.?! 

Hop Escorts 

Ray Brooks, Gus 

Robbins, Rocky Glass, 

Jim Brown, John 

Cutright, Doug Mines, 

Scooter Massie, Jim 

Bradshaw, John 


Karate Club 

Jim Joustra, Charlie Archer, Oben Johnson, Claude Roberts, Ray Harrel, Jay Foerstch, Mike Hillsgrove, Dirk 
Williams, Steve Borowski, Alec Earle, Chris Perry, Mel Williams, Kon-Shin. 

Pre-Medical Society 

Ray Vazquez, Tom Diggs, Richard Keith, Bruce Morris, Tim Pishdad, Bob Norris, Jack Daniels, John Roser, Ken Lafferty, Phil 
Brzowzski, Colin McKenzie, Clyde Long, Ray Duffett 

Twenty six members of the Class of 

1976 have been chosen to represent 

the Virginia Military Institute in Who's 

Who Among Students in American 

Universities and Colleges. They were 

selected by a board of representatives 

from the faculty and the Corps of 

Cadets. They have demonstrated their 

leadership and excellence in academics, 

extracurricular activities, citizenship, 

and service to the Institute. They are 

VMI's best. 

1. W. Grigg Mullen Jr., 2. John C. Coleman, 3. 

Michael G. Tate, 4. Kurt P. Luckenbill, 5. Richard 

A. Williams, 6. John P. Johnson, 7. Dabaney T. P. 

Gilliam Jr., 8. Howard A. Curie Jr., 9. J. Randolp 

Esser, 10. William R. Favier, 11. Douglas F. 

Ashton, 12. Carmen D. Villani Jr., 13. Carlton G. 

Opel, 14. Peter H. Gabriel, 15. Thomas J. Turlip, 

16. William H. Toney Jr., 17. Mark G. Swank, 18. 

Michael E. Linaberry, 19. L Richard Wrenn III, 20. 

James A. Lofton, 21. William R. LaGrone, 22. 

Phillip C. Brzozowski, 23. D. B. Johnson Not 

pictured: Clifford E. Tuday, Ronnie Moore, Ralph C. 


Who's Who 

Shelton Rodes 

Curtis Butterworth 

Gus Robbins 

Steve Miner 

Morris Slagle 

Sam Ratcliff 

Jim Leech 

Rick Wetherill 

Curt Reppert 

Cadet Program Board 

English Speaking Union 

Jim Joustra, John Strock, Evin Haberman, Dale Bryson, Ray Pavlosky, Bob Manteuffel, Larry Foltz, Rich Joslyn, Carmen Corvase, ' 
Pascal Houke, Ted Trout, Frank Foutain, Zack Laliberte, Dave Wallenborn, Scotter Massive, Nick Bottoms, Nick Rantis' 

American Society Of Civil Engineers 

Society Of American Military Engineers 

President — Randy Esser 
Vice President — John Outright 

President — Mark Swank 
Vice President — Spike Totaro 
Treasurer — Marshall Coyle 

The VMI Glee Club 

(^ '.J_, 

M Ifs^ :C^"^-^ '^^^ ^Ip^fi^ 


The VMI Rangers 

^ri&l c. 

Burnette — Platoon Leader 
Ray Beazley — Staff 
D. B. Johnson — Staff 

The VMI Cheerleaders 

Pan Ginaven, Lori Hobbs, Nicki Schwesinger, Mandy Orteaga, Carol Hincfiee, Lynn Bower, Nancy Stilley, Bill Talley, Jim Simpson, 
Gary Brumbacfi, Frank Estis, Bart White, Mark Abernathy, Mike Hamlett, Rocky Glass as Moe. 

Cadet Battery 

J. Z. LaLiberte — CO 

W. C. Adams — X.O 

G. E. Robinson — 1st Sgt. 

T. M. Trout 

W. H. Danzeisen 

S. E. LaCagnin 

H. W. McClellen 

n -t ■ 


l!l ^ . til' 

Cadet Waiters 

Pete Manoso, Mike Meise, Larry Fluty, Doug Sebert, Dennis Long, 

Marshall Smith, Basil Smith, Mark Bottomly, Bob Hartzell, Lee 

DeMeo, Rick North. Bill Lauerman, Bob Macks, Mark Gentile, Mort 

Mumma, Herb White, J. P Kennedy, Rich Hayes, Jerry Eggleston, Mike 


Arnold Air Society 

Sid Alvis, Hal Martin, Steve Turley, Randy Hartley, Joseph Scioscia, Clyde Paris, Mark Hunter, Alec Earle, I. R. Stieet, Ralph 
Williams, Bob Macks, Paul Cafarella, Bob Eagle. 

Debate Team 

Amateur Radio Club 

Lee J. DeMeo, Gary Roundy, Don Weber, Max Floyd, Gary Parker, Mark Halfacre, Art Noble, Bill Santignette. 

Newman Club 

John Verriker, Tim Cordle, J. B. 
Kirk, Jan Bickley, Bob Morris 

John Carty, Salvatore 
Vitiello, Bob Devens, 
John Riester, Mic 
Lafferty, Mike McCarthy, 
James Delisio, Lee J. 
DeMeo, Donald 
McGinnis, Tom Sliwoski, 
Mike Bragale, Rock 
Vomer, Ralph Pollard 

VMI Theater 

English Society 

John Strock, Pete 

Gabriel, Norman Paul, 

Kurt Weidenthal, 

Michael McCarthy, 

Jack Webber, Bill 

Atwill, Ron Dolan, Ted 







Jim Bowers, Dyke Davies, Steven Stout, Randall Atkins, Larry Williams, Chip Davis, Steven Brown, Tom Hazard, Mark 

Stagg, Gary Braswell, Steve Burns, Patrick Barnum, Tom Hawthorne, Henry St. Pierre, Rick Wingfield, Pete Manoso, Mike 

Doughterty, Kon Shin, Bob Arnold, Bill Lauch, David R. Smith, Jr., Jack L. Wright, John A. Vaughan, Bill Toney, Jim Allen, 

Bill Tilley, Jim Mackin, Paul Mitchell, Tom Whitlow, Robby Burke, Ed Little, Dave Skeen, Lee J. De Meo, William G. 

Karnes, President 

Hop And Floor 

'^l<?2rE^ER H<a«f R«DR(«EFEi 

Tom Turlip — President 

Dick Williams — President 

The Militaria Society 

Timmins Music Society 

m m 

John Verriker, Steve Borowski, Don McGinnis, Jay Branscome, Jamie Smith, Steven Ketterer, Anthony Pais, Jim Bovvers, Glel 

Civil War Roundtable 

Aviation Explorer 

Maj. Brenci, Joe Bright, Mark Burks, Wyatt Paris, Col. Nay, Dale Shrader, Kim Rose. 


Gregg Lucado — Music Directc 

Mike Hancock — Treasure 

Rod Hottle — Administration Directc 

Jim Schaffer — Assistant Music Directc 


Bruce Kay, St. 
Clair Streett, 
Jim Conard, 
Don Jones, 
Mark Lowe, 
Steve Joyce, 
Steve Kuklin, 
Dave West, Dan 
Mike Smith, 
Ray Warner, 
Mike Meise, Ian 


Tim Moriaty, Robert Magnan, Richard Maslin, Bob Macks, Dan 
Commerford, Norm Cole, Fred Allner, Rory Walsh, Dan Streett, Bob 
Riebach, Bill Martin, Nelson Jeffers, Gerald Robinson. 

Young Democrats 

Fred Allner, Mike Dick, Dennis Puckett, Tim Mishkofski, Bob Reddington, Kevin Knotts, Joe White, Elliot Ruhland, Gerald '., 
Robinson. i 

Young Republicans 

Nelson Jeffers, 
Kevin Pardus, 
Lester Oden, 
Don McGinnis, 
Bob Jenvey, 
Dennis Kocik. 

Student Grotto 

Mike Linaberry, Mark 

Lowe, Dave Bright, Kevin 

Pardus, Ray Pavlosky, 

Steve Bryant, Jack 

Adams, Leiand Horn, 

Richard Benavides, Bob 

Sherrard, Lawrence 

Tayon, Skeeter Ashby 

Bernie Reisbeck, 

President, Dave 

Cameron, Don Robey, 

Mark Lowe, Ken 

BIythe, Mark Miller 

American Chemical Society 

Third Class Finance Committee 


Monogram Club 



?« ^ TO 'A.DiCAJjaHER HONOR OR«iEF^^-<^/^i^^A ^^f ^ , 

Doug Mines, President 
Ray Brooks, Vice-President 
Mack Curie, Secretary 
Pete Gabriel, Treasurer 

The Publications Board 

Pictured: Maj. Dooley, Maj. Davis, Dr. Greet, Dr. Davis. 

Cadets McVeigh, Curie, Whalen. 

Not Pictured: Col. Barl<sdale, Col. Peters, Maj. Bradford. 

Cadets Fielder, Lofton, Loyd, Crews, Kern, Dodge, 

Mullen, Davis. 

The VMI Cadet 

Ed Crews — Managing Editor 

Not Pictured: Tad Dodge — Editorial 

■#; Editor 

Second Class Editors 

Jack Daniels, Chris Manno 
Tim Mishl<ofski, Steve Gallahan 


Simon Radomskij, Gary Snyder, Jack Daniels 
Charlie Angmeer, Paul Spencer, Chris Manno 
Jay Hutt 

1976 Bomb 

First Class Editor: Dennis Puckett 
Assistant Business Manager: Zak LaUberte 

Sports Editor: Jimmy Lofton 



Layout Staff 

Bob Reibach 
Steve Joyce 
Bill Martin 
Lee DeMeo 
Dave Wrenn 
Dave Skeen 

Photography Staff 

Dave Gordon 

Mick Lafferty 

Darlush Akavhan 

Joe Simas 

Mike Conn 

Skeet Ashby 

Ed Anderson 

Alec Earle 

Lee Winter 

Rat Typists 




' ' * » • • >• I t $"»i* : 



i- > 




Honorable Mills E. Godwin, Jr. 

Governor of Virginia 

General Richard L. Irby 


Colonel William J. Buchanan 


Commandant's Office 


Lt. Col. William Graybeal 

Purchasing Officer 

Lt. Col. Donald Beard 

Asst. Treasurer 

Col. Marlowe Harper 


Col. Hart Slater 

Business Executive 


Maj. Edwin Oooley 

Public Information Officer 

lp:-"S-5J» . 

Col. Allen Carisson 


Col. F. H. Barksdale; Samuel Ratcliff 

Cadet Affairs 

General James M. Morgan 

Dean of the Faculty 


Dr. White: Department Head 


Physical Education 

Dr. King, Mr. Sawyer, Mr. Stockwell, Mr. Joyce, Capt. Van Hooser 


Col. MJnnix: Department Head 

Philosophy And Psychology 

Dr. Foster: Department Head 

m^ \J%. 

Mr. Roane, Dr. Foster, Maj. School, Col. Carlsson, Mrs. Seaman (Sec), Cmdr. Wilson 

Electrical Engineering 

Col. Nichols: Department Head 

Modern Language)i, 

Lt. Col. Halliburton, Dr. Grennes, Col. Lancaster, Lt. Col. Vines, Mr. Harris, Mr. Monsour, Maj. Brown 


Col. Smart: Department Head 



Col. Gilliam, Maj. Thomas, Maj. Davis, Maj. Goolrick, Maj. Gunsberg, Col. Hunter, Col. Barrett, Lt. Col. Hays, Col. Brooke, Col. Bausum, Maj. 

Mayerchak, Maj. Wilson 

Mathematics Department 


Dr. Williams: Department Head 


Civil Engineering Department 

Col. Knapp, Lt. Col. Sawyer, Lt. Col. Crim, Lt. Col. Sculley, Col. Jamison, Lt. Col. Pierce, Col. McDonough, Maj. Faulkner, Col. Dobyns, Maj. 



Col. Roth: Department Head 

Ij^jlr:--'''; 5e!5?>»».ii^3a?:«i(*W^^X«e*»».ii3ifa 

Mechanical Engineering; 

Lt. Col. Trandel, Col. Taylor, Maj. Brittlgan, Maj. Jeter 


Dr. Chang: Department Head 


The Military Science Department 

Naval Science Department 

Aerospace Science Department 


Since Its conception in 1937 the VMI 

Foundation has sought to further academic 

excellence at the Virginia Military Institute. 

Through its programs of scholarships, loans, 

faculty aid and improvement, and support of 

cadet activities, the Foundation has been of 

direct assistance to individual cadets and 

faculty members as well as to the Institute 

as a whole. The VMI Foundation maintains 

permanent offices in W.L. Moody, '86 Hall 

under the direction of Mr. J.D. Neikirk, '32. 

The Foundation receives and administers 

gifts and bequests which are used where 

state funds are not obtainable. The 

foundation provides a means by which 

individuals, classes, and organizations may 

effectively support the VMI education. 


As long as there have been VMI alumni, there has been a VMI Alumni Association. Praised throughout the country as one of , 

the most outstanding alumni associations in existence, it now maintains active correspondence with over 10,100 members. 

VMI alumni, bound together through common trials and traditions, have long been known for their loyalty to their school and • 

to each other. The Alumni Association, under the direction of G.F. Eggleston, executive secretary, seeks to keep former cadets 

in contact with their Brother Rats and fellow cadets in many ways. These include publication of the quarterly ALUMNI REVIEW, 

files on all alumni, class reunions, chapter meetings and maintenance of the new alumni hall, William L. Moody '86 Hall. The 

Alumni Association also continues support of the VMI itself through its alliance with numerous cadet activities. Through Its 

officers and membership, the VMI Alumni Association, as stated in its charter, seeks "to organize the alumni and old cadets of 

the Virginia Military Institute in one general body, so as the better to keep alive the memories of Institute life, and by their 

united efforts the more efficiently to aid in the promotion of its educational purposes in the future." 

The VMI Keydet Club 

The VMI Keydet Club is an organization of the VMI Alumni 
Association comprised of alumni, parents of cadets and other 
friends of VMI who, through their membership dues, support the 
VMI intercollegiate athletic program. 

Members' dues go toward providing athletic scholarships for 
outstanding student — athletes who are recruited by our coaching 
staffs to represent VMI. Scholarships are awarded, when available, 
to "walk-on" players who demonstrate excellent athletic ability 
during their cadetship. 

Each alumni chapter has a chairman who heads campaigns, 
primarily by telephone to acquire new members for the Club. 
Parents of cadets also assist in soliciting new members. The 
campaigns are run during the football season. Keydet Club 
meetings are held in various cities throughout the year, at which 
time football films are shown, the progress of the basketball team 
is given, and reports on recruiting are delivered. 

H. E. Neale, '69, is the executive vice-president of the Club, with 
offices in Moody Hall on the VMI Post. During football season this 
office is responsible for sending out a weekly football letter from 
the head coach to all the members, and basketball and football 
brochures before each season. 


The Pressing Shop 

The Q.M.D. 

The V.M.I. Bears 

The Mail Room 

j^^^j^Ti^^^ii- 'r^'j'^i'^^^^^^.a^. 

Lexington, Virginia 

l5 August, 1977 


1 . In accordance with the Equal Rights Amendment passed by Congress 1 June, 
1976, and following the example of West Point, the V.M.I, is pleased 

to announce the acceptance of Ms. Jane B. Strange as a cadet at V.M.I, 
in the class of 1981. 

2. Due to the nature of this act, Cadetress Strange will be quartered on 
the fifth stoop. The General and Executive Committees will be relocated 
in the main sinks. 

3. A hth relief has been created to cope with the problem of one female 
among 1200 males. Two sentinels with fixed bayonets will be posted at 
the foot of the fifth stoop stairs. Two additional sentinels will be 
outside the door of Cadetress Stranges room. The Corporal and Lance 
Corporal of the Uth relief will be in direct communication with the 
Commandant at all times via PRC 77 radio at all times. 

h. Cadetress Strange will be assigned to Band Company as Head Majorette. 

5. Under no circumstances will Cadetress Strange be treated in any way 
different than any other New Cadet. 


J.R. Head 

Maj. Gen. USMC, Ret. 




\ /'L 









' W"' 

'Could I see something in pink please?" 

"But Coach! I can't hit a girl!" 

"Hey Carl, isn't this your fourth shower today?" 



tiitiiTfn^ '• 



East Lexing:ton's Leading 5tore. 

Benton Tankersley, 

Douler in 

tt Dry Goods, Notions, Furnishings, Hats, 

Caps, Boots, FAMILY GROCERIES. &c. 

Fine Liquors, Wine, Beer, Tobacco. Cigars, &c. On. Brid|l. E«T lEXIIGTOI. 11 

JuK Trmde Solicited. Juc* FumishMl Free. My Store and Saloon ar« complete in 
•Ttry department- 

Tate Sty 

Handsome CarriaKes. BuKKiea and '. 
Horaea. Our Transfer Meets All Trai'i 


Sash, Doors, 
Dlinds, Flooring, 

Ciiliie. Mouldiog, &c., 
Also M^al, Flour, Feed. 
Stiipsti'ff, &c. 

of Lnmber and Building Material. 
»•«■:«■ ti Ml K. LKKIWaTOW. VA. 

You will not have t) hunt for it, but 
give us your pittronuKe and you will 
always get FRESH MEAT at all times. 

Beef, Veal, Mutton, 
Pork, Sausage onJ Lamb. 


We have a ftne lot of LARD on h.intt. ol our 
own make, which la the beat fount! on the 
market. Fine TUKKET8, liTe or dressed, can 
be had of u* at all time*. 

J. H. Whltmore « Co. 

- ;• ■ •^. Work Alv4v 



dermv diHl Councilor 







Boot aiid ShN 


tL&tmkrimt a Spec- 

Ptt, tnlA. atyie 
and workmanship 

Dr. H. H. LEE, 


VETEnuurr sweEON 
k^ia nmsT. ^ 


Baier ai 
Q Confectioner. 

,- ■ BAf." s:fi, 
tV:R: CV' - -. 


In Atljuinln); Stor« 
itU jmtT. • • • L,UXI!SOTON.VA. 



The CuU fur this 
Directory were 
made by the . . 

Electric Cilv 


Fin* China, tut Oluss. Queens 

J. McD 



Shoes ar 



rett & Co., 

LLMKblON. \k 

\tt>r»e» Special Att«ntioD to Private BoanluiK 
illlTou - Checks and Save Money 



Oeaiei iii Dty Gcods, Notions. Shoes. Hats. 

V iilirct.lioil..'1'u V. ioli;i..-^u. I i";ir^, iv. 


Kii'B SiMHial Delivery. 

!".' NORTH lERN.: 


>..i B.-t 11.. .,:. th .' 

KocKbriili^c Coumy Dcms. 

M-\IMII.\\\\ I'AXIUV |>, ,.,„ ,.,,., 


Steam Laundry, 

L li:m.\«;to.\. \ a. 

j^class \Vork TiHvelini; 
;t,»hoit iiotico without 

Hj/in's Hotel OHic^s 
^jompt 111 tenttou. 

||eliven.*d on Time. 

H, Pro'r. 





l.^,XI^<^ION. MMCilMA. 


RW 1. t 0. Hi C. 1 0. OcfOts. IFIINGTON. U 
• * 

^al. Grain, Hay & heed, 
brown Wagons. 

Sluustuker Wat'aas. 
ftrriaifer, Bofncles. ''luiutu'.v 
■ Kormlck ■«. hin .ry. 
Indur.. Howen. Bmi ''^-t. 
Dl^c Harrow!. H>; lakM. 
WhMl and Sprlnff ^'ooth 

4cklor<l a HiiMman a 

Grain Drilla. 
OPD PUnu-rt. F««d Cull«rs. 

Engines and Thr .•sherv. 







Leiinetoo's Oldest iwt LmiUii 

Tonsoridl ilrlisi 

N|.|.h(» ttlUI.I.I. 


i*ec)lor in 





an.- IS 


ins: 1 A. ;;'krf> 


\V.isliiii;jron SI. 

Mollis at all hours 
Lunches, Saiuiwi-hes. 

&( . a Specialty 
Oysteis 111 soason. m 

evpiy style 

Fish. Oauu! and all the 

delicacies ot the 

Hiitton himmi Co. 


<.i!)« »«l.ilt<>iiK. _ 
l.lix trli. k!.ill\\.i>i 
Hto.iin ...'Ptiwor l>l< 


rri<»IAS C HRAl)SHxV>V II 


703-463-252 I 




The Cleaves Food Service Corporation 

Food Service Operators — Consultants 
Quality Food Service Management 

School — Colleges — Industry 

Health Care and Senior Citizen Homes 

Silver Spring, Maryland 20910 

Phone 301-589-7477 

When Quality Counts — It's a Cleaves Operation 



P. 0. Box 25189 
Richmond, Virginia 23260 


North Carolina South Carolina 

New Jersey Florida 


Pressure Vessels Storage Tanks 

Field Erected Tanks Heat Exchangers 

Large Diameter Piping 

Rubber Lining and Coatings 

Miscellaneous Plate Fabrication 


Roanoke Coca-Cola 
Bottling Works 

720 Main St. 
Clifton Forge, Va. 24427 

U.S. Interstate 81 
Raphine, Virginia 


The fun spot of Western Virginia, 
that's the HoUday Inn of Lexington! 
And the fun starts the minute you enter, 
whether for after-game refreshments, 
a marvelous meal, a get-together with 
week-ending parents or visiting lovelies. 
Billy Budd Restaurant featuring 
super-chefery, faultless service, 
striking decor and make-sense prices. 
Looking for fun? You'll find it at 
Lexington's luxurious Holiday Inn, 
where the good times are. 


U. S. Rt. 11 at 1-64 
Phone 703/463-7351 


Owned and operated by American Motor Inns, Inc. of Roanoke, Va. under license agreement with Holiday Inns, Inc.. Memphis. Tenn 


17 S. Main Street 
Lexington, Virginia 


General Insurance and Surety Bonds 

1024 West 24th Street 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Phone 627-2301 


Kollmorgen Corporation 
501 First Street 
Radford, VA 24141 
Phone: (703) 639-3973 

Designers and Manufacturers of Electro 
Dynamic Components 

JAMES F. HOWLETT, President 

"An Equal Opportunity Employer" 


(^/fornmite /In/lormASm. 

Manufactukeks of Fine Unhforms Since i824 

A DmSion of Hart Schaffner & Marx 


1230 United Virginia Banl< Building 
Norfolk, Virginia 

Where does the Corps go 

to enjoy fine food and 

drinl< in a relaxed atmosphere 


2 DeKalb Street. Noriistown. Pa. 19404 

19 West Washington Street 
Lexington, Virginia 

\ \ 


Dyke Out At The College Town Shop 

Widest Selection Of Fine Quality Clothing In The Area 

1 ws 

oei jrity Consustants 

GPO Box 2397 

San Juan, P.R. 00936 


^V -V -V 

^^f^f^^ff^^^'^f^ , 

SIlie QnjcM Oili, 9nc. 


Mobil "^o^^ '88 'issi Mobil 

%A OazewJt Ura^ncu 24630 


Lexington Motel 




Lexington, Virginia 


puntoClub; 364 






For Appointmeni Call 



Good Luck To The Class Of 1977 

Davis Excavating Inc. 

Route 1, Box 94 

New Market, Va. 22844 

Compliments of Mrs. John L Undercoffer & Family 

Cadet B.W. Undercoffer '76 
Lt. G.L. Undercoffer '74 

Cadet Kirt Undercoffer '79 
Lt.Col. J.T. Undercoffer '56 


Manufacturers of 
Kiln Dried Southern Pine Lumber 

— And Trubark Pine Mulch 

Waverly, Virginia 


Congratulations To 

Cadet Marshall Frederick Coyle 


The Class Of 1976 

Mr. & Mrs. Lee K. Coyle 


Lexington, Virginia 

Catering to VIVII Cadets and their Parents 
for over 40 years 


• 850 TIDEWATER DUIVE • P.O. 80X2411 • NORFOLK, VIRGIN I A 23501 
• PHONE 627-7751 AREA CODE 804 






158 South Main St. 
Lexington, Virginia 

Bill Wood '54 

Wiiiiam T. Wood Insurance Agency 

3416 W. Broad St. Riclimond, Va. 23230 

Insurance & Financial Planning 

146 N. Sycamore Street 

Petersburg, Virginia 

Serving Virginians Since 1905 

Compliments of: 

C & J Oil Co., Inc. 
Texaco Distributor 

815 Roanoke Road 
Christianburg, Va. 24073 

Charles E. Straub, Jr. 
Class of '34 

Compliments of 


A Division of E-Systems, Inc. 
7700 Arlington Boulevard 
Falls Church, Virginia 

(Home of Kim Glidewell) 






7th and Stockton Sts., Richmond, Va. 23211 
Phone 232-4551 



Quality Products Since 1897 



Meeting a variety of residential, 

mass housing and industrial needs. 

Bottle boxes and field crates. 

Point of purchase displays. 

A complete line of manufactured homes 

and roof trusses. 



Wm H. Blair & Sons 
Bill Bob Paul 

1>;^V<7VH- ;. '■:. 





AotAirw to Se££ 6ut SeU^ce 


Good Luck Keydets 

and the 

Class of 1976 





EST. 1913 

Personal • Commercial 
Life • Property • Casualty • Group 

John E. Woodward Ins. Agency Inc. 

John E. Woodward, Jr. '42 

John E. Woodward, III '78 

'We are easy to do business with. 

Quick-Livick, Inc. 

Charter Bus Service 

708 C St., Staunton, Va. 24401 
Dail 886-6297 


Compliments of 

From The 

Your Host, 
Red Turner 

Darden Farm's 

RFD 1, Box 250 

Franklin, Va. 




409 South Main 

Lexington, Virginia 24450 

Phone 463-3161 

• Home away from home 

• Comfortable and quiet • Good food 

• Reasonable prices 

• Banquet facilities 

Your hosts — Pete and Shirley Harris 


Captain Dave King, USA '71 

R. V. King 

Girard, Pa. 


PO Box 5224/308 W. Cary Street 
Richmond, Virginia 23220 
(804) 643-5357 


Phones: 327-5480 

STEVE KNIGHT. Board Chairman 
ANN TOMPKINS, Vice President 
REBA BARNES, Vice President 

P. 0. Box 1271 





Executive Vice-President 

Chicago, Illinois 

CLASS OF 1976 


Roanoke, Virginia 

l/^eaiitif is good (/^usineSd 

9 9 

ver Road Shopping Center, Developed ortd managed by J. D. 




■ :">3ritaldepa = i-;3nt. ..Phone 359-5761. .3426 West Carv, 23221 


Behind the controls of the F-4 Phantom II. One of the 

Air Force's hottest aircraft — An all-weather fighter 

that can fly faster than twice the speed of sound. 

If you're good enough, you can 

be an Air Force pilot, flying 

the F-4 or any of a number of 

Air Force aircraft. The Air 

Force needs pilots. And we 

need navigators, missile launch 

officers, research scientists, 

engineers, and physicians. 

Regardless of your academic 

interests, there's a demanding 

job in the Air Force for you. 

It all starts with a commission 
as an Air Force officer. And 
Air Force ROTC at the Virginia 
Military Institute is an ex- 
cellent way to combine officer 
training with college study 
in order to receive that 
commission after graduation. 

Air Force ROTC also offers 
Four-, Three-, and Two-year 
scholarships for qualified 
students in each of these 
career fields. Scholarships 
that can pay the cost of your 
college education and give 
you $100 a month cash. 

If you're interested, and 

think you can qualify, come talk with me about Air Force 

ROTC. You may find yourself in my place . . . 

A United States Air Force officer. 


Captain Ed Allen 
Room 329, Kilbourne Hall 
Virginia Military Institute 
(703) 463-6354 


Dad — I hope I have lived up to 

your expectations and I hope you 

are proud of me. 

Your Son, Keith 

Some think you all smell like hell 
Perhaps, but not quite. 

Harvey Wailbanger 


Monasses Odorizers, Inc. 

Weehawken, N.J. 

Thanks for everything, Mom and Dad. 

Congratulations to cadet Thomas K. Daniel 


the class of 1976 

the fourth generation 

Camp Scott 

Summer day camp 

For boys and girls 

Ages 5-15 

Swimming activities & land sports 

William B. & Ethel Daniel 

P. 0. Box 396 

Dinwiddle, Virginia 23841 

Telephone 469-3652 

Congratulations to the 
editors and staff of the 
1976 Bomb 

Jocko Hayes '36 


L jrenGral trcatmenl for all bites? 
- .. ....t ,...^^1 L n,,.:i-icR atcounts f(ir more deaths than any other jjroup? . . ,. ^ 

. \\h:a ,.,n be (l„ne to avoid bein^' bitten ? What toDoAboUt 

. will prevoiU death rmm a venomous stinjtV BitCS and StingS Of 

dan,.enn,s fish in NWth American vvaters? VcnomOUS Animals 

i bv bites of the common tick, the death rate of this Tii.-Mi.iini,,,,!,, 

is inO times the death rate of snake liite, n-,.:,inK^i.,,«,., 1^,111 

• Why tournitiuets and ciittin^r and siickinj^ should not be done. ' ' :in,i 

. . . And much other vital information. . . . 
An up-to-date and medically reliable Kiiide to the prevention and treatment of bites and 
stinns by any venomous animal in North America, from a caterpillar to a water moc- 
ca.siu. Te.xt and pictures identify the venomous animals and their characteristics. 



ANIMALS ill haiilccwcr Cif J.''-iL I #.-,0;!2.';) 

AN'IMAI.Siii paiierhack &'iW ( #0.'"r82.''>l 

MACMILLAN PUBLISHING CO., INC. . lOIK Brnu-n .Siicci. Riverside. New leiv 

Ratrie, Robbins, & Schweizer Inc. 

Asphalt Paving And 
Highway Construction 

2313 St. Paul St. 

Baltimore, Md. 21218 

(301) 366-1800 

You've tried the rest, now try the best: 


Serving lunch and dinner 

Open 11 A.M. — midnight Mon. — Sat. 

Take out service 16 N. Main 

Mixed beverages 463-5230 







600 N. Eutaw St 
One Charles 
Baltimore, Md. 

Franchises available in 
Maryland-Virginia area 


Class of 76 

May the next 200 


be easier than the 

last four! 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. 

"Where town and gown meet" 





CLASS OF 1976 

Congratulations to 

Cadet Nichols Joseph Tarzia 

The class of 1976 


New Canton, Connecticut 



Central National Bank 

219 E. Broad St. 
Richmond, Va. 23219 


102 West Washington St. 
Lexington, Va. 24450 

"fine men's clothing 

w£m mM^^s. 


(iltu^r nxxh St^nt i^uhtvmun 

.Vr..«,.' .•'.,. I lJi.JWmiH^HH 




Cadet James Stuart Bowers 

the class of 1976 

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bowers 

Newport News, Virginia 



Sales - Custom Building - Rentals - Management 




DAY OR NIGHT 262-6527 



Dr. John Harman 


Lexington, Virginia 

Charles "Halfie" Swink, Manager 


Tape Decks 


Channel Master 

Record Players 



In Fredericksburg: 

Victoria Theatre Virginias 1 & 11 
Colonial Theatre Greenbrier Twin 
1 Fredericksburg Drive-in Cinemas 




Records And Stereos 

Musical Instruments 

Monarch Notes 




In Lexington: 
■State Theatre Lyric Theatre 


I^BBIfc^^^XL^-^- -'^r^ 



We're not trying to serve the entire state 

We're trying to serve you 

New IVlarl<et Edinburg 

Ph: 740-3121 Ph: 984-4165 


Congratulations — we love the cadets 


502 Second St. SW 
Roanoke, Va. 24005 

Roanoke Valley's only color processor 
photographic supplies and equipment 

We Are Moving Soon 

(Probably in October) 


PHONE — 271-8301 

Mailing Address 

P. 0. Box 4189 
Richmond, Virginia 23224 




UVA22 VMI21 






Couple Laundry & Dry 
Cleaning Service 

Spike and Chappie Thrift '45 

Shoe Repairing 

Suede & Leather Beautifully Finished 



Nutone — Lightcraft — Sterling 
Div. of Siovill 

Hello Dolly 

Beauty Salon & Boutique 

(Out boutique features a fine selection of 
Ladies Sportswear and Jewelry) 

4814 Government Rd. 
Richmond, Va. 23231 

Phone: 226-0587 

f they mean 
to have a war, 

let it begin 

Capt. John Parker 

April H 17 75 
Lexington^ Mass. 

Shortly before midnighr, 700 British redcoots, the 
elire of the Boston garrison, embarked on their his- 
toric march to Concord. They were assigned to 
seize and destroy the rebels' coche of munitions. 
King George of England was determined to snuff 
rhe fermenting revolt in the Colonies. 

Before rhe British hod even left their barracks, 
word of their "secret" mission hod begun to spread 
across rhe lond, thanks to two hard-riding couriers, 
William Dowes and Paul Revere. 

Coproin John Parker was one of the people 
olerred by Paul Revere in his mad midnight gallop. 
Parker summoned his drummer boy and ordered 
him to sound the alarm to his brave band of militia- 
men foresworn to "march at a minute's 

Seventy Minutemen come running 
ond formed into two ragged lines beside 
rhe rood ro Concord to awoit the redcoots. 
Parker faced his patriotic homers in 
homespun and barked, "Don't fire unless 
fired upon; bur if they meon to hove a 
war, let it begin here!" 

They "had rheir war." And, much ro 


A world of insuMnco 
at vour command. 

rhe surprise of the Crown, the "uncouth, undisci- 
plined peosonrs" finally won. On February 4, 1 783, 
Britain formally announced cessation of hostilities. 

Throughour the 200 yeors since the birth of 
our notion, the United States military has hod to 
face many formidable and seemingly impossible 
challenges. Their heroism is history. 

For 54 of those 200 years, USAA has been priv- 
ileged to serve the insurance needs of rhe militar/ 
officers who serve our country so well. Today, 
seven out of eight officers insure with USAA. 

If you ore on Advanced ROTC Codet or Mid- 
shipman within 24 months of commissioning, 
you're eligible to join this elite group. Membership 
in USAA will enrirle you to preferential 
savings and service on almost all the per- 
sonol insurance you'll ever need. On ev- 
erything from your car to your household 
goods ro your personal liability. 

For more information on the world of 
USAA insurance avoiloble exclusively ro 
you, wrire USAA, USAA Building, Son An- 
ronio, Texos 78288. We'll be very proud 
ro sen/e you. 





D.G. INC. 

'A\ i 




Motel and Tasty World Restaurant 

us 11 North 

Lexington, Va. 

Phone 463-9131 


P. 0. BOX 1223 

Manufacturers of 






(ii(§^(&'€mT&i£Mmm si® oaisc 

anJ>tI|f (ttlaasof lars 

from tlfp 

mxmmi^^ ^Mmi^K^AKm 


®1|^ Number (fn^QIlub 

We wish to take 
this short time out 
to give you our 
heart-felt thanks 
Tricky Dick, for all 
you haven't done 
for us. We sincerely 
vi^ish that you may 
rot in . . . 

Merrill Butler, Jr. president 

H. D. Hoon senior vice president 

James A. Feeley, Jr. vice president 
Brig. GenI, USMC (Ret) 

Best wishes to the class of 1976 

Butler Housing Corporation 

1691 Kettering Street, Irvine, 
California 92705 

Builders of a better life 



Breads, Cakes, Pastries 
'Baked With The Home Made Touch" 

Decorated Cakes 




^"^'^ "Cakes Across Town Or 

y Across the Nation" 

Eight North Main St. Lexington, Va. 

Phone: 703-463-5691 

hfdf C^* 

PHONE 738-6322 


Charles M. Keen, III - Class '76 

'The World's Best Dyke" 

Congratulations To 
Cadet Douglas Wayne Mines 


class of 76 


Mom, Dad, & Daniel 


Virginia Federal 

Richmond, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Chesapeake, 
Wilhamsburg, West Point, Charlottesville, 

Orange, Waynesboro & Salem 

Main Office at Broad and Third Streets in 

Richmond (Phone 649-1201). John H. 

Randolph, Jr., President 

Marvin-Neitzel Corp. 

Troy, N.Y. 

Supplier Of Cuffs & Collars 
For The VMI Cadets 

Best Wishes To All Of You 

Congratulations And A Job Well Done 

Cadet William K. Bhatta 

And The 

Class of "76" 

From Parents Who Were Always More 
Than Five Thousand Miles Away. 

Mom & Dad 

(jrvJf^ -Jim Oliver 
\iEf(&. Phone seS-Seei 

Oliver Distribufmg Com|pani) 

326 E. OAK STREET CO\'l NGTON. VIRGIN!,'. -C.1426 




Specializing In Fine 

Residential Property 

Paul M. Dickinson 70 

355-3247 282-7460 

Richmond, Va. 

Best Wishes For 

Continued Success 

To The 

"Class Of '76" 

Mr. & Mrs. John Mott 
David, Robin, & Wendy 

Congratulations Class Of 

Virginia Heights Garage, Inc. 

5110 Williamsburg Road 

Richmond, Virginia 23231 



Hammond Masonry Corp. 

Box 206 

Sandston, Va. 23150 


Sporting Goods 


Photographic Equipment 

115 West Nelson St. 

Lexington, Virginia 

# ''' 


^oO ^^^/?^ 









i -imm 



VMI, you've meant a lot to me. 


to cadet 

Wesley Grigg Mullen, Jr., Managing Editor 

From his proud parents. Dr. and Mrs. W. 
G. Mullen. 

Your Happy Shopping Store 

Lexington, Va. 


Wesley Grigg Mullen, Jr. 1976 
Wesley Grigg Mullen 1944 
Clarie Sutton Mullen 1903 
Wesley Peyton Grigg 1863 

We eat high on the hog at Crozet, 

Served bacon or ham everyday. 

The last supper was big — 

We roasted a pig — 

And will eat chittlins and chops until May. 


with M»E 

Service Co. 

1695 TWELVE MILE Road at Woodward 


Phone JO 4-4860 




LOCATIONS AT: Burkeville, Charlottesville, Fairfax, 


Richmond, Rockville, Staunton, Newport News 



CLASS OF 1976 


CLASS OF 1979 


Mr. Robert B. Allport, Jr. 

Sandston Pharmacy 

The Hobby Shop 

Mr. F. Douglas Harris 

Mr. James V. Christy 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rex Hellmann 

Bondurant Realty Corporation 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Lowman 

Mr. & Mrs. W. N. Reynolds 

Colonel & Mrs. Samuel A. Custer, Ret. 

Joan, Don, and Vince Villani 

Colonel & Mrs. Fred H. Hagreen, Jr. 

Patton, Harris, Rust, and Guy 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Gompers 

Dr. & Mrs. Leonard Brzozowski 

Mr. Roland S. Wolf 

Lt. Colonel & Mrs. William D. Neal, Jr. 

Colonel & Mrs. Ernest Johnson 

J. Ed Deaven & Sons 

Congratulations Class of '76 

The Curie Family 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Gibson Morrison 
Colonel & Mrs. James F. McCarthy 


Dr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Cataldo 

Garden City Upholstering 

Mr. William H. Williams 

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) & Mrs. John T. Keneally 

Mr. J. M. Thomasson 

New Market Battlefield Park 

Mr. & Mrs. R. D. Rinnan 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. Czupryna 

Colonel & Mrs. 0. H. Joyce 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl K. Thomas 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Glenn Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Cadugan 

B & C Market 

Lt. Col. & Mrs. James V. Christy 

Mr. & Mrs. Myron D. Arnett 

Mr. & Mrs. Merlin Latsha 

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Slagle 

Mr. & Mrs. Marvin S. Godsey 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Allen 

Virginia Dairy Co., Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. H. R. Ridge 

Col. & Mrs. C. R. Vorgang 

Mr. Franklin D. Peters 


Colonel & Mrs. T. J. Stevens & Missy 

Dr. & Mrs. William E. Bates 

Mr. W. E. Bynum, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Martin, Jr. 

Col. & Mrs. Joseph R. Cafarella 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Pilker 

Dr. & Mrs. David J. Crawford 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Hedley 

Colonel & Mrs. G. E. Robinson 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Zimmer 

Bayly, Inc. 

Mr. Robert E. Warf 

Mr. & Mrs. W. H. English 

A. B. Dick Products of Roanoke, Inc. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Helms 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Watjen 

New Haven Comforter & Pillow Corp. 

Mr. & Mrs. George R. Murray 

Col. & Mrs. Roberts H. Billingsley 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Tarzia, Sr. 

Mrs. Helen J. McVeigh 

The 1976 Bomb Wishes To Thank: 

Tom Bradshaw — For Infinite Pictures And A Soft Shoulder. 

Tom's Girls — For Infinite Patience With Tom And Us. 

Fritz Hafner — For His Help In The Great War Of The Deadlines; Plus His Wisdom 

Jean Cunningham — For Helping Us Dig In The Museum Gold Mine. 
Barbara Wright & 
Dave Pagnard — Sane Voices In A Sea Of Chaos. 

The VPI Bugle — For Shots Of A Real College, With Girls, That We Couldn't Get. ■ 

The Business Manager Wishes To Thank. 

Mr. Joseph D. Neikirk 
Mr J. Boiling Williamson 
Mr. O. Hume Powers, Jr. 
U. Col Graybeal 

Creating, and then putting together a yearbook, requires much more 
time and effort than most people realize. To be sure, there is a technical 
side to the job — drawing layouts, taking pictures, printing pictures, 
cropping pictures, writing copy, sizing copy, proofreading copy, and 
many other tasks. But a vital part of the job involves getting the people 
to take the pictures, people to print the pictures, people to draw the 
layouts, people to compose the copy, and people to do the one thousand 
and one other mundane little jobs that are both vital and time consum- 
ing. The editors cannot do everything themselves, hence the need for 
a staff. A good staff is vital to a yearbook, for they are the hands that 
transform into reality the ideas and concepts of the editors. 

There are problems by the battalion in putting out a yearbook at VMI 
— the fact that the staff works on the book only because they want to 
and not because they are rewarded with academic credits or salaries 
as are yearbook staffs at other schools; plus the loss of sleep; added 
to the neglected academics; and not to mention the differences of 
opinion and personality clashes that occur with every deadline. Even 
with these problems, the BOMB comes out year after year without fail. 
Perhaps the quality of each year's book varies from year to year, but 
each book represents the ideas and hard work of the editors and their 

We have tried this year to put out a yearbook that will remind the class 
of 1976, twenty years after graduation, of VMI and their last year at the 
Institute. We did not try to base the entire book on the Bicentennial, for 
we felt that the message of such a book, in the years after the Bicenten- 
nial, would fade when dimming memories tried to recall those special 
events that constitute the First Class year at VMI. We did, however, 
create the book so that the age and traditions of VMI become obvious 
to those "old grads" who will look at the book and remember the 
Institute and their friends. 


C..Ayi-l-'^--y^^^~^ py^ C/jZj^^ 



say goodbye . 


'_ ' »w.'w(« * ^.jfs-ii^l -